Season 1 Episode 27

Episode #1.027

Aired Weekdays Oct 10, 2007 on

Episode Recap

-Britney Spears' attorney not answering any questions about Britney Spears' custody battle or even if he's about ready to get fired.
-Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez and Alan Greenspan outside of the Ed Sullivan Theater signing autographs. Then because Allan Greenspan is old, it's a perfect segue into video of Joan Rivers talking about taking a nap and the Civil War.
-The picture of Nicole Richie, from yesterday where she's wearing a bikini, is shown again alongside an older picture where she's wearing the same bikini only she's not pregnant and very skinny.
-Brody Jenner leaving a nightclub with no woman or entourage.
-Video of Seth Green coming out of a restaurant and then telling the paparazzi that he doesn't get followed around enough for it get old. A unidentified woman comes up and starts telling Seth Green about how bad this show, TMZ, is.
-Kiefer Sutherland pleading to spend 48 days in jail.
-David Hasselhoff being admitted into Cedar Sinai for alcohol poisoning, he left last night and seems to be fine.
-Jonny Fairplay suing everybody involved with his bloody face plant.

-Commercial Break

-A picture of Diane Keaton shopping in Los Angeles.
-A picture of the Olsen Twins.
-A picture of Bindi Irwin.
-An update on Bobby Brown's heart attack scare, he recorded a video for his family to play if he died and now the family is looking to sell that tape for $100,000.
-Resse Witherspoon and Ryan Philippe are officially divorced as of this morning.
-Amy Winhouse won an award for the "Q Awards", she wasn't able to attend so a friend received the award for her, he ended up leaving the award in a bathroom.
-Bette Midler launching a new campaign to plant a million trees in New York City, last year she mowed down over 200 trees to have a drive-way.
-Drea De Matteo saying she's pregnant. How long should celebrities wait to announce they're pregnant?

-Commercial Break

-Hollywood Freak Show: video of drunk people outside of Coy, video of a 18-foot guy in a lion suit walking out in front of Hyde.
-Celebrities drive fancy and exotic cars, but do any of them actually know how drive them?

-Commercial Break

-Video of Mya performing at Jet nightclub and then falling face first into the guy holding the camera. Before the guy holding the camera can get back up, Mya's already back up and performing. Today's also Mya's birthday which leads us into Who'd You Rather?.
-It's Mya's 28th birthday, and Bai Ling's 37th. So who would users want to spend one night with? 84% said Mya.

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