Titan Maximum

Season 1 Episode 3

Tip of the Iceberg

Aired Unknown Oct 11, 2009 on Adult Swim

Episode Recap

As a family on Neptune is spending time, an ice monster attacks. He grabs a snow bus and threatens to smash it. However, Titan Maximum arrives to save the day. Jodi doesn't want the team to rush into battle, but Sasha thinks that they could easily defeat it if they hit it in the crotch. Palmer agrees and asks Willie to deploy their weapon. Willie releases the Protonic Disruptor, but Sasha accidentally throws it away. The ice monster smashes the bus and then shoots ice crystals at Titan Maximum. Jodi tries to tell the team that it is best to retreat, but Palmer decides to attack the monster head-on. The monster ducks, causing Titan Maximum to trip over the monster. The ice monster then hugs Titan Maximum, causing it to slowly freeze up. Sasha goes to attack the monster's crotch, but nothing happens. Willie suggests using the anti-freeze, to which Jodi uses to cause the monster to run away.
Willie informs Palmer that Titan Maximum will need time to be repaired, but they soon notice the steam farms. Thinking that Gibbs' target was the steam farm, the team decides to check it out. The team arrives and warns the steam farm owner about Gibbs. He gives the team a tour of the facility, while Willie fixes Titan Maximum. The owner shows the team an animated film regarding the drilling process for steam on Neptune. Jodi wonders if Gibbs was after the super-insulated coil used in the process, but Sasha notices the drill made of diamonds. Jodi says that they shouldn't jump to conclusions, but Sasha and Palmer immediately think that Gibbs was there for the drill.
The ice monster attacks the facility, but Titan Force Five attacks the monster with Titan Maximum. Palmer wants to sucker punch the monster, but Jodi says that they need a strategy first. Willie notices that the monster's heart and guts are not made of ice, making the monster vulnerable. However, the ice is protecting his heart. They grab the drill in order to break through the ice. Meanwhile, Gibbs grabs the coil and takes off. Unable to effectively get to the monster's heart, Sasha punches the monster in the crotch until she's able to pull out the heart, killing the monster. The team returns to the steam farm, but the owner tells them that Gibbs stole the coil, as well as an overly long speech about why the two different types of people are needed.