Season 1 Episode 9

Episode Eleven

Aired Unknown May 22, 2000 on FOX
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Episode Eleven

Papa Titus gets into a car accident and has a heart attack...and to no one's surprise, blames Titus. Never mind the decades of beer and cigarettes; it was a missing distributor cap that brought on his (third) attack. But when Titus finds out what really happened, Ken may not survive.


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  • In the first season finale of Titus, the gang is called to the hospital when Ken suffers another heart attack. Titus blames himself, but something turns up that makes him question his hand in the medical emergency.moreless

    Titus starts the episode with a narration about how his father has suffered three heart attacks. Now in the hospital again, the gang comes to his aid. When Ken tells Titus that it was his fault, Titus decides that he should act nice to his father. He even agrees to build him a new car. When the cops come to question him, since he got into an accident on the way to the hospital, it is revealed what the real reason for him being there. It turns out that he was getting a blow job while driving. Naturally, the Dave and Titus decide to mess with their father for revenge. They end up getting the hospital to shave Ken's privates in preparation for a very long and arduous test. However, Ken confesses to Titus and they get into an argument. Ken does end up having a heart attack, but the doctors are able to revive Ken.

    This was an amazing episode from start to finish. The middle part was especially good with how the boys were finding out and trying to devise their revenge. Dave was the funniest he has been so far in the series, I believe. While this was a very funny episode, I think it was also very dramatic at the end when his father did have the heart attack. Watching makes me think of the "Mom is Nuts" episode ending and it feels like a precursor to other dramedys I watch now like Rescue Me. This was a good way to end their initial season and I look forward to more episodes soon.moreless
  • Ken blames Christopher for his latest heart attack. But there is more going on then meets the eye.

    Ken has just had a heart attack and wrecked his car. Erin calls Titus and he, Dave and Tommy all meet at the hospital. Ken blames Titus for his heart attack because Titus caused it when he stole Ken's car distributor cap. Titus then says he will give him a new car and accepts responsibility. He would rather keep his dad then be right. In spite of what his father did to him over the years, he still loves him. Later, one of the cops from an earlier episode comes to the hospital claiming ken did not have a heart attack. He shows Titus pictures of Ken fooling around with a women while he ran a red light. Titus arranges it so Ken gets off clean. However, Titus, Dave and Erin decide to get revenge on Ken for lying to them. Thanks to unsuspecting Tommy's suggestion, they decide to have Ken tested with cardiac catheterization. The worst part of the test is that they have to shave him in an embarassing place. Afterwards, Ken admits he faked the heart attack so he wouldn't have to pay a traffic ticket. When Christopher shows Ken the photos, and that he knew about Ken's lie all along, Ken gets so upset that he has an actual heart attack. Near the end of the episode, it is apparent that Ken survives. When the episode concludes, Titus doesn't turn off the light in the neutral space. Maybe because he is too upset to do so. This is a cliffhanger season finale episode.moreless
  • Great episode!

    I really like this episode. It was a hoot to see the cop back, and it was extemely hilarious to find out what really caused Papa Titus's accident!

    It makes sense that he would claim a heart attack and blaim Titus. It's almost perfect that Titus caused him to have a real heart attack in the end.

    In a way, Papa Titus deserves to be put in his place. Just not sure if this was too far or not. But this episode proves how perfect Stacy Keach is for this role.

    I also love how this episode was referenced in the pilot. Some one mentions the "filatio incident" and Titus in the safe room states "episode eleven." Pure genious to refer to episodes and to foreshadow!moreless
Mary Lou Rosato

Mary Lou Rosato

Nurse Kathy

Guest Star

Karen Maruyama

Karen Maruyama

Nurse Patty

Guest Star

Regan Burns

Regan Burns

Officer Charlie Regan

Guest Star

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    • Titus: "It is difficult to fight against anger, for a man will buy revenge with his soul." Heraclites, 500 BC. "My dad's pubes are toast." Christopher Titus, 2000 AD.

    • Ken: You know where I can get a Korean boy?
      Titus: Dad!
      Nurse Patty: Excuse me?
      Ken: Well, you people know how to work hard and respect your parents. Don't you, baby?
      Nurse Patty: Uh, I'm Japanese and from Fresno, "baby."
      Ken: How come you aren't designing computers?
      Nurse Patty: Because then I wouldn't get to meet nice white devils like you.

    • Officer Charlie Regan: Gentlemen, if we decide to press charges, your dad will lose his license and may have to register as a sex offender.
      Dave: All right!
      Titus: Dave...
      Dave: Dude, that would be hilarious.

    • Titus: This is like a revenge piñata filled with little chunks of Dad inside.

    • Dave: 'It is difficult to fight against anger, for a man will buy revenge with his soul.' Heraclites, 500 BC.
      Titus: (stunned silence) You scare the crap out of me.

    • Dave: There she is, now she's gone, she's there, she's gone, there, gone, there, gone, ooohhh.

    • Titus: (opening narration) In a crisis, my family puts aside all its petty differences and hatreds. Because a crisis is a perfect opportunity to create new petty differences and hatreds! My dad's from that era where you lived to fifty, your heart exploded and that was that. You know when you cook bacon, you pour the grease into a can? My dad's the can.

    • Titus: Growing up, I was always in trouble. But, it wasn't enough for my father to just punish me. He had to humiliate me. Well, he didn't have to, but it's his favorite part.

    • Titus: HMOs: "We like to save lives, but we don't get all freaky about it."

    • Titus: I've been blamed for stuff since I was born. Literally, since I came out. Still had goop on me.

    • Titus: Every family has somethin' special about 'em: brains, athletic ability. My family has heart attacks. But it's okay because my dad belongs to an HMO. He really liked their slogan: "Hey, were better than a prison doctor." Huh?

    • Titus: Now Dad, you know, you had two heart attacks, all right. I want you to start taking care of yourself.
      Ken: I am.
      Titus: Okay.
      Ken: The doctor put me on a light diet: menthol light and Miller light.

    • Ken Titus: You knew.. and you let them shave me?
      Titus: I knew and I got them to shave you.

    • Police Officer: (to Titus) All right, maybe you'll find this interesting. The intersection where your father had his.. "heart attack" has a camera system that takes a picture of your car when it runs a red light. (gives Titus some pictures)
      Titus: What's that furry thing in his lap? It's not there now....there it is again.
      Police Officer: Her name's Angela.

    • Titus: Erin and I have been together long enough so she knows who I am and likes me. She sees a certain charm and cuteness to my stupidity. You know, the way people like Canada.

  • NOTES (2)

    • In episode 2 of the show, "Dad's Dead," Titus makes reference to this episode when talking about his fathers last hospital visit. Also, Officer Charlie Regan (Regan Burns) shows up again after having already busted Dave in episode 3, "Dave Moves Out." Therefore, this episode takes place after episode 3 but before episode 2.

    • This episode introduces the recurring character of Nurse Kathy (Mary Lou Rosato).