Titan Maximum

Season 1 Episode 5

To Eris, Human!

Aired Unknown Oct 25, 2009 on Adult Swim

Episode Recap

As Titan Maximum flies away from the Jupiter moon of Io, Palmer and Jodi hears an incessant pounding. Sasha happens to be pounding her head repeatedly on the control panel of her ship. She's still sore about Troy Hammerschmiddtt who had a part in defeating the crab robot back on Io. Admiral Bitchface, through communication, said that Titan Force Five should be grateful for Troy's help. While Palmer and Sasha are arguing who should get a Purple Heart, Willie tries to gather data on the robots they fought. He notices they all share the same energy signature. Suddenly the alarm goes off, with Admiral Bitchface alerting Titan Force Five that Gibbs stole a detonator from Oberon. Together with the atomic fuel from Mars and the codes Gibbs got from the Martian prime minister, Gibbs now has a very destructive bomb. Willie still wonders why Gibbs wanted the insulated coil from Neptune if Gibbs wanted the bomb. At this point, Sasha belittles Jodi for being with Gibbs in the past before he turned bad. This resulted in a fight between the two where Titan Maximum's arms continuously fight each other. When they decide to get real personal, they confront each other in a breakfast nook within Titan Maximum. Palmer comes in and tries to calm down the two. But Palmer told Jodi that only Gibbs is capable of messing with her. Frustrated by this, Jodi separates her ship from Titan Maximum. Willie tells Palmer that the robots they defeated share the same frequencies. He traces it to Eris, the farthest dwarf planet from the Sun, where Titan Force Five had a mission in the past. As they head to the surface, which happens to have a rural community, they search for the source of these frequencies.

At Dione, the 16th moon of Saturn, a depressed Jodi was sitting near the lakes. She remembered in the past that she dated Gibbs at Dione. Moments later, as she snaps back to reality, Jodi was startled to see the present Gibbs right in front of her. Her gun was also taken while she was daydreaming. Jodi was upset at Gibbs about the fact that he betrayed Titan Force Five, killed people and got a bomb. Gibbs, on the other hand, tries to reason with Jodi by offering to chat about stuff. Jodi didn't want to listen and threatened to shoot him out of the sky if he left, but Gibbs also has her keys. Meanwhile on Eris, Palmer, Sasha, Willie, and Leon find a crashed ship and an alien corpse.

At Gibbs' ship, Jodi demanded Gibbs to explain why he's doing all these bad things. He believed he's doing all that for the greater good. He also said he had to put distance between him and Jodi just to protect her. And when he asked Jodi to trust her, she refused and prepared to fight him. Back on Eris, a group of space hicks confronted the Palmer, Sasha, Willie, and Leon. They damaged Titan Force Five's ships and demanded that the Titan Force pilots to hand over the 'girl', which was Willie they were referring to. Palmer, however, intervened and a brawl followed. In the ensuing chaos, the crashed alien ship burst into flames as a result of stray ray gun shots and spilled moonshine. Willie, desperate to save the evidence, went into the burning ship and was able grab a piece of equipment from the ship before being rescued by Leon. The Titan Force team managed to escape although the space hicks stole Sasha's radio and music album. Sasha wanted to know where Jodi was during the chaos. Back at Dione, Jodi managed to subdue Gibbs. But when Gibbs asked her again to trust him, she finally relented. Much later, she was beginning to regret giving in to Gibbs.

On the Martian moon of Deimos, the Hammerschmiddtts told Admiral Bitchface at Titan that Troy is ready to pilot something new.
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