Season 2 Episode 14

Deprogramming Erin

Aired Unknown Feb 13, 2001 on FOX

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  • There is no other way to go about it, this is my favorite episode of the series. Honesty, above everything else, drives the story. It is about how you deal with the crap that happens in your life, and just keep going forward.

    My interest in television and movies stems from the idea that we are heavily influenced by media. If all you listened to was angry, suicidal, depressing music, despite your best efforts you will feel the things that you hear. We are influenced by what we surround ourselves with.

    Titus is a human being, when things went bad with his car ship he became depressed and turned to alcohol. Deliberately pushing Erin away, he could only get worse. But he is resonable enough to kick himself out of it and now he has to repair his mistakes. Getting Erin back is going to be difficult but he loves her so much he will do whatever is needed, including kidnapping and putting her in a burlap sack.

    Okay...now how often will that actually happen in a non-joking way but also with benign intentions? The show never really follows those standards of reality, but that is part of the charm. Like every other episode, they have something they want to say and come heaven, hell or high water they will say it. If there is a few lapses in realism they are willing to go with it.

    The wonderful thing is that the plot is constantly moving, Erin forgives Titus of his binge drinking, but it reveals that Erin has gone of the deep end. No job, ratty clothes and hair unkept, she lost the desire to go on with her own life. It doesn't help that her family is more then willing to use her to their own advantage, considering how reliable she is. She spent a long time getting away from their influence and the week or two after leaving Titus dropped her into a hole. She doesn't want to return to Titus because it requires emotional work.

    But the real meat and lesson this story reveals comes as a literal tug-of-war begins for Erin between Titus and his family against her family. Erin eventually snaps and yells at Titus for how hard she fell. She put so much of her life into him that when he slipped up, she couldn't bounce back, and she blamed him. In the best moment of the episode, with a brief moment of stunned silence, Titus gently tells her that he loves her, then says that what she said was crap. Why? Because we can choose how we act and behave. No one has a leash on us, no one forces dispair on us, not even a soul-sucking family. After that wonderful moment, Papa Titus gives a rare moment of careful, wise advice for his son; after all, Papa Titus has had plenty of women leave him and return.

    Of course Erin returns to him in the end, but it is about the journey. Whatever your mistakes may be should be the strengths of the one you love. And whatever flaws you have together you work through them.

    Touching, hilarious and smart all at the same time, a brilliant episode.
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