Season 1 Episode 1

Sex With Pudding

Aired Unknown Mar 20, 2000 on FOX
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Sex With Pudding
Titus believes that Erin is cheating on him and goes to her place of work to confront her about the situation.

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  • In the very first episode of Titus, Christopher Titus believes that his long time girlfriend Erin is cheating on him. After finding revealing clues, he decides to confront her co-workers.

    The first episode of Titus showed up on the Fox network in early 2000 and, strangely enough, it felt like a real life version of the Family Guy. Only better.

    Titus has taken his brother Dave and friend Tommy to his girlfriend Erin's workplace. He has a sneaking suspicion that he is having an affair with someone. The plan immediately back fires when Erin sees them get off the elevator. She sends them to her office to wait, but they can't help but sniff for clues. Finding emails and a pair of panties, Titus confronts Erin. She tells him that she is actually being sexually harassed and asks him not to get involved. As the three are leaving, Titus changes his mind and confronts Erin's whole floor. After a rousing speech, several guys come forward, but the real "pudding" is Erin's female boss, who had believed that Erin was gay The entire problem is resolved at the end and everyone is happy ... except for Dave, because he started a fire.

    I only remember a few passing episodes of the show since I was starting college at the time it premiered. I did, however, remember catching an episode or two and being amused. Like I said, it reminded me a of a live action Family Guy, with the numerous cuts to past events. This is a good thing, since these weren't terrible (like some of the FG flashbacks have become lately). Like a typical sitcom, the characters and the audience are presented with the premise of the episode and it is usually resolved at the end. This episode follows that formula easily, but the little comments by Erin, Titus and Dave make it funny. From what I can remember, Dave gets funnier as time goes on, but this was a prime place to start. A decent show that I can see myself watching every now and then.moreless
  • Titus thinks Erin is cheating on him. He goes to her workplace to discover the truth. What ensues is nothing short of humorous.

    This was the first episode aired on FOX. The main theme is trust. Erin has been out a lot on business dinners, lately. After finding a note with flirty compliments, Titus naturally assumes that Erin is cheating on him. Titus, along with Dave and Tommy, head to Erin's job to gather evidence. Titus and Dave have to be careful; they each did some criminal acts on previous visits. Erin covers for them and has them wait in her office. They search the place to find some incriminating evidence. Titus finds out, however, that Erin is being sexually harrassed. What a relief! Erin says that she'll handle it, but Titus has to be the hero in the situation. Although, the situation is more complicated than he thought.moreless
  • A great start to the series

    It's almost too bad the pilot was not aired first, but this one was funny enough to keep me hooked on the show. The characters seemed really well developed already, and it was a treat to see that the harrasser was a female!

    It was also an interesting look into some of the craziness of the characters: Dave steals and starts fires. Tommy is a bit of a scardy cat. Titus is very mistrustful thanks to his father.

    A very funny episode.moreless
  • The way they plotted this one was so good

    They plotted this episode very very well. It was well thought out.Titus believes ERin is cheating on him so he go's down to her work to confront the person (puddin)Titus investigating finds many things.THen all the men say something they did dirty to get a peek at Erin. Then you find out the real person is a woman who thought Erin liked her. It was well thought how they made you think it was a man. I did not see that one comingmoreless
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Dylan Capannelli

5-Year-Old Titus

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5-Year-Old Dave

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    • Dave: Do what he says. He's crazy!
      Titus: I am looking for a man named "pudding." (behind him, Dave pantomimes Titus is crazy) I'm assuming it's a nickname.

    • Erin: Did it ever occur to you that there might be something going on in my life that's worse then me having an affair?
      Titus: I'm dying?
      Erin: This is not about you.
      Dave: I'm dying?

    • Titus: (wearing knight's helmet) I spend a lot of time trying to unlearn things my father taught me--things like, "extreme measures get extreme results."
      Ken: (on a dock with Dave and Titus at ten years old) Okay, Dave, it's time to teach you to learn how to swim. Now don't be a wussy. (He tosses Dave into the water) Okay, now swim. One arm over the other--no, no, no, no--oh crap. (tosses in a life preserver) Grab the--just--Christopher, go save your brother. (tosses Titus into the water)

    • Titus: My dad invented sexual harassment. In every current sexual harassment lawsuit, my dad gets a royalty check.

    • (closing narration)
      Titus: When you're born, you're pure. Unspoiled and trusting. Some say it's the only time we're perfect. You're also born covered in blood and placenta. No one gets nostalgic about that.

    • Titus: Dave's my brother. I love him with all my heart. No matter how many times I'm charged as an accessory.

    • Titus: Erin's the one. She's my heart. She's my soul. She owns me. And when you give yourself to someone so completely, you gotta make sure they're not screwin around on ya.

    • (opening narration)
      Titus: When you're born, you're pure, unspoiled and trusting. I believe everything and everyone. Then I met my parents.

    • Titus: Erin's office. Inflammable, nonflammable. You gotta be a dictionary to know what burns.

    • Ken: If a girl named Linda calls, I'm not home and don't tell your mother.
      Five year old Titus: Yes, Daddy
      Titus's Mom: If a guy named Patrick calls, I'm not home and don't tell your father.
      Five year old Titus: Yes, Mommy.

    • Titus: At five years old, I was a double agent. I had to be. Dad's been married five times and I swore I would never be like my dad...or my mom. Or my mom. Or my mom. Or my mom. Or my mom.

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