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NBC (ended 2000)


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This short-lived prime-time soap from Aaron Spelling focused on the travails of the wealthy but extremely dysfunctional Williams family, which runs a successful aviation company. Fighter pilot Chandler Williams meets a mysterious woman named Heather while on leave in Hawaii, and the two begin a passionate affair. They plan a life together, but Heather suddenly vanishes. Chandler returns home months later and is stunned when his father, Richard, introduces him to his new fiancée...Heather! She claims to love Richard, but constantly makes her feelings for Chandler known. She also drops another bombshell on him just as he is about to walk her down the aisle. Meanwhile, Heather feels threatened by the close friendship that Richard maintains with his ex-wife, Gwen. Chandler's brother, Peter, is determined to expose Heather's schemes. He also tries to make a play for Richard's assistant, Samantha Sanchez, but she only has eyes for Chandler. Laurie, the eldest Williams daughter, tries to keep her fragile sister Jenny from falling apart as she battles addictions to alcohol and no-good men. The two both find themselves attracted to David, an Australian hired by Richard to help run their night club. Richard's brother, Jack, soon arrives; and he and Gwen try to deny their mutual attraction. Gwen also opens her home to her teenage nephew, Ethan, after his father abandons him, but finds that he is difficult to handle. Some information on the final two episodes is from the Original Titans Website. NBC Broadcast History October 2000 - November 2000: Wednesdays 8:00 PM December 2000: Mondays 8:00 PMmoreless
Casper Van Dien

Casper Van Dien

Chandler Williams

Jason Winston George

Jason Winston George

Scott Littleton (episodes 1-3, 5-12)

Lourdes Benedicto

Lourdes Benedicto

Samantha Sanchez

Jack Wagner

Jack Wagner

Jack Williams (episodes 6-13)

Josie Davis

Josie Davis

Laurie Willliams

Elizabeth Bogush

Elizabeth Bogush

Jenny Williams

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  • Wasn't even given a chance to spend it's wings

    This show was absolutely amazing. It had everything a show should have, and a great replacement for people needing a 90210 fix.

    I originally only wanted to watch this show was because my favourite actor Kevin Zegers landed the role of Ethan Benchley. But then after watching maybe the first 3 episodes, I was hooked and could care less if Kevin was on it or not.

    About a family who all works at the same corporation, Williams Global. The husband Richard, and wife Gwen have been divorced for years, but still remain very close. They live across the street from each other. Gwen with the 2 girls Jenny and Laurie, and Richard with the 2 boys Chandler and Peter. They live quite a normal life until a one night stand Chandler had in Hawaii shows up...only to be engaged to his father Richard now.

    Titans plots and storylines revolved mostly around Heather, Richard's new wife (played by Yasmine Bleeth). About 4 or 5 episodes into the series we find out Heather is pregnant, but not with Richard's baby, if you get where i'm going.

    I absolutely loved this show. It was full of humour and romance, and suspense. It screamed "I'm a soap" I was very sorry to see this show end. I hope it could be released on DVD, so then we can watch the final 3 episodes that never aired.moreless
  • I loved this show!

    I loved this show when it came out. It was my guilty pleasure. We hadn't seen a night time soap in ages. I really wanted heather and chandler together, they were so perfect for each other. I don't understand why the show didn't last longer. Maybe in todays age, with desperate housewives, it would have stayed longer.

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