Season 1 Episode 7

Mom's Not Nuts

Aired Unknown May 08, 2000 on FOX
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Mom's Not Nuts
It's family dinner at the Titus' when Christopher's mom Juanita shows up for some reconciliatiion...and everybody accepts it (even Ken!) but Titus.

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  • Titus' mom Juanita has just recently been released from the mental health care facility and came to Titus and Erin's home. While Dave, Tommy, Erin and Ken all believe her to be fine, Titus can't give up his suspicions so easily.moreless

    After arriving home, Erin and Titus are surprised to find Titus' mother cooking dinner. Titus' first reaction is to panic and call the police. As the episode unfolds, Titus holds on to his feelings about his mother. The rest of the gang does not and eventually, even Ken convinces Titus that everything is fine. After they had finished their meal, the gang appears to have been drugged. Juanita had done this so that she could attack Ken unabated. The episode ends with the closing monologue wrapping up that she was recaptured and sent back to the mental health care facility.

    I think this was a very good episode, above average for the last couple in terms on continuing a good storyline. I remember hearing his stand-up not too long ago and finding out his mother was this crazy. She had eventual killed herself. That had a little bearing on my thoughts of the episode, but not by much. Again, I enjoyed the flashbacks, specifically the ones with Ken. I felt that the closing was also very touching and sad, the way he answers the phone and all. This was one of the best episodes so far, in my opinion.moreless
  • Titus' mom comes to visit.

    Titus and Erin come home to find that Juanita, Titus' mom, has come to visit and has made dinner. We know from the pilot that Juanita is a diagnosed manic-depressive schizophrenic. Apparently, Juanita has been released because she is cured. However, Titus dosen't believe her. Erin insists that Juanita can stay even though Titus wants her gone. Juanita has also invited Tommy, Dave and Ken, who arrive one by one. Tommy believes she may be cured because of the kind of medication she is taking. Dave is subdued when Juanita gives him some yams to eat. Yet another episode with Dave and food. When Ken arrives, it looks like he might be helpful. But, when he sees Juanita dressed up nice, he quickly drops his guard. Later, Juanita apologizes to him for all the things she's done in the past. It's so heartfelt that Titus believes her. Then, while Ken and Juanita are "catching up," Titus, Erin, Tommy and Dave eat the food Juanita made them. Then they all start to feel tired and loopy. Ken then runs out screaming for help. It turns out that Juanita put all her medication in the gravy so she could kill Ken without any difficulty. The final monologue shows that Titus forgives her for what she did. From the first season DVD, I learned that Titus' mom had a very high IQ. So, she told the doctors at the hospital what they needed to hear so she could be released. Same with Christopher.moreless
  • Great look into Titus's releationship with his mother

    Everyone thinks that Titus's mom is better when she comes for a visit - all but Titus. Of course, they all think she's nuts, but she wins them over with her charm. Even Titus in the end, who is the last to be broken.

    This is a great episode, and what makes it beter is that his mother was NOT better! She was trying to kill Papa Titus. I liked how she slowly won everyone and then finally drugged them. Great episode.moreless
Christine Estabrook

Christine Estabrook


Guest Star

Dylan Capannelli

Dylan Capannelli

5-Year-Old Titus

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Phoenix Forsyth

Phoenix Forsyth

10-Year-Old Titus

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Dave comes out of the kitchen with a bowl of yams and says Titus' mom makes great yams, he eats a yam from his fork, (showing the fork empty) and the very next shot there is still a yam on the fork.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Titus: My dad is a negative, judgmental pain in the ass who destroyed my self esteem and tortured me my entire life. My mom's a violent, paranoid schizophrenic. God, I love my dad.

    • Erin: Christopher, it's your mom. Shouldn't you put down the bat.
      Titus: Nah uh.

    • Erin: Christopher, she's not naked and she's not toting a gun. I think she's okay.
      Titus: That's the bar she's gotta clear? Unarmed and dressed?

    • Titus: My mom lives life on an emotional roller coaster. Dad loves roller coasters!

    • Titus: I am trying to protect you.
      Ken: Protect me from what!?! A beautiful, heavily medicated woman who wants to bow to my every wish?
      Titus: (slight pause) Which part of you is speaking, Dad, you or your gonads?
      Ken: Right now, they have power of attorney.

    • Titus: Macaroni and glitter glue: the fun side of Mom's insanity. But, you may be surprised to know that if they don't take their medication, there's a dark side to paranoid schizophrenia.

    • Ken: I hear Looney Tune's made dinner. I'm surprised. Usually the turkey's saying such threatening things to her she can't get close enough to cook it.

    • Titus: Okay, Mom, it was good to see ya. Come visit again when they burn out the other side of your brain.

    • Titus: Mom, is somebody chasing you? Do we need to get ready for a shootout? Is the Waco thing gonna happen?
      Juanita: Relax, Christopher, I didn't escape. I'm all better.
      Titus: Well, congratulations. You're not allowed in my house. Pack your explosives and get out.

    • Titus: (opening narration) My mom's a manic-depressive schizophrenic. She's been in and out of mental institutions my whole life. It's comforting to know that when I was in kindergarten gluing macaroni to paper plates, my mom was in therapy gluing macaroni to paper plates.

    • Titus: There are certain things that will get you released from a mental care facility. Years of good behavior, positive psychological profile... An axe.

    • Titus: All right, I love my mom. Without her, I don't exist. Without her, I wouldn't be able to protect myself. Without her, in four states it'd still be legal to kill a man with a cappuchino machine. She touched a lot of lives.

  • NOTES (3)

    • On the DVD version, after the closing monologue, there is a black screen that gives information for the National Mental Health Services Knowledge Exchange Network.

    • In the closing monologue, Titus says "Norman Rockwell is bleeding". This is a reference to (and possibly a direct port from) the original stage show written by Christopher Titus from which the show grew, entitled, natch, "Norman Rockwell Is Bleeding" as mentioned in the closing credits.

    • After the episode aired, there was a black screen with the words, "If you would like to learn more about schizophrenia, go to FOX.com".