Season 1 Episode 10

Angels with Dirty Minds

Aired Unknown Dec 11, 2000 on NBC

Episode Recap

Peter & Samantha are still a couple. Heather finds out that Peter paid Maureen to be his pretend ex-lover. Heather blackmails Peter with this information in order to be reinstated as full chief of Dress2k. To do this, Samantha has to be demoted. Jack does the demotion, as a favor to Peter, so that Samantha won't be angry with Peter.

Chandler & Heather dance publicly at the ball. They discuss starting their relationship over from the start.

Jack tells Gwen that he was in love with her years ago. There was nothing he could do because she was marrying his brother Richard, so Jack went to Europe. Gwen takes off on a trip to think things through. Jack follows her, finds her, and they kiss briefly.

David is still with Jenny. Jenny suggests to Jack that David receive a promotion. Jack questions David whether he's sleeping with both sisters, but David said it's all business with Laurie and a relationship with Jenny. Laurie goes to David's house to tell him the news that he got the promotion. David explains that he's been in love with Laurie since they first met, but that he stuck with Jenny because he's afraid to abandon her at her fragile stage. David and Laurie end up making out. Jenny comes into David's apartment and hears the shower running. She takes off her clothes to join him in the shower. She sees Laurie already in the shower with David!

Faith knows Gwen is going away so she organizes a huge party at Ethan's house. Jenny shows up at the party and is spaced out on drugs. Jenny accidentally falls at the pool and hits her head on the cement side. There is nobody around to see this. Jenny is floating unconscious in the dark pool as the episode fades.