Season 2 Episode 12

Episode 27

Aired Unknown Jan 30, 2001 on FOX

Episode Recap

Ken and Kat are taking the plunge, so they take their families out to dinner to celebrate. But being a blushing bride hasn't changed Kat's insufferably annoying nature. She spends the evening harassing Titus and bragging about what a great influence she's been on Ken.

Fed up, Titus whips out a videotape documenting his dad's recent arrest for drunk driving just to prove that he hasn't changed a bit. Well, it did the trick because Kat calls off the wedding and runs screaming into the night. Titus is thrilled…but no good deed ever goes unpunished, and Titus gets his when he realizes that Ken is truly upset about losing his fiancée.

Titus tries cheering him up by pointing out the "lotta fish in the ocean" theory, but realizing that Ken only wants Kat, Titus reluctantly agrees to go with Erin to bring her back. However, by the time they return with the catch of the day, Ken has already swum upstream and has hooked up with the bartender. Ken thanks Titus for stopping him from making the biggest mistake of his life, and Titus…well, he's just glad that he had all that therapy.