Titan Maximum

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Unknown Sep 27, 2009 on Adult Swim

Episode Recap

Somewhere in space, a space warship warps near the Saturn moon of Titan. When the crew of the ship is about to attack Titan, they detect five ships heading in their position. The five ships turn out to be Titan Force Five. They were Commander Palmer, Lt. Gibbs, Jodi, Sasha, and Spud. Titan Force Five put up a serious fight against enemy ships that were launched from the warship. When the warship entered within firing range of Titan and deployed a large cannon, Titan Force Five combined their ships into the super robot Titan Maximum. Titan Maximum quickly punched the front of the warship, destroying it.

Cut to the present, Willie, Palmer's brother and nerd was reenacting Titan Maximum's space battle at a comic shop which the other nerd in black was hardly impressed. Suddenly, the ground started shaking and Willie is shocked of what he is seeing. Two minutes earlier, at a bar, Palmer was taking part in a drinking game when he saw he was on TV with the rest of Titan Force Five. However, Titan Force Five was disbanded two years ago when Titan's defense department cut the budget during peace time. One of the members, Spud, died when he fell of the balcony of a tall building when having a balcony party. Former member Lt. Gibbs was being interviewed. He said of how he disliked his fellow members. He then decides he wants to take over the solar system. The interviewer thought he was joking... until Gibbs shot the interviewer's head off with a gun. He then gives the finger to Palmer just before he activates something causing the ground to shake.

Two minutes earlier, Jodi was teaching martial arts to people, injuring them in the process. When the ground shook, Jodi came out and saw what was going on. Two minutes earlier, Sasha was living the rich life, going to night clubs and drinking. While being surrounded by the media, the ground shook. Palmer, Willie, Sasha, and Jodi were shocked to see a giant robot emerging from the ground wreaking havoc on the city.

Seeing the robot, Willie decided to find Palmer. Meanwhile, Palmer reached the hangar in the military base where the Titan ships are. He sees Leon, the monkey janitor and asks if anyone was maintaining the ships, only to find them all rusty and broken. Sasha, Jodi and Willie eventually show up. Willie wanted to help fix the ships despite Palmer's objections. When the ships came online, Palmer, Jodi, and Sasha flew their ships to fight the robot.

The unknown robot already destroyed a fighter squadron and a tank. Palmer, Jodi, and Sasha entered the fray and attacked the giant robot. While doing this, they were interrupted by Gibbs' transmission. An angry Sasha was yelling at Gibbs with obscenities of sorts. Palmer wanted to know why Gibbs went bad. Gibbs explained that despite his battle plans and strategies he didn't get much credit. He then belittled Jodi about the past, which is something she didn't want to hear. As the battle ensued, the Green Titan ship entered the battle, damaging the robot. Titan Force Five thought it was Spud, but it turned out to be Leon. Willie piloted the Blue Titan ship although he was poorly controlling it. When the team wanted to form Titan Maximum, Palmer reluctantly agreed. When Titan Maximum formed, the team decided to punch the unknown robot. They successfully decapitated the unknown robot, but its chest cannon went off, blasting a gaping hole into Titan Maximum. The team came out and saw how heavily damaged Titan Maximum was.