Titan Maximum

Season 1 Episode 5

To Eris, Human!

Aired Unknown Oct 25, 2009 on Adult Swim



  • Trivia

    • Goof: The Titan Force ships that landed on Eris were damaged by the gang of space hicks. When the Titan Force pilots managed to escape Eris, their ships were surprisingly intact.

    • In the closing credits, Sasha's song plays and at some point skips like a broken record. One of the rural people on Eris bit on Sasha's CD earlier.

  • Quotes

    • (Space hicks confront Titan Force pilots)
      Palmer: Uh... greetings, space hicks. We carry no government cheese.
      Space Hick 2: We ain't looking for trouble. Just give us the girl and you can be on your way.
      Sasha: Ha! Not in your wildest, inbred hick fantasy, you skunk-humper!
      Space Hick 1: Not you, Fogo. The pretty one (referring to Willie)
      Willie: Aww, they think I'm pretty.
      Sasha: Ha, "she's" all yours.
      Space Hick 2: Zipper!
      Palmer: (Gets in front of Willie) Uh, w-w-whoa! Sorry, folks. Rule number one... nobody takes your little bro's ass-virginity!
      Space Hick 1: It's still intact... cha-ching!

    • Space Hick 1: Oh, lookie lookie lookie lookie lookie! Big flying man, made out of metal!
      Space Hick 2: That's Titan Maximum, Professor Cornswalgo.
      Space Hick 3: I'm beginning to think that "Professor" title was self-appointed quite frankly...

    • (Titan Maximum flies over the surface of Eris)
      Sasha: Ewwww!
      Willie: Yeah, this, uh... sucks.
      Palmer: Yeah, property's dirt-cheap because the air-scrubbers can't overpower the methane. So the whole planet smells like a cow's asshole and girls won't move here.

    • Sasha: Found it! (shows Palmer the cream cheese) Behind the baking soda.
      Palmer: That effing baking soda! Does that even work?! Those baking soda people... they're the real criminal masterminds!

    • Palmer: (To Jodi and Sasha) Ladies, ladies! You're both right. Jodi, the only man capable of humping the starch out of your shorts was a murdering sociopath. Sasha, you're a huge raging bitch.
      Sasha: (smiles) Hmph.
      Jodi: Am I the only professional on this entire freaking robot?!
      Palmer: Oh, come on! (looks in the fridge) Are we really out of cream cheese??
      Jodi: Argh!!

    • Sasha: So, Jodi. How's it feel to have lost your virginity to the modern equivalent of Hitler?
      Jodi: Hey!
      Sasha: Actually, Gibbs is worse than Hitler. It's like a dozen Hitlers running a train on you simultaneously!

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