Season 3 Episode 20

Insanity Genetic (2)

Aired Unknown Aug 05, 2002 on FOX
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Insanity Genetic (2)
(Part 2 of 2) As a result of the incident on the plane, Titus must face jail time or commitment. And only his friends and family can save him...which means he's in deep trouble.

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  • It doesn't really work as a series finale, but does great as a season finale. Sometimes you need to actually talk with someone to figure things out, except in this case Titus has to talk with a FBI agent.moreless

    The previous episode got to the point of absurdity, but funny. The bridging of all the different actions of the Titus family, plus Tommy, was quite clever. "It's Chicken A La King!" (Allah King) The only thing that made the episode gel together was Titus emotional breakdown, which was handled with sensitivity, yet still made fun of it. I have no idea how they pull this off.

    But now Titus has to confront his demons. Is mental illness genetic? This thought has haunted him for a long time, but now it became crippling. Part of the reality of this show is that the comedian Christopher Titus based the car guy Christopher Titus on himself. His mother was really insane, he really fell into a bonfire, he taped his dad getting arrested on TV. Sometimes the only cure for sadness is laughter, not just a good joke but at your predicament. The FBI are interrogating them in the possibility that they are terrorists. (Having a psychotic break on a plane is not a wise thing to do.) So they interview them in a sporatic style, and they alternatingly defend and incriminate themselves. But then comes the sadistic choice, commit Titus to a mental care facility or face prison time on federal crimes. This leads to the group standing side-by-side. They may be disfunctional, but they stand together.

    The ending leaves you discontented, but hopeful. Titus has dealt with a lot of crap in his life, he'll manage. "Once you've driven your drunk father to mom's parole hearing, what else is there?" If only this could be more properly concluded with another season...or two. Sometimes be grateful that you had the time you do have, and enjoy the laughs.moreless
  • Titus goes to amy's school to protect her from a guy that is picking on her.

    Look, this is a great show. It was stupid for fox to cancel it. They canceled alot of shows that year that were really good. family guy was one of them. I heard that they were bringing back family guy so i got to thinking that they would bring back titus. But they didnt instead titus had come up with a new show called special unit and it was just accepted as a pilot and will show in january. I really hope that this show will be as good as titus was on fox. Every one watch so it can stay on the airmoreless
Richard Gant

Richard Gant

FBI Agent

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Marcus Smythe

Marcus Smythe


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Peter Michael McDonald

Peter Michael McDonald


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Dylan Capannelli

Dylan Capannelli

5-Year-Old Titus

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Tommy says the line "This one time he went after a kid with a bat, but he didn't beat him like he planned!" While this is funny, the line doesn't make much sense because the episode "The Protector" was supposed to air before this. Tommy is talking about when Titus went to the school to defend Amy's honor.

    • The FBI Agent can't really question all of them at a time as is depicted. He is questioning each of them separately. Since the rest of them predicted Titus's actions then he should be the last questioned. Yet when Titus says: "If I asked my guys to kill Gerald Ford, only 2 of them would do it." Dave then says: "So he wants Ford dead?" Then Dave would have been questioned after Titus.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Titus: What? No, dude, I did not try to bring down that plane. If I had tried to bring down that plane, that plane would have come down.

    • Agent Robinson: So this Titus, would you call him your leader?
      Erin: I let him think that.
      Ken Titus: **** no. That guy couldn't lead a group of bulemics to a puke convention.

    • Erin: We can't plan a hijacking. Listen, we can't even plan a wedding.
      Titus: Oh, we planned the wedding. We didn't plan my mom killing her husband at the wedding. That was Mom's idea. She didn't know what to get us.

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