Season 1 Episode 26

Episode #1.026

Aired Weekdays Oct 09, 2007 on

Episode Recap

-Video of the paparazzi filling up Britney Spears' car and washing her windshield.
-Video of Scarlett Johansson falling down a small set of stairs, that is followed by audio of 911 call she made after hit a car at Disneyland.
-Video of Lindsay Lohan leaving rehab with her belongings.
-A picture of Nicole Ritchie sunbathing.
-Liv Tyler talking about TMZ and her mother doing TMZ's outro stinger.
-Jennifer Lopez's family going to her concert at Madison Square Garden.
-Video of George Clooney with his girlfriend and friends at a New York restaurant.
-Video of Kid Rock being nice during the day, but at nice he's acting scary.
-The paparazzi following Jeremy Piven and Perrey Reeves as they comment on them.

-Commercial Break

-The lights going out at popular Hollywood restaurant Coy and firetrucks on the scene.. TMZ's camera men then asks the celebrities leaving questions.
-The story of the Pint-Paparazzi.
-Ric Flair suing a car dealership over copyright infringement.
-Video of Christina Ricci in a car accident, her next film is Speed Racer.
-Nick Nolte's girlfriend is pregnant.
-A man is suing Sean Combs for having his bodyguard punch and kick him after he shook Sean Combs' hand.
-An update on Britney Spears' car accident.

-Commercial Break

-Lucy Lawless going into restaurant and telling the paparazzi and fans she'll sign autographs when she backs out, and she does.
-A picture of Paris Hilton at LAX in tracksuit pants and a plain shirt.
-A picture of Teri Hatcher wearing a dress that looks like kitchen floor.
-A picture of Kylie Minogue at a charity event.

-Commercial Break

-A music video from K-ROX in Los Angeles with two guys rapping as Britney Spears' and Kevin Federline's kids.
-It's Brandon Routh's 28th birthday, and Zachary Ty Bryan's 26th. So who would users want to spend one night with? 80% said Brandon Routh.

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