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  • Totally disgraceful.

    I saw several episodes of Titus, and I wish that I didn\\\'t. Christopher Titus should really be ashamed of himself for producing such a horrible show. Not only is it not the least bit funny, but it also tries to make fun of such serious subjects as child abuse, murder, and suicide as it fails miserably and tastelessly to get a laugh out of it. Titus even gives morals that are cynical and the exact opposite of how people should behave in each episode. It even has family members attacking and even trying to kill each other. What\\\'s so funny about that?
  • Man i wish they would bring back this show. It's a long shot I know. But the series really ended on high. TV is missing out stuff like this.

    It's a long shot I know, but man i wish they would bring back this show. Talk about crisp storylines. The series really ended on high. Maybe stations like CBS or SciFi could pick it up. TV is missing out good stuff these days and something like titus coming back could really enliven it again. Seriously, they shouldnt have killed in the first place. It was so amazing. Someone somewhere surely should have the capacity to bring this back wouldnt they. Maybe go back to its orignal format before the changes that came and messed it up. Who knows, Titus can live again.
  • An all time favorite

    Titus is one of my all time favorite shows and definitely my favorite sitcom. The show was canceled most likely because it was a bit too edgy. Laughing about dysfunction and abuse is not for everyone. If you have or love anyone who has gone through an abusive childhood you will see the humor and the heart in this show. Sometimes the humor is the only thing holding you together. The humor is universal so that it with stands the test of time. A great show with great writing and a ridiculously funny cast. Do yourself a favor and rent the show if you have not already seen it.
  • Undescribable; funny, witty, dark, and certainly brave.

    I started watching the TV series "Titus" after watching it's creator Christopher Titus in his stand-up comedy act "Norman Rockwell Is Bleeding". By the time I got through to the third episode of the first season, I found that I was bunking school to stay at home and sit through the half-hour-per-episode series. The show goes through certain dramatic and traumatizing incidents in Titus's personal life and manages to highlight both the light and the dark side of his ordeal. The show is hilarious while being therapeutic... the show was cancelled after the third season, partly due to the controversial nature of the show. The show dealt with incidents in Christopher's own life, including death, attempted and committed suicide, mental illness, multiple divorces, rape, alcoholism, and terrorism (especially in the last season). Irrespective of what you here from everyone else or what you read in other reviews, Titus is one of the most "different" and unique shows I have seen in a long time. Don't miss it.

    I just finished watching the entire series on DVD. I almost forgot how funny that show was. I was so disappointed when it was canned. Networks seem to not know what is great TV. Especially FOX! Would love to see a reunion. Let's face it, there is nothing that funny on TV now. Just reality shows, which are a complete waste of time and energy. "Titus" was all about making a disfuntional family look OK. Made my family look pretty normal. The cast was so well put together. Try finding a show that works so well and make you laugh the entire time it is on. Christopher Titus is an amazing comic. I love his stand up and he was so great on his show. FOX network never gives any of their shows a chance. Unless it is American Idol, which don't get me started on that. Miss ya Titus cast!
  • Dysfunction has never been so funny

    I love Christopher Titus. I think he's hilarious and I remember with vivid clarity (even for me) the first time I watched an episode of Titus. It was the premier episode and I was watching in my room, and during the commercial I go to tell my brother to watch, and he's already watching in the living room.

    There are so few things I personally relate to, but this is one of them. So I don't have a crazy mom, and my dad hasn't had a revolving door of wives, but I totally get the being the only one of a group who doesn't go insane when something completely minor in the realm of catastrophe happens. And there are so many dysfunctional families on TV now, but I love that this show was so funny because I personally think being from a dysfunctional family makes it easier to find everything else so damn funny. Everything doesn't need to be so serious all the time.
  • Even with the unfortunate addition of a laugh track, this dark comedy is brilliant for those willing to accept that they are in the majority of those families considered dysfunctional.

    Even with the unfortunate addition of a laugh track, this dark comedy is brilliant for those willing to accept that they are in the majority of those families considered dysfunctional. The cast is played brilliantly, and the situations while still following comedic conventions usually have an eerie realism. But what more can you ask for from an intelligent comedy? A hot girlfriend and hot rods. While Christopher Titus has seemed to fall off the map for now, even with his website having no updates in a year, his original screenplay "Five Seconds" is currently in development, and I'm looking forward to it greatly.
  • Great cast and guest stars!

