Titan Maximum

Season 1 Episode 3

Tip of the Iceberg

Aired Unknown Oct 11, 2009 on Adult Swim



  • Trivia

    • It appears that Sasha was responsible for making Titan Maximum throw away the photonic disruptor gun. But the gun was on the right arm which was piloted by Jodi. Sasha actually controls the left arm.

  • Quotes

    • Jodi: We should fall back and assess our damage--!
      Palmer: Jodi! Check your watch!
      Jodi: Huh??
      Palmer: What time is it?
      Jodi: It's three-forty--!
      Palmer: Time to punch the (bleep) out of it!

    • Palmer: Alright, everyone! Let's suck this Popsicle dry and shove the wooden stick up Gibbs' crap-spout!
      Jodi: Hold on, Palmer! We don't know anything about this creature!
      Sasha: We know it has a crotch and we have a fist. Meeting adjourned.

    • Jodi: What if Gibbs is after the super-insulated coil?
      Steam Plant Owner: It is one-of-a-kind...
      Palmer: Well, maybe...
      Sasha: (Looks at the drill) Wait a minute! Is that drill made out of giant, (bleep) DIAMONDS?!
      Palmer: (Turns to the steam plant owner) Why the (bleep) didn't you show us the damn drill first?!
      Steam Plant Owner: No one gives two squirts a piss about steam after they see that drill...

    • Steam Plant Owner: (Gives Palmer a can) You hold in your hand the finest steam in the whole solar system.
      Palmer: (Opens can, steam blows right in his face, burning him) AAHH!
      Steam Plant Owner: Careful. It's hot.
      Palmer: OH, YOU THINK?!? I JUST SOFT-BOILED MY (bleep) EYES!!

    • School girl: (after seeing the new Titan Maximum) Uhhh.... does Titan Maximum have a mentally handicapped cousin?

    • Palmer: Oh, no you don't, ice-hole! Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice.... (bleep) YOU!

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