Season 1 Episode 5

Titus Integritous

Aired Unknown Apr 17, 2000 on FOX
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Titus Integritous
Titus refuses to sell his pride and joy - a customized hot rod. Problem is, everyone else thinks he's nuts for not selling.

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  • Titus High Performance has just finished their latest creation for a internet mogul, but when he requests one last modification, Titus can't bring himself to do it because it would make the car look like crap.moreless

    This is the first episode that takes place wholly in the workplace of Titus High Performance and it was a good one at that. The episode begins with Titus, Dave and Tommy finishing up a hot rod with a millionaire internet mogul. When the guy shows up, he states that he would like a wing on the roof. Titus sees this as a blight on the car and argues with the group about adding it. Eventually, he decides that he wants to take apart the car, but becomes trapped underneath it when the jack breaks. While not seriously hurt, he is trapped and, at Ken Titus' suggestion, Tommy and Dave add the wing. Erin shows up and demands that Titus be relieved from the car, but it is already after they added the wing. Tommy states he wants his dream to come true to of having a successful business, but Titus doesn't want to do collision and other stuff. The mogul shows up, likes the roof, and cuts the guys a check. Tommy, in a turn of heart, changes his mind and refuses the check. However, Titus sees the check and ends up selling out anyway.

    Like I mentioned, it was a great episode with good all around humor between the present and the flashbacks. There were a lot of good one liners as well as some shtick among the friends. I think any episode is good when Ken (Keach) has to interact with the others in the present. I am not sure if I liked the ending or not, since it seems little out of character for Titus to sell out.moreless
  • Will Titus compromise his beliefs for a big stinky check?

    Titus talks about his goal of building really cool cars. His customer in this episode has ordered a Ford coupe, but not the way Titus would like it. The customer wants Titus to put a wing on the roof. Dave and Tommy are happy because the fee will be bigger, but Titus feels that the integrity of his work will be compromised. Rather than sell it, Titus starts to take the car apart and gets stuck under it. When Tommy calls Ken to bring a jack, Ken convinces Dave and Tommy to put the wing on the roof. Tommy and Titus are partners, but Titus lectures him about integrity. At the end it looks pretty likely that Titus will take the money, but it is not certain.moreless
  • Eh, this is okay....

    This was an okay episode, and not one of my favorites. It deals with Titus not wanting to put a horrid wing on a beautiful car when he is asked.

    Too bad it really did look rather ugly. Is the customer always right?

    The episode ends with the audience not knowing if Titus takes the check from the customer or not. So, we don't know if he sells the car with the wing or not.moreless
Gibson Frazier

Gibson Frazier


Guest Star

Dylan Capannelli

Dylan Capannelli

5-Year-Old Titus

Recurring Role

Sean Marquette

Sean Marquette

10-Year-Old Tommy

Recurring Role

Phoenix Forsyth

Phoenix Forsyth

10-Year-Old Titus

Recurring Role

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    • Erin: Oh, honey, are you all right?
      Titus: Well, I got a slight tickle in my throat, and a car on me!

    • Titus: Tommy got me to leave a dead-end job and helped me fulfill a lifelong dream. He saved my soul. So? I'd have saved my own soul eventually!

    • Titus: I am going to finish my muffin, get a couple of hours of sleep, and at 9 o'clock, I'm going to show the client our car and get our money.
      Dave and Tommy: Woo-hoo!
      Erin: It's 8:45.
      Dave and Tommy: (less excited) Woo-hoo.

    • Titus: It's about that thing where money isn't important.
      Tommy: Communism?
      Dave: Poverty?

    • Ken: I cheated, but I didn't lie. If I lied to you, you'd never know I cheated on you. Don't question my integrity!

    • (closing narration)
      Titus: Everyone has dreams, goals, and aspirations. Thanks to Columbus's discovery, millions of Native Americans died of smallpox; Madame Curie died of radium poisoning; Galileo died of...stuff. What's your dream worth? (looks at check and prepares to rip it in half, but stops) That's a lot of zeroes. I'll get back to you.

    • Ken: Did you block the wheels?
      Titus: Dad, I'm seventeen, I know how to jack up a car. Errr. (goes underneath the car, which gives way a couple seconds later)
      Ken: What have we learned?
      Titus: Cars are heavy?
      Ken: Errr.

    • (opening narration)
      Titus: Everybody has dreams, goals, and aspirations. With them, Columbus discovered America, Madame Curie discovered radium, Galileo... he did stuff, and I could've been one of those dreamers. Oh, no, wait, I couldn't. I was raised by the Dreamstomper.

    • Titus: You know the difference between a plain old geek and an internet geek? Four hundred million dollars. He's still a geek.

    • Titus: At one point my dream was...that dad would let me have a dream.

    • Titus: I first learned about integrity from my father. He never, ever missed one alimony payment to any of his five wives.

    • (about the car he built)
      Titus: Ever do somethin' better than you thought you could? Top's chopped perfectly. It can get no tougher or sexier. It's brilliant. Perfect. Timeless. And no one's ever gonna build it like I did. And I got everything in it. A piece of my soul. Now I'm gonna trade it for money. Who knows how to dream, huh?

    • Titus: The bad thing about saying your dream out loud is that someone will hear it and try to adjust it to fit their dream. Then your dream dosen't fit. You're walking around with your dream riding up on ya.

    • Titus: Are you Titus? Are you Performance? Are you High?!?

    • Titus: Everytime a car falls on me, something bad happens.

    • 5-year-old Titus: Dad, teacher said we could be anything we wanted to be.
      Ken Titus: She wasn't talking to you, son. Now go in the backyard and practice digging some holes.

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