    This show is way ahead of it's time. Smart, funny and very edgy! The cast is excellent and the guest stars are amazing and so interesting! Chris Titus is a genius, he's one of the creators and writers. And Stacey Keach is as always one of the best actors on screen. The characters and situations are far out,..One of the few sitcoms that guys really like and can relate to.Fox TV was brilliant in airing this sitcom,...too bad it was cancelled. Hope the network heads figure out we really liked this show and bring back the audience it lost because of "reality" shows.
    Come on, we need some entertainment!
  • A dark comedy which chronicled the life of Christopher Titus. Among the reoccurring characters were his chain smoking alcoholic father Ken, his heart of gold girlfriend Erin, his dimwitted half brother Dave and best friend Tommy.

    This was a great show produced by FOX, remarkable that it only ran for portions of three seasons, while similar shows of lesser quality were allowed to run much longer. Each show opened with a monologue by Titus. The monologue would take place in a sparsely finished room, usually the only visible furniture was a single wooden chair, reminiscent of an electric chair and was illuminated by a single hanging light bulb, with only a door in the background visible in the frame. During the monologue, which was filmed in black and white, Titus would break the "fourth wall" by directly addressing the viewers. This was known as the "neutral place”. The only episode which did not begin with Titus in the "neutral place" was the "Pendulum", in which Ken replaced Titus while Titus was in a coma.

    To me, the series was a funny look at dysfunctional family life, and most episodes carried a strong message. "The Protector" dealt with child molestation and the effects it can have on a young adolescent. "The Wedding" dealt with spousal abuse. "The Pendulum" dealt with the question of "unplugging" the life support on a brain dead person and the effects it has on family members.

    The writing was outstanding, and the acting was very good, especially Stacy Keach as Titus’ father Ken. It looked as though the cast were having a good time and really liked each other and it really showed in the finished product. As I stated earlier, the person who cancelled “Titus” should be ashamed!
  • The story of a man with a loving girlfriend, a dim witted brother, a wimpy best friend, an alchoholic father and a lunatic mother...how could it possibly fail? Put it on FOX and move it's time slot so much that it's own producers can't find it. It's sad.

    Imaginative and brilliant. A superior show that was yanked far before it's prime. The only thing about the show that ever upset me was the constant recasting of Juanita. I can't stand when shows switch actors like that, but it's genius was enough to keep me around. The show where Christopher goes to his ex's funeral to confront his demons on how she used to abuse him was magnificent. Every episode was damn near flawless and the Pilot was the bravest choice I've ever seen. A personal favorite.
  • Cool one!

    So often have we heard critics speak of a movie as "visually stunning," but in the case of "Titus," truer words were never spoken! A big fan of Shakespeare, I rented this movie not too long ago, expecting an average--if not mediocre--adaptation of the play. Within the first ten minutes, I stood vastly corrected! Just watching the opening credits was enough to make my jaw drop! Generally, I find it hard to watch a movie completely through, but "Titus" was a very fun film to watch. I never felt compelled to look away. Taymor directs the film like a ballet: everything seems so perfectly (and meticulously) choreographed.

    When I heard that Taymor used modern technologies in the story (arcade games, pool tables, Pepsi Cola, etc.) I was a little leery of watching, but she blended it all together so well. Perhaps that is why it is so appealing to me. I mean, when films are set FAR in the past, they can become somewhat boring to many viewers. But by blending modern-day conveniences with Shakespeare's immortal words, Taymor created a wonderful film.

    All of the actors made their parts seem tailor-made for them. And the part of "Aaron, the moor" was beautifully portrayed. He was so despicable, yet fun to watch and listen to.

    All together, "Titus" will make a great viewing experience, even if one doesn't like Shakespeare. It will literally have you dumbfounded by the time the last name rolls on the credits.
  • Titus is the funniest show ever!

    Titus is such a funny show! I never saw the show while it was on TV but i saw a few episodes later on DVD and couldn't stop laughing. Christopher Titus is so funny and this show basically allowed you to see his jokes acted out. And what's great about it is that all though the show is scripted it's all based on experiences Titus really had. There's something about the fact that he really went through all of that, that make this show so different and so real. It's not your typical sitcom which is why I love it. I can't get enough of this show! It pushes the limits and that's why it was taken off the air but that's why it was so good. It was a completely honest show. They could have just aired it later at night or something. They didn't need to cancel it.
  • "Titus" focuses on the wacky world of Christopher Titus (Himself) and his messed-up family.

