Season 1 Episode 3

Dave Moves Out

Aired Unknown Apr 03, 2000 on FOX
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Dave Moves Out
When Dave tries to move out on his own (on Titus' advice), Ken has him thrown in jail for stealing a VCR.

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  • Ken Titus had Dave arrested while Dave was trying to move out, saying the stuff he was taken was Ken's. Titus arrives at the jail to reason with his father ... only to end up arrest along with Dave.moreless

    Titus gave his brother Dave the idea that he should finally move out of the house their father owns. In the process, Ken has Dave arrested. At the station, Ken tells Titus this is because the VCR he was moving was Ken's and Dave was committing a crime. Tommy shows up to help, but only ends up angering Ken further and Titus ends up arrested as well after he comments he helped Dave with the moving. When Erin comes, she helps Ken talk with his boys so that he will drop the charges. Erin and Titus then realize that if Dave does move out, Ken would spend more time with the couple. They quickly come up with a plan to trick Ken and Dave into wanting Dave to stay in the house.

    A very good episode like the last one, the one-liners and cut-aways are top notch. They made me choke-cough more than once while watching. Of particular note were the parts where Titus translated the conversations at the beginning and the end of the episode. The three Titus family members are perfectly cast, especially Keach as Ken, and make this a memorable episode.moreless
  • Dave tries to move out of Ken's houses and Ken has him arrested. Christopher has to save the day!

    The theme of this episode is that screwed-up people express themselves differently than normal people. Titus comes down to the police station because Dave has been arrested. From the way Titus greeted the desk cop, I'm assuming that the Titus clan has done this often. It turns out that, when Dave was trying to move out, Ken had Dave arrested for stealing Ken's VCR. Titus tries to talk his dad into dropping the charges, but instead gets himself arrested on accessory charges for helping Dave load the truck. Also, Tommy tries to reason with Ken in his own sensitive way to no avail. Later on, Erin arrives and gets Ken out by talking about how much Ken and Christopher love each other. He hates that. Titus, now fearing his father spending too much time with him, convinces Dave to move back in with him. Finally, when things could get worse, the cops find Dave's pot in the VCR and Titus bails him out. Titus then reflects on how nuts his family makes him. Life couldn't be better!moreless
  • Pretty funny episode that shows what happens when Dave tries to move out!

    This episode was pretty interesting. Just goes to show how cruel Ken Titus is: He has his son sent to jail because he tried to move out. The reason he is in jail? Because of the VCR, which Dave says belongs to him.

    After a while, it's learned that Titus helped Dave move out, which made him a co-conspirator. This episode isn't the best of the season, but it's funny.
Regan Burns

Regan Burns

Officer Charlie Regan

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Steve Anthony Espinosa

Steve Anthony Espinosa


Guest Star

Sean G. Griffin

Sean G. Griffin


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Phoenix Forsyth

Phoenix Forsyth

10-Year-Old Titus

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Titus is describing how he left home, he slams the door behind him. If you look carefully, you can see the entire wall connected to the door shake.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Titus: After that, I decided Dad would only humiliate me for two more years. After three years, I was on my own. Dave still lives with Dad, because he doesn't have my spontaneity.

    • Titus: Excuse me, Christopher Titus. My brother's been arrested.
      Steve: Who's your brother?
      Titus: You must be new here.

    • Ken Titus: Isn't that sweet? Two brothers joined at the wussy.

    • Titus: You smoke a little pot at school, you get suspended. You make pot into a non-fat creamy sandwich spread, you become a honor student.

    • Ken Titus: Well, me bailing him out is against the rules. I had him arrested.
      Titus: What? What? What? You... you... you
      Ken Titus: California public school.

    • Ken Titus: Does the perpetrator have any recognizable scars?
      Titus: Only emotional!
      Ken Titus: There's no box for that. I'll just check "Other."

    • Titus: The only way to tell my dad your plan is to write him a note. Tie that to a brick. Then throw that through his window. Of course, now Dad's armed with a brick.

    • Titus: Cause all he does is mess with people's mind.
      Ken Titus: You're right, I do.
      Titus: See, you're doing it now.
      Ken Titus: No I'm not.
      Titus: Yes you are.
      Ken Titus: All right, I am.
      Titus: Shove it.

    • Titus: I've always tried to prove something to my father. That I was smart, that I was talented. That I was his kid.

    • Ken Titus: Where the hell is Billy and Joey and Dan?
      Steve: Well, Billy retired and Joey retired, and Dan blew his brains out.
      Ken Titus: Retired? They're my age.

    • Erin: I just want one night a week for myself. And look, I got it. Take a bath, go shopping, get an herbal wrap, go to the ATM so I can pick up bail money so I can get my boyfriend out of jail. And you know what? I'm refreshed. I feel like a mountain spring.
      Tommy: You do smell fresh.
      Erin: Thank you. They're towing your car.
      Tommy: Oh my God!

    • Titus: Erin has a special relationship with my father. She makes it possible for him and I to communicate. Without him I'd be talking about him instead of to him. Thanks honey, nice!

    • Titus: Dave, please listen to your inside voice right now.
      Dave: What's it saying.
      Titus: "Shut the hell up and get your stuff."
      Dave: Well, my inside voice is rude.

    • (Charlie hands Ken a form)
      Charlie: Mr. Titus, I need you to fill this out.
      Ken: Huh! Look at me, I'm fighting crime.

    • Titus: Normal people say what they mean. They want something, they ask. But, if you grow up among them, you learn their ways, their customs, their drinking habits. Until one day you become known as "the translator."

    • Titus: Tommy was a Psych major for a year. Six years of college, he had seven majors: Psychology, English Lit., Economics, a year of clown college in Sarasota. But his career was cut short when he lost his baby toe in a nasty shoe explosion.

    • Titus: When you can't communicate, you act out. It's called "acting out." And when you act out above a freeway exit ramp, it's called "violating the penal code." When Dave and I were teenagers, had we seen a sign that said "penal code," we'd have stolen that too.

    • Cop: Mr. Titus, you're sure this is your VCR?
      Ken: Damn straight!
      Cop: We found half an ounce of marijuana in it.
      Dave: Yeah, that's his piece of crap VCR. But the pot is mine!

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