Season 1 Episode 6

Red Asphalt

Aired Unknown May 01, 2000 on FOX
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Red Asphalt

Titus and the gang go to meet Papa Titus for a birthday dinner, but when he cuts off a driver Titus gets in over his head - unfortunately he passed someone even nuttier than the Titus clan.

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  • On the way to meet Ken in order to give him a car for his birthday, Titus gets into a highway race with someone. When he over indulges, however, the man chases the gang with a gun.moreless

    Titus begins the episode by narrating how he has learned to control and use his anger at will. One of the things we transforms it into is spite. So, for his fathers birthday, he has created a car for Ken. Now, Titus, Erin, Dave and Tommy are on their way to meet Ken for dinner. It is revealed that Tommy picked this place because he had sex with the waitress at one time. Titus is passed by a very fast car and his male ego is inflamed so that he must race back up to the guy. When he accomplishes this, the other driver becomes angered and tails the car. Eventually, the two cars pull over so that Dave and Titus can get out and confront the other driver. They quickly return to the car when they find out he has a gun. Once Dave reveals that his present to his dad is a cell phone, the group calls the cops. The cops get the guy and the gang get to the diner right as Ken is leaving. He comments on the crappy car and walks away with the waitress that Tommy was looking forward to seeing.

    I like how, so far, none of the episodes have been in the same area. I am sure that that will have to change soon, since they will need a re-occurring motif, most likely Titus' home and the garage. While some of the main story was a bit lacking, I still enjoyed some of the comments, especially those directed at Tommy. The flashbacks were good as well, especially the one about everyone having guns. Overall, it was an average episode with its good and bad moments, but a good change of scenery then a typical sitcom.moreless
  • Here's a good reason not to cut someone off in traffic.

    It's Ken's birthday and Titus, Erin, Dave and Tommy are driving to his birthday party. Titus' present to Ken is the car they are in: one that Titus spent a lot of money and time to build and restore. He made it to get even with Ken for years of calling him a loser. Tommy talks about the party waitress: a girl he recently slept with. He obsesses the whole trip about what Ken may be telling her about him. The whole main story takes place inside the car. While driving, Titus is cut off by another car and he feels obligated to get ahead of him. When he gets ahead of him, the other guy flips him off, which Dave does to him, twice. Erin gets slightly annoyed by this. Then, the guy bumps the car and precedes to follow them closely for ten miles. Titus pulls over to let the guy pass them. Later, the guy finds them again. When Titus pulls over again to confront him, they discover the guy has a gun. While fleeing, they use Dave's gift to Ken, a cellphone, to call the police. I find it funny that Dave dosen't realize that they could use the cellphone, even when he tells the others that he has it. While waiting for the police to track them, everybody reflects on what they never did. Titus let's it slip that he regrets never having a kid. Erin gets kind of emotional at the end. Finally, the cops arrive and catch the guy. When they finally get to Ken, before Titus can give it to him, Ken dosen't even like the car. One of the funniest things in this episode is how when someone tells Dave there is a cow outside, he looks outside so he can "moo" at it as they pass. Zack Ward says that after this episode aired, he was on a plane and people would tell him there's a cow outside the window. The basic theme of the episode was how Titus was trying to control his anger.moreless
  • Now this is how you depict Road Rage!

    This is a series classic, and one of my favorites. On their way to meet up with Papa Titus, Titus, Erin, Dave and Tommy anger another driver, who has a gun!

    Things escalate to a point where the other driver (whom we never see) pulls a gun on the group and fires at them while they are driving.

    This is probably one of, if not the, best episodes of the series. It's very funnny, and gives us a good look on what road rage can do.moreless
  • This is a classic to most fans.

    This episode had it all. Great writing , great directing , Great storyline. Screwing around with someone on the road can have bad results they may have a gun. The character emotions in this episode were TOP - NOTCH. Being chased on the road by a maniac with a gun. Then dave remebers he had a cell phone they coulda used. The cops arrest the lunatic.This episode is a classic.

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    • Titus: We drove in silence for five minutes. Five minutes is a long time when you're being chased by a guy with a guy. And you just told your girlfriend you wanna have a baby.

    • Titus: I've learned to channel my anger into something more constructive; spite.

    • Erin: Don't do anything.
      Titus: No, we did don't do. It didn't do anything. Now, we're doing do.

    • Erin: We're a half an hour late because of someone's finger.
      Titus: Well, we're another half an hour late because someone's hair had to be bouncy.
      Erin: Finger.
      Titus: Bouncy.
      Erin: Finger.
      Titus: Bouncy.
      Erin: Finger.
      Dave: "Bouncy Finger." Isn't that what they called you at camp?
      Tommy: Shut up!

    • Titus: It should be a law. Everybody in America should have to own a gun. In fact, if you get caught outside your house without your gun, you get a ticket, and they shoot ya in the leg. Just to make their point. If we all had guns, there'd be no more carjacking. Bag boys would be a lot more thoughtful. People in general would just be a lot more thoughtful. I want everybody to get behind this plan. I need your support. Because the first couple a years, a lot of us are gonna die. But, you gotta ride out the rough spots.

    • Tommy: My mom always said, "Drive as if every car ahead is a drunk and every car behind you is a cop."

    • Erin: Christopher, you're going a hundred and ten.
      Titus: All right, buckle up.
      Erin: Please don't do this.
      Titus: I just wanna get past this guy.
      Erin: No, you wanna finish first on Racetrack Earth.
      Titus: That's why I love you. See, you get it.

    • Titus: I've learned that being a man isn't about toughness, bravado and territory. Well, actually that's all that being a man is about, but I have a girlfriend so I have to pretend. 'Cause she's not a man so she doesn't get it. My next girlfriend's gonna be a man. What'd I just say?

    • Titus: I was raised two minutes from Freemont Dragstrip, one minute if Dad let me drive. Challenge? I'll race ya through a carwash.

    • Titus: My dad always said "Drive so that every cop behind you doesn't know you're drunk."

    • Titus: Erin's Irish. Give an Irish woman a rock or a piece of fruit, somebody's going down.

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    • Titus: Now I know why Moe was always mad.
      This is a reference to Moe Howard, one of the Three Stooges. Moe was the defacto leader of the Stooges and was constantly angered by the screwball antics of the others.

    • Title
      This is the name of a popular driving film for teens.