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  • Season 1
    • Episode #1.001
      Episode #1.001
      Episode 1
      Coverage of MTV's Video Music Awards; Vida Guerra being a responsible driver; Beyonce Knowles saying she wished she was born Latina; and crazy fans around celebrities.
    • Episode #1.002
      Episode #1.002
      Episode 2
      Do people remember what year the September 11th attacks happened?; Sarah Silverman talks about her jokes at the Video Music Awards; Gary Dourdan running into the law and then being let go; and what celebrities do terrorists like and hate.
    • Episode #1.003
      Episode #1.003
      Episode 3
      Pamela Anderson is dating Rick Solomon; Dr. Drew doing a celebrity rehab show; Adam Levine being a cheap date; Andy Dick acting like Andy Dick; and TMZ's exclusive footage of a woman jogging naked.
    • Episode #1.004
      Episode #1.004
      Episode 4
      Tommy Lee and Kid Rock in a boxing match?; Eva Longoria refusing to sign autographs; someone trying to get Tatyanna Ali's phone number; and George Clooney's dating history.
    • Episode #1.005
      Episode #1.005
      Episode 5
      O.J. Simpson running into the law again; Carol Channing's dress being stolen; Kevin Connelly seen leaving a nightclub with a mystery celebrity; and a video clip of weather man doing something sexually explicit.
    • Episode #1.006
      Episode #1.006
      Episode 6
      The best of the week from September 10-September 14, 2007.
    • Episode #1.007
      Episode #1.007
      Episode 7
      Audio tape of O.J. Simpson's stealing sports memorabilia; Carol Channing's dress is returned; and TMZ's coverage of the Emmy Awards.
    • Episode #1.008
      Episode #1.008
      Episode 8
      More audio of O.J. Simpson; Nick Carter gives TMZ a sampling of the Backstreet Boys' next single; and as another pop singer lip syncs, a true talent is found on the streets of Los Angeles.
    • Episode #1.009
      Episode #1.009
      Episode 9
      Paris Hilton getting her picture taken by a legitimate news organization?; Kimberley Locke comments on Britney Spears and TMZ on TV; A CEO of a record company suing Canada; and TMZ asks Lance Ito what he thinks about O.J. Simpson's latest problems.
    • Episode #1.010
      Episode #1.010
      Episode 10
      Jeff Goldblum tries picking up a woman at a mall; Eartha Kitt and Bai Ling speak out on what's happening with O.J. Simpson; what celebrities eat when they go out; and Alec Baldwin proves he's funny.
    • Episode #1.011
      Episode #1.011
      Episode 11
      Snoop Dogg hitting on a TMZ staff member; Paris Hilton being a responsible driver?; and do the paparazzi really know what questions to ask celebrities?
    • Episode #1.012
      Episode #1.012
      Episode 12
      The Best of the week from September 17-September 22, 2007.
    • Episode #1.013
      Episode #1.013
      Episode 13
      Video of Nicole Richie in Hawaii; Shemar Moore saying that TMZ tried to ruin him; Ryan Seacrest is now the hardest working man in show business; Bai Ling, Chris Crocker and Kate Beckinsale all comment on Britney Spears.
    • Episode #1.014
      Episode #1.014
      Episode 14
      Kiefer Sutherland being arrested; T.I. has some financial advice; Jihad: The Musical; Ashley Tisdale looks for some paparazzi; and Dancing With Our Stars.
    • Episode #1.015
      Episode #1.015
      Episode 15
      Paris Hilton's going to Rwanda; Adam Goldberg has TMZ record how much time is left on a parking meter; a montage of Brody Jenner with various women; Celebrities leaving New York City; and the winner of Dancing With Our Stars is announced.
    • Episode #1.016
      Episode #1.016
      Episode 16
      Britney Spears' favorite restaurant; the guys from The Pick-Up Artist at a nightclub; a checklist for D-List celebrities who try to avoid the paparazzi; Leelee Sobieski comments on Britney Spears and says what celebrity sex tape she'd like to see; and the TMZ staffers argue whether or not Jessica Beil is sexy.moreless
    • Episode #1.017
      Episode #1.017
      Episode 17
      A woman who looks like Angelina Jolie; A fight breaks out on the set of Sex and the City; could Paris Hilton be the host of a former famous television show?; and two women suing Joe Francis.
    • Episode #1.018
      Episode #1.018
      Episode 18
      The best of the week from September 24-September 28, 2007.
    • Episode #1.019
      Episode #1.019
      Episode 19

      Kevin Federline getting getting custody of his and Britney Spears' children; Tori Spelling performing at the Pussycat Lounge; and Dancing with Our Stars: Week 2.

    • Episode #1.020
      Episode #1.020
      Episode 20

      The do's and do not's of taking care of children; Rick Fox betting on a fight that took place in a parking lot; the Eva Longoria sex tape; tips on how celebrities can avoid the paparazzi; and the winner of Dancing with Our Stars week two.

    • Episode #1.021
      Episode #1.021
      Episode 21

      More coverage of Britney Spears losing custody of her children; will Kevin Federline be a better parent than Britney Spears was?; coverage of the Really Awards; Jude Law and Sarah Silverman being heckled after a television appearance; and Suge Knight comments on Britney Spears.

    • Episode #1.022
      Episode #1.022
      Episode 22

      An update on Britney Spears' custody battle and Lindsay Lohan's rehab stay; Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt trying bring awareness to world hunger; and Rachel Leigh Cook faces off against Alicia Silverstone in Who'd You Rather?

    • Episode #1.023
      Episode #1.023
      Episode 23

      Danny Bonaduce not facing charges for throwing Jonny Fairplay into a stage; Bill Paxton and Fred Durst are friends?; Kyra Sedgwick's pictures are worth more than three dollars; Mark McGrath has a message for TMZ's own Max; and Gary Busey speaks out on love, friendship, and the devil.

    • Episode #1.024
      Episode #1.024
      Episode 24

      The best of the week from October 1-5, 2007.

    • Episode #1.025
      Episode #1.025
      Episode 25

      The people who live in Britney Spears' neighborhood are upset with all the paparazzi; the paparazzi help Britney Spears change a flat tire; Pamela Anderson has married Rick Solomon; and TMZ presents The Top 5 Media Whores...

    • Episode #1.026
      Episode #1.026
      Episode 26

      The paparazzi filling up Britney Spears' car; Liv Tyler's mom seems to be a big fan of TMZ; the Pint-Size Paparazzi; and the paparazzi follow Jeremy Piven and Perrey Reeves.

    • Episode #1.027
      Episode #1.027
      Episode 27

      How long should celebrities wait to announce they're pregnant?; celebrities like to drive fancy import cars, but do any of them know how to actually drive them?; and video of Mya falling face first into a camera man while performing in Las Vegas, that leads into Who'd You Rather where Mya faces off against Bai Ling.

    • Episode #1.028
      Episode #1.028
      Episode 28

      Britney Spