Saturday 10:00 PM on BBC Three Premiered Jan 10, 2006 In Season


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  • Definitely NOT destined to be fondly remembered

    This is what happens when two (probably) talented women attempt to do French & Saunders when neither one of them is Dawn French or Jennifer Saunders. And, while the title is intriguing, what occurs during each program isn't.

    It is a sketch show in the vein of Smack The Pony (a much superior program). But it isn't as clever or as varied as many such programs. It also isn't very funny. There is one character that brings a smile to me. A desperate, silicone injected (and leaking) woman who had obviously seen far too many plastic surgeons and is totally unaware of what a grotesque figure she has become. And I don't like her just because she sometimes drops her top and displays her enhancements (quite convincing prosthetics, by the way). Hers is just about the only character that is both sad and recognizable. Most others are far too beyond the norm to be believable. Other than that, I haven't seen much to recommend even though I have watched the entire first series and a couple of series 3.

    It is annoyingly repetitive, driving each character and each sketch too far, and far beyond where most shows would stop. My suggestion is that if you have the opportunity to catch one episode, go ahead and watch it. If it intrigues you, look for more. But, I would never advise going out of your way to try to find this.