Titan Maximum

Season 1 Episode 9

One Billion Dead Grandparents

Aired Unknown Nov 22, 2009 on Adult Swim

Episode Recap

The news network "SNN" was discussing the story happening on Mercury. Titan Megamum, piloted by Gibbs, flew into the shield generator with an atomic bomb. The reporter then asked Chip what would this all mean. Chip said that Mercury would be in deep trouble because if one of the many solar shield generators, which protect Mercury from the sun's heat, failed, the planet would burn, killing many of its inhabitants. When the reporter asked robotics expert Bud Freewell about why Titan Maximum was just standing there, Bud said that the energy beam from the solar shield generator was too powerful for Titan Maximum to break through. In his opinion, Bud bet with his whole career that Titan Maximum would have to leave Mercury. On Titan Maximum, Palmer, Jodi, and Sasha were cheering for Willie and Leon to increase the robot's power. Initially, the power goes out in the cockpits of the Titan Force pilots, causing them to jeer at Willie, but the power comes back on. Willie said Titan Maximum's front shields were set at 500% and could only last for a short time. At that point, Titan Maximum quickly flew toward the shield generator and successfully entered the energy beam. Seeing this, robotics expert Bud Freewell lost the bet on his career, causing him to shoot himself.

Inside the shield generator, Gibbs was surprised to see Titan Maximum coming down through the energy beam and slamming into the interior floor. Jodi crawled out of the wreckage and attempted to shoot Gibbs with a raygun, but the energy beam absorbed the shots. Still angry at Gibbs for ruining her life, she was about to give him a beating when she was suddenly ambushed by Claire. While Jodi was fighting the 21-year-old assassin who looks like an 8-year-old, Gibbs activated a timer. When Willie emerged from the wreckage of Titan Maximum, he saw Gibbs using Titan Megamum to place the atomic bomb into the energy beam. The insulated coil from Neptune was wrapped around the bomb so it could withstand the energy beam. After seeing the timer, he and Leon moved to disarm it, but the many objects that Willie used to reach the bomb disintegrated into the energy beam. As Gibbs was about to make his escape, Palmer intercepted him and a fight between the former teammates broke out. While fighting, Palmer said they used to be friends. Gibbs said in the past when Titan Maximum was caught in a tractor beam from a Martian warship, Gibbs himself was captured and Palmer, at the time, was more concerned about being late for a date. Gibbs also told how he escaped and came back home on his birthday, which Palmer forgot, before he resumed fighting Palmer.

As the fight between Jodi and Claire continued, Claire pulled out a giant blade in an attempt to mutilate or even kill her. Just as Jodi was about to get cut up, Sasha, who got no help from anyone coming out of the wreckage of Titan Maximum, stopped Claire. Sasha grabbed the little assassin by the hair, threw her blade to the wall, and then continuously punched her. After knocking down Palmer, Gibbs noticed the timer was down to 2 minutes prompting him to make his escape. Willie, trying to figure out what to do while watching the other Titan Force pilots fighting their foes, he and Leon decided to reach for Claire's blade that was lodged into the wall. On the way, he inadvertently came in between the fights between Palmer and Gibbs and Claire and Sasha and Jodi, injuring himself in the process. By the time he reached the wall, the blade was not there, for it was Leon who got the blade. After Claire became a handful for Jodi and Sasha, they decided to cheat and work together. Sasha obstructed Claire's face with her own frog backpack, while Jodi punted the little assassin into the energy beam, incinerating her. Willie realized the Claire's blade was made of "aggregated diamond nanorods" also known as "hyper diamonds" which were the hardest substance known. While Willie attempted to disarm the bomb with the blade, Palmer, Jodi, and Sasha punched Gibbs to the ground. They even gave Jodi the honors of kicking Gibbs in the groin. Eventually, Willie managed to disable the bomb with only 6 seconds left on the timer.

After subduing Gibbs, Titan Force Five bragged about how working as a team was better than the individual. However, right after their bragging, they realized Gibbs was escaping. Gibbs reactivated the bomb through remote control despite the fact the timer's wires were cut. Improvising an escape from the shield generator, Palmer, Jodi, and Sasha went into the same cockpit of the severely crippled Titan Maximum. Since the robot was missing an arm and both legs, Willie and Leon went into some other compartment of the robot. Titan Force Five barely escaped the generator, but the bomb went off. The energy beam, which maintained the solar shield in its sector, lost integrity. At that point a hole in the shield grew large, eventually causing the sun's heat to breach Mercury's surface. Titan Force Five watched as the sun's heat destroy the nearby cities.
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