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TMi (UK)

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Join Sam & Mark and Caroline for Too Much Information or TMi. TMi is a magazine show what incorporates music, celebrity interviews, games and favourite CBBC shows. It's second series ended in December of 2007, but the show will be returning for a twelve week run starting in the first week of October 2008. Series one of the show broadcast from September 2006 through to the start of February in 2007. They were simulcast on both CBBC on BBC Two and CBBC. All episodes were live, except for a set of special 60 minute episodes broadcast through the Christmas Week. Episodes from the first series were either 165 or 180 minutes long, depending on whether Sportsround was broadcast. They also included something new to a magazine type show, a reality segment in which Sam & Mark were filmed throughout the week in the TMi flat, were they would have celebrity visitors. The highlights of the week would be shown in the programme. The TMi playlist was introduced were viewers could vote for music videos they wanted to see at the end of the show, viewers could vote through the website. The show featured the following CBBC shows in it's run The Prank Patrol, The Likeaballs, The Fairly Odd Parents and The Secret Show. After the show finished it's original run, CBBC did something they hadn't done before, instead of filling the gap TMi left with another live show, it chose favourite programmes and broadcast these, with no presenters in between. Rumour was that this is how CBBC would remain on Saturday mornings, or perhaps wouldn't broadcast at all. However TMi returned for a second series, which began at the start of September in 2007 and ran until December 2007. Since the first series, TMi had moved studios from Leicester Square in London, to the old CBBC studio in the BBC Television Centre. The show also ran for 90 minutes, and no longer featured the TMi flat. A new theme ran through these episode, were Sam, Mark & Caroline competed for who can get the most friends online. Viewers logged onto the website, placed their vote with the offer of exclusive content by each presenter. The result of the how many 'friends' each host has was revealed at the end of each weeks show. The loser normally having to do a forfeit challenge. Caroline won the competition with Sam coming second and Mark third. After the show ended, all 16 weeks of each presenters content was available anyway without having to log in. The TMi playlist no longer had a website vote, due to the show coming under scrutiny for faking the winner of a competition in the first series. The show this time featured Thumb Wrestlign Federation (TWF) and Hedz.moreless

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AIRED ON 10/4/2008

Season 3 : Episode 1