Season 1 Episode 4

The Breakup

Aired Unknown Apr 10, 2000 on FOX
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The Breakup
The simple question "Want some pie?" sets off a tragicomic series of events when after a fight with Erin, Titus has a one-nighter with a diner waitress.

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  • Due to Titus' upbringing, he believes the only way to be happy is to have something fall apart in order to make it whole again. And so it goes with his relationship with Erin.moreless

    A bit of a prerequisite for situation comedies, especially ones dealing with relationships, is the breakup episode. Titus looks to get it out of the way early. In no so typical fashion, Titus is actually looking to have the relationship end so there can be something to fix. He has become too happy with Erin and, in his eyes, this is so very wrong. Titus accomplishes this feat by talking about how great his ex-girlfriend was, leading to Erin dumping him. In response, Titus ends up sleeping with a waitress at a diner. Returning home to pack, Erin grovels in order to get him back and Titus relents. However, in his joy to "seal the deal", the waitress calls and Erin gets the phone. She and Titus go at it again, with Titus being the one to grovel now. Before it can go further, an ex-boyfriend of Erin's calls and it revealed that she had slept with him. After 12 hours of fighting, the two agree to end the relationship, but Titus actually ends up prosing with Erin saying yes.

    The thing that saves this episode from the typical mediocre breakup episode is the one-liners from Titus and the flashback, especially Ken's where he deals with past wives. I really like the little twist at the end. I had expected that, with how messed up the two are, that they would come to the conclusion to end it, but Titus would say something like "We staying together". I didn't expect him to propose though. It was very sweet, in a very Titus-like way.moreless
  • Titus and Erin have a little fight and break up. This is a new side to relationships.

    This episode is based on another event that happened in Christopher Titus' life. The theme is how while normal people enjoy their happiness, screwed-up people want to destroy theirs. He and Erin have a little fight over his dead ex-girlfriend and they break up. During this period, Titus goes out and has a one-night stand with a waitress. Titus comes home to Erin's apology and comfort. Erin finds out and gets upset, which leads to them fighting for hours. In his mind, Titus is glad to have destroyed his relationship, because he now has a goal to achieve: fix the relationship. In the DVD episode commentary, it is explained that it is the struggles in life that give people a reason to live. Later, Titus learns that Erin had a one-nighter with her ex-boyfriend. They come to an understanding, briefly. After fighting so much, they realize some hard truths about themselves, then agree to marry each other. Titus says that now he can rest easy, because their relationship won't be as frighteningly perfect as it used to be. During this episode, Ken Titus dosen't appear in the main story, just the flashbacks and mental pictures. Dave and Tommy appear only briefly. I also learned from the DVD that food seems to be a recurring theme with Dave.moreless
  • A truly funny episode!

    This episode was really funny. I find it hilarious that Titus has to continue the argument, because he was not happy being, well, happy!

    Things escalate and him and Erin break up. They both seek solance in the arms of others. For Titus, it's Tiffany, the waitress. For Erin, it's her ex-boyfriend who works at a convience store.

    The next day, Titus has the upper hand because Erin does not know about his trist, and she is begging him to forgive her. But she soon finds out and another argument insues. And she's winning until it's revealed she had an affair as well!

    They fight for a while, and almost break up, saying that they cannot do this anymore. The episode ends with Titus proposing marraige, and Erin accepting.moreless

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    • Titus: You broke up with me! Ha! Yeah, I had the "Sleep With a Waitress Free!" card!

    • Titus: My past girlfriends had the 36-hour "Eat cookies and cry" period. Erin had the same thing, except she ate those cookies with a guy. In bed. Naked!

    • Titus: I'm going to go pack my stuff.
      Erin: No, you're not.
      Titus: Oh, you burned it?

    • Ken: Hey, it was just a bad call. (His wife walks out on him) Bad call on your part! I cheated on my last wife with you, what did you think was going to happen? Caveat emptor, baby! (slight pause) Great ass.

    • Titus: If you are already up to your ass in "the fight," you can be a big person and think "This relationship is over, I can end it civilly" or "this relationship is over, might as well crank in a couple of good shots."

    • Titus: The most powerful person in your life is the one that knows all your secrets and your secrets and your lies. And has the power to lift you up or rip out your guts. It's even scarier if she knows your truths.

    • Titus: All of Dad's relationships ended exactly the same: subpoena, beep of a moving van backing up the driveway, pile of his clothes burning on the front lawn.

    • Titus: All this happiness is freaking me out! One day, all my dreams will come true. Then what?

    • Titus: How long have you been here?
      Dave: Since "looks like you, only younger." (a beat) Tommy's here too.
      Tommy: I didn't get here till "pie-serving hoe."

    • Titus: Erin just started a little fight, which we will resolve and I'll be happy again. And, frankly, I'm not comfortable with that.

    • Titus: I do not need help destroying my relationship. I was raised by my father. I've completed a thirty-year seminar on the power of destroying relationships.

    • (explaining his affair with a waitress)
      Christopher Titus: She said 'Want some pie?' I didn't know it was a metaphor!

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