    Fox Television proves that wild dysfunctional families deliver big laughs in the hilarious comedy series "Titus". The half-hour comedy focuses on the wacky world of Christopher Titus (Himself) and his messed-up family including his supportive girlfriend Erin (Cynthia Watros), his clueless brother Dave (Zack Ward), his emotional friend Tommy (David Shatraw) and his drunken father Ken (Stacy Keach). Based on comedian Christopher Titus’ stand-up routine, “Titus” is the most creative and outrageously funny Fox comedy since “Married with Children”. Each episode is narrated by Titus from his “neutral space” who offers some side-splitting comments and humorous flashbacks from his childhood and teenage years. The comedy series features some great humor, well developed interaction, memorable situations and good comic performances.
  • TV wasn't ready for him.

    Titus is a show depicting the life of comedian Christopher Titus. His mom is bipolar-schizophrenic, his father is a prick and his brother's out there. This show is great. At the time, there were no shows about people who have mental disabilities and I don't think people were ready for it. Now, TV has become so un-politically correct, that if it was aired today, people would love it. I only took points off because there are other shows where they take one person who plays themselves and cast other people as their family and the occasional joke that flopped. But, other than that, Titus is a great show.
  • It wasn't given a chance!

    Let's face it, not everyone loves Ray, but Titus was fast, funny and hilarious in the the same irreverent ways that Seinfeld was for the Nineties. His optimistic and weird outlooks were great humor for the show as he often clashed with his beautiful girlfriend, his idiot brother and sensitive best friend. Stacy Keach is the real star of the show though as he plays an amalgamation of all the worst drunkards, philanderers and opinionated meatheads in the history of television. This has to be a character he loves to play. The girlfriend's redneck family with multiple criminal records and appearances on "Cops" (and proud of it too) and Titus's spaced out psycho of a mother round out the show's cast of characters, but another thing I like is how the show shifts from Titus's narration of the events as he lives through them like some sort of Dave Allen At Large. Another thing that makes the show so great is how the show's event impact Titus the narrator. If his character regresses to a child mentally, the narrator physically reverts to a child. If some one metaphorically stabs him in the back, we see the knife in the back of Titus the narrator. It's this type of humor that makes it the FOX hit the show was for the brief time we had it. What I don't understand is, with all the great shows that were cancelled, why was "Family Guy" brought back over "Titus?"
  • Christopher Titus is Brilliant

    For those who don't realize, this series is set to his true life. He took these horrible things that actually happened to him, and was actually able to laugh about them. He reminds us that those of us who came from a dysfunctional family are actually the norm now. He showed us the behind closed doors stories of the family we all knew existed but were arfraid to find out more about. After watching this show, I know my family so far removed from crazy, I actually appreciate them more! I miss this show and wonder if Fox realizes what they have lost in all of this.
  • Why did it get cancelled?

    I dont know why this show is no longer on, maybe someone can help me? My dad and I would always sit down and watch it, it was great and it always made us laugh, every week. I mean i understand shows cant last forever, but this one was great!
  • "63% of American families are now considered dysfunctional. My God! That means that WE'RE the majority! WE'RE normal! It's the people that had the mom, the dad, the brother, the sister, the white picket fence, those people are the freaks!!"

    "Titus" was one of the most realistic, best comedy shows on television. The reason it's so good is because all the situations presented to our main focus, Christopher Titus are completely believable and more close to home then you think. Technically, the new "normal" is "dysfunctional". This show takes hard, every day (kind of) situations and makes them funny in us "Screwed up" people's heads. I love the way Chris and his beer guzzling dad Ken (aka "Papa Titus") interact with each other. And it is kind of nice to have the somewhat normal (more then likely gay best friend) Tommy. His brother Dave is also a very believable person, because believe me, I have known people as naive and well...as stupid as Dave. And Erin, his girlfriend, who is seemingly normal in the pilot, you come to find out, she grew up in a messed up household too! This show is so real that it is funny...I highly recommend that you check it out...wussy.

