Season 2 Episode 1

Titus Is Dead

Aired Unknown Oct 03, 2000 on FOX
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Titus Is Dead
After Titus' practical joke on Ken, Christopher tries to get back into his dad's good graces...but finding him a new girlfriend wasn't part of the plan.

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    Sean G. Griffin

    Sean G. Griffin


    Guest Star

    Michelle Sebek

    Michelle Sebek

    Woman #2

    Guest Star

    Phoenix Forsyth

    Phoenix Forsyth

    10-Year-Old Titus

    Recurring Role

    Mary Lou Rosato

    Mary Lou Rosato

    Nurse Kathy

    Recurring Role

    Dylan Capannelli

    Dylan Capannelli

    5-Year-Old Titus

    Recurring Role

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      • Titus: Come on, Dad, it was just a joke!
        Ken: Ha ha! Jesus was laughing when I went into the light!
        Titus: He was laughing because you were trying to get into Heaven!

      • Nurse Kathy: It's against the law to kill your father.
        Titus: Me? Him! Cigarettes for 30 years! I had a goldfish who died of secondhand smoke!

      • Titus: When I was 3 and 4, my mom used to take me to bars with her. I understand why. A babysitter costs beer, beer and a half an hour.

      • Titus: You're a nurse. You're supposed to be sterile and clean. And having sex with my dad, dirty.
        Kathy: It's not just sex. I love him.
        (Titus, Erin, Dave and Tommy bust out laughing)
        Erin: Say it again. Say it again.
        Kathy: I love him.
        (more laughing)
        Kathy: People laugh at what they don't understand.
        Titus: No, no. No, we get it and it's hilarious. Because, because every woman who falls in love with my dad ends up tryin to kill him. (laughs)
        Erin: What's funny about that?
        Titus: Laughter, absolute terror. Fine line.

      • Erin: Nurse Kathy.
        Kathy: Erin. No visitors.
        Erin: Hag.
        Kathy: Blonde.
        Erin: Natural.
        Kathy: Hmmm.

      • Titus: Come on, Dad! Mom's tried to kill you way more times than I have!

      • Titus: A black widow loves her mate then kills him. A praying mantis loves her mate then eats him. Women love my dad, but he's too big to eat.

      • Titus: Screwed-up people settle fights with violence that can escalate to a war that kills millions. Normal people settle fights with cookies, pies and cakes. Normal people are fat.

      • Titus: In a heinous world, where bad things happen, ya need to be protected by someone bad and heinous. I call him "Daddy."

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