Season 3 Episode 10

Tommy's Crush

Aired Unknown Jan 23, 2002 on FOX
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Tommy's Crush
Tommy and a pregnant Shannon have an affair, much to the Titus family's shock and anger.

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    Marsha Clarke

    Marsha Clarke


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    Elizabeth Berkley

    Elizabeth Berkley


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    Joseph Kell

    Joseph Kell


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    Evan Ellingson

    Evan Ellingson

    10-Year-Old Titus

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    Adam Hicks

    Adam Hicks

    5-Year-Old Dave

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      • Titus: Marriage is sacred?
        Ken: Damn right.
        Titus: Okay, which one of your five marriages would you consider most sacred?
        Ken: Hey, I didn't leave any of those women, they left me. (Pointing to Shannon) Your mother ran up the credit cards. (pointing to Titus) Your mother killed the dog. (pointing to Dave) Your mother left me with you.

      • Titus: (to Tommy): Shannon wants you to go away because you killed her baby, have a good one.

      • Titus: Pregnant, abandoned women should not be rebounding, okay. They should be locked in a dark room hiding their shame.

      • Dave: Everybody knows miscarriages don't happen just 'cause a guy has sex with a pregnant woman. Puh!
        Titus: How do you know that. He asks, not really wanting to know.
        Dave: Because I have sex with pregnant women all the time. It's great 'cause you can't get 'em pregnant. He replied, eating a cookie erotically.
        (Neutral space)
        Titus: Dave knows a lot about pregnancy and uterine biology, and nature's ebb and flow of birth and rebirth, not because he studied it, but because one time he got so high, he remembered being born.

      • Ken: You make a decision, you stick with it the rest of your life. That's why I kept you kids.

      • Ken: Marriage is sacred.
        Everyone: Whoaaaaa...
        Titus: First sign of the Apocalypse. Everyone right with Jesus? Good.

      • Titus: What are we, Dad...German-Irish?
        Ken: White. That's all that matters.
        Erin: Papa Titus!
        Ken: In society's eyes, that's all I'm saying.

      • (about Shannon)
        Titus: She's only been here a week, and I've moved more furniture than Dad's first three wives took.

      • Titus: Oh my God, Shannon, you're like an estrogen beartrap!

      • (about Titus)
        Amy: I smell stupid, and the angry giant is here. Coincidence?

      • Shannon: There's two guys after me. It's tough being pretty.
        Dave: Try being smart.

      • Titus: Blood doesn't make you family. An only child can bleed.

      • Titus: Blood does not make you family. In fact, blood just links your DNA to the scene of their crime.

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