Season 3 Episode 1

Episode 1

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Nov 11, 2007 on BBC Three

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  • Dead Duck and Chips

    I liked T*ttyBangBang. I liked the fun intro, Mrs Baxter, Maxine Bendix, The Harrogate Ladies, Don Peacock, Trina and Jean, Pete Wade and even the Geordies Jackie and Nikki (I'm from Newcastle upon Tyne, UK). Essentially I like the grotesque, the slapstick, and the catch phrases.

    So, come Season Three and what do we get? Well… none of the above to start with. Yes, characters do need to progress and move on with each season (even with a show like this), but you also have to preserve in essence what was started with. That rule just got broke.

    Apart from a couple of regulars who are doing slightly different things, we now have God's People (not funny), Raul (really not funny), Good For You (ok, the old guy and the Chinese chick got a slight laugh, but that's all you're getting. Basically it's an extension of the whole 'Is Hugh There?' situation, but less funny), Beth Ditto – Bone Collector (wtf?), Robin's Den (don't waste my time), Vampire Slayers (came from Season 2 - why are they still here?!?! They weren't funny the first time around!?) and Idi Amin (at this point Tony Way blacked up sitting in bed has reached an all time low – FFS rent some Q4 – Q9 and see how a master does it!).

    Katy Brand got out in time and her series is miles better than what this has now become. It's an empty shell of what started out as a fantastic show. There will be no Season 4, and I won't be watching the rest of this one.