Titan Maximum

Season 1 Episode 4

Went to Party, Got Crabs

Aired Unknown Oct 18, 2009 on Adult Swim

Episode Recap

The Titan Force Five attend the Peace Feast on Mars, a party celebrating the end of hostilities between Titan and Mars. Troy, the heir of Hammerschmidt Motors, is introduced to Admiral Bitchface by his father. Troy was once a pilot that had experience in blowing up the Admiral's warships. His father reveals that his daughter Tiffany will instead run the business, due to the fact that Troy has no business sense. However, Sasha interrupts by insulting Troy, someone who she had some previous history with. The two of them continue to bicker when the subject of whether or not Sasha will capture Gibbs comes up.
A service robot at the party makes a rude comment toward Sasha, causing the president and the other guests to take notice. It is then that Gibbs appears on the monitor. Gibbs then activates a giant robot crab to attack the convention building. In order to save them from death, Gibbs offers a proposal that requires them to listen to him. However, Palmer interrupts him by smashing his robot. Another one of his robots appears and tells them that he has stolen a ton of hyperatomic Martian fuel, but he needs the molecular trigger code to use it. The crab robot picks up the convention center and approaches the top of an active volcano. In order to save themselves, Gibbs tells them that they need to give him the codes.
The Titan Force Five decide to use Titan Maximum to take down the robot. Sasha is shocked to find that the robot has no crotch and starts to freak out. Palmer tries to defeat it alone, but fails in the process. Jodi suggests that they bring their ships together to form Titan Maximum, but Palmer decides that it's his idea and forms it anyways. The robot knocks out the visual systems of Titan Maximum and knocks it into the volcano. Gibbs gives them one last chance to hand over the codes, but the guests won't do it. However, the Martian Prime Minister secretly gives Gibbs the password. However, Gibbs decides to throw them into the volcano anyways. Just before the crab robot drops the convention center into the volcano, Titan Maximum grabs the robot. They force the pole of the convention center onto the robots head, but the pole starts to spin, causing it to puncture the robot and destroy it. When Titan Force Five return, Sasha is upset to find that it was Troy who helped destroy the robot and that he was praised for it. Meanwhile, a girl at the party tries to kiss Willie, making him very excited.