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  • disappointed

    I was very disappointed. I got the impression the writers were blaming it all on the Irish workers not the owners who cut the corners in a hurry to put the ship afloat. Not sure what country was producing it but If it was the British again as they did in the Rome series they have white wash the British participation in history
  • I really hoped it would be better.

    As a huge fan of the amazing work Julian Fellowes has done over the years, I was expecting this to be as brilliant as everything else I have seen from him. Sadly, while it had some good sections, overall, it was, in my opinion, pretty bad. The worst part for me was the acting overall. Apart from Maria Doyle Kennedy, who was superb, and some good work from Toby Jones and Linus Roach, I thought the actors were poor and, given that most of them have done excellent work in other roles, I can only assume that the problems were connected to the script or bad direction. Each line seemed to be delivered with odd dramatic pauses between sentences, as though they were waiting for someone to do or say something amazing. The story itself was disjointed, constantly jumping backwards and forwards, and then repeating parts we had already seen, from a different viewpoint, which is ok occasionally, but not constantly. It just doesn't work properly with so many characters and a limited amount of screen time. I found the second half to be much better than the first and the story flowed more sensibly but the bad accents and poor performances from people I know could have done much better was disappointing. Maria Doyle Kennedy saved it for me. She was one of the few who seemed comfortable in her role and who didn't seem to be forcing her work. I wish I could be more positive because I know how gifted Julian Fellowes and his team are.