    -Yep. The Los Angeles Times reports that 63% of American families are now considered dysfunctional. Good, cause that means when Armageddon really happens, 37% percent of this population is going to those their mind. "Oh God! The World is Over!". Us 63%, we're gonna go, "Hey! There's nobody watching the Lexus dealership! We're going to the apocalypse with leather and a CD player!"-
  • Classic sitcom, great cast, hilarious episodes, "Titus" took it to the extreme

    "Titus" was truly a classic comedy. The first 2 seasons were ultimately the best, a lot of crazy ideas and great lines. The 3rd season was okay for me, they had some good episodes, but I'm more partial to seasons 1 & 2. FOX finally did something right for a change & brought this hilarious show onto DVD, so now "Titus" fans like myself, can watch & laugh again...
  • this show is about christopher titus a hot rod builder who has his own buisness and his younger brother and best friend work for him. the show is about what happens to him and his family and their dilemmas

    This show was awesome it was cancelled way to soon. it had years left in it i love watching it on the comedy channel in australia my faveorite ep is the first one where ken doesnt come out of his room for days without a beer. Fox bring this show back it was sik.
  • Easily one of the funniest sitcoms ever!

    Another show that fox cancelled. Family Guy and Titus, two of the best shows that fox ever produced, Family Guy is back, where the h%ll is titus? By far one of the funniest sitcoms ever. Nothing compares to this show. I couldn't believe fox cancelled it.

    Titus revolves around one dude and his completely screwed up friends and family, this is one of those few sitcoms that actually had you laughing out loud.

    Completely original and very well written. Every character had a quirk that made them unique. The humor was very hard and probably pretty offensive to many people. Which is of course, why it was so great.
  • At times a funny, original twist on the disfunctional family.

    The main things that make this show work are two characters: Ken Titus and Dave, almost everything they say is a riot.

    Christopher at times seems to over-act a bit too much, but this can sometimes be good in the black-and-white scenes, but Cynthia can be annoying at times as well. Good thing she's sexy.

    Sometimes the surreal inner-thought segments can be brilliant, but I still prefer any flashback into Chris's past involving Ken.

    However, I don't think the show should be brought back. The later episodes were not really that good, but the earlier episodes were great, so if you ever watch some of the show, stick with those.
  • This is one of the best live action shows to ever come into my life.

    I'm an animation lover, so I missed out on Season 1 of this show because I wasn't interested at first, but when I saw the season premere of Season 2, I was hooked, I was sorry I missed out on this show in the first season, it made me laugh so hard that I almost choked. I started tapeing all the episodes in Season 2 from then on and kept repeatedly watching them over and over again. I feel this show gives truth to the darkness in people's lives but in a very humorous way, a lot of the flashbacks were like a live action cartoon in many ways, and all the characters brought comic releaf. For those who don't know, this show is based on Christopher Titus' stage show "Norman Rockwell is Bleeding" and on his life and family too.

    I have now bought Titus Season 1 & 2 on DVD and I watch it repeatedly everyday, I can't get enough of this show, I feel in ways in sort of connects to the darkness of my life and makes me feel it's worth laughing about. This show was cancelled too soon, the three seasons were great, but it should of had more, this show was off the wall funny and I have yet to get tired of watching any of the episodes, well, Family Guy got uncancelled after successful DVD sales, if fans of this show and me are lucky, this could get the possible chance of a return too, sadly I have only known of this to happen with Family Guy, so I doubt it, but it doesn't hurt to have hope.
  • Wuss-ie

    I wished they would have continued this show. It is one of my personal favorites. I laughed more at Titus than any other show. I don't know what it was (I think I am a real fan of Dave since he stared in A Christmas Story). Great show, another keeper.
  • A show about a typical American family...if that family had every problem know to man!

    How can you not love this show? Christopher Titus shows that even dysfunctional families can be funny. With a cast that knew there roles and stories that were original and funny. I don't think that there has ever been any show to cut so close to so many bad themes. With a mother in the mental hospital; a drunk abusive father; a loyal loving girlfriend; a not to bright brother; and a friend who you just didn't know about, Titus showed their heart was in the right place...spiting venom at every sacred subject in the history of TV. There is not one thing about this show that isn't funny, and I haven't seen one before or since that has been funnier.
  • One of the Funniest Shows I have ever seen.

    I absolutely loved this show. I think it was one of if not the funniest dysfunctional family show of all time. It is a shame that all we got was three seasons of this brilliantly funny material based off the stand up comedy of Christopher Titus. This show takes you the viewer through the dysfunctional family life of Christopher Titus with his beautiful smart Girlfriend to his gay best friend Tommy his crazy brother Dave and his mentally abusive alcoholic father who is played brilliantly by Stacy Keach. If you have never seen this show I strongly urge you to go out Right now and get the DVD's you wont be disappointed.
  • A review of the entire series by addiction expert Doug Thorburn. This is one of the finest and funniest portrayals ever of alcoholism in all its gory. Titus manages to add levity to an all-too-serious subject.

    “My father never missed a drink, or a joint, or a party or a chance to get laid in his life. But he also never missed a day of work, or a house payment, or a car payment.”

    This is Christopher Titus’s description of his father, Ken, played by Stacy Keach, at the start of Episode One on the new DVD release of the first two seasons of the Fox series that began in 2000 (the third and last season will be released in December). It perfectly sets the stage for an honest portrayal of a highly functional but verbally and psychologically abusive alcoholic, based on Christopher’s real-life upbringing. His biological mother, Juanita, identified as “insane,” is an even worse drunk, but takes second-stage.

    Almost every episode delivers a message about alcoholism or codependency in laugh-out-loud and zany entertaining fashion. One describes Kenneth’s serial sexual harassment which, according to Christopher’s narration, dad “invented.” Another shows how dad loved to humiliate Christopher and his brother, Dave, played by Zack Ward. The result, as Christopher puts it, is that “screwed up people never say what they mean.”

    He’s used to his father, who was married and divorced five times, ruining relationships. He does all he can to mess up his with a very forgiving girlfriend Erin, played by Cynthia Watros, explaining that he took a “30-year seminar on destroying relationships.”

    The best of "Titus" has to be episode eight of the first season, “Intervention.” Aside from explaining the reason Christopher stopped drinking at age 17 (he fell into a bonfire), a series of “growing up” photographs show dad always holding a beer -- while water skiing, at a funeral, in intensive care. Suddenly, he decides he’s sick and tired of being sick and tired, and stops drinking. After being depressed and moping for a month while off the hooch, Christopher and his brother Dave orchestrate a reverse intervention to get him drinking again. “I was raised by a lusty, lustful man. When dad was drinking, he was so smooth he could pick up any woman, and did. I used to wake up with their names pinned to my pajamas, so I could greet the sluts with class. When dad stopped drinking, he started pissing off women before he slept with them.” No wonder we love alcoholics -- they’re exciting, fun-loving and never boring, despite the sarcasm, hatred, nastiness and volatile moods. The trade-off is deemed fair by many codependents, who often don’t know any better.

    The highly functional alcoholic can be missed at work -- after all, they make great salesmen. While non-alcoholics can’t function when they’re drinking, “Dad not only functions; he was employee of the month.” His boss comes to the intervention, explaining that a sober Kenneth “is not the guy I hired.”

    After the “intervention,” Ken quickly returns to his old tricks. He feigns a heart attack to avoid responsibility for an accident, taking it all the way to the hospital, where he becomes sexually involved with his nurse. After blaming Christopher for the heart attack that wasn’t, we learn the real cause -- which cannot be shared in a family report -- and the kids mastermind a brilliant plot to get back at him. With overtones of the insanity to which many children of alcoholics are subjected, "Titus" is a brilliant and often hysterically funny introduction to Alcoholism 101.

    Those interested in the more serious side of alcohol and other drug addiction will discover much more by googling in my name, Doug Thorburn.
  • Unfairly cancelled by Fox years ago...

    I swear that those who had watched at least 2 episodes of Titus might had laughed really hard while watching it.

    This show was one of the best Fox ever had in the last 10 years. I feel really lucky to had the chance of watching the 3 seasons and seeing how every episode Titus has to deal with his stupid brother, his girlfriend, his drunken dad, his best friend among several situations. I would recomend to buy the DVD, it wouldn't be a waste of cash, believe me.
  • Why was this show cancelled?!? This was one of the funniest shows on TV!

    If you have ever come from a family that is a little disfunctional or even a lot, at that matter, then you will love this show. If you come from a normal, happy family then you probably won't get the greatness of Titus. Titus is a must have for anyone with a messed up family.
  • One of the best shows FOX ever made, ripped off again and again.

    Titus was a great, original, edgy sitcom. It presented Christopher Titus' disfunctional family and friends from Titus' perspective. In an episode, the story would shift back and forth from what's happening and Titus' comments. The presentation of the show was great, it showed real problems people face and had some great humor. The presentation of the episodes with flashback story telling was ripped off again and again by other FOX shows such as "Grounded For Life", "The Bernie Mac Show", and most recently "The War At Home." I wish this show was still on the air, it was very interesting and hilarious to watch. I give it a 10 out of 10 as it is one of my favorite shows of all time.
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