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NBC (ended 2000)

If this show were still on it would be in it's 8th season by now

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    The show was pretty good. It was the new Melrose Place, but not as bad. It didn't have a lot of deaths or tradgedies, except for I think Richard, but it was good to see, and I can't believe they ended it without continuing it for a whole 13 episodes. Instead they just ended it at episode 11. I bet episode 13 wasn't even supposed to be the finale. They ended I think in late Nov/early Dec, without airing those last 2 filmed eps. Plus they kept getting picked up for an additional several episodes every few weeks, which sucked. Episode 13 wasn't that big of an episode. It just had to deal with Peter getting the Approval of Samantha's grandfather to marry her, then Maureen showing up in the end at dinner. The dinner scene was okay, with everyone doing okay, but Heather had an unresolved story while began to suck. I didn't even see the last 2 episodes, but after reading reviews, Heather got a stalker in the last 2 unaired episodes, Peter got the okay to marry Samantha, Ethan and Faith were back together, and I think Gwen and Jack were back together because Chandler was with Heather. Lauri and Jenny I don't know what happened. I think Jenny caused fight at the club and then David was gonna get sued or something by the guy who got hurt. It was a bad way to end the series.

    I bet it would have gotten a lot more like Dallas/Dynasty if the show continued. It was the last good nighttime soap. North Shore on FOX in 2004-2005was okay, but it wasn't done by Spelling and his team. Titans was the last good nighttime soap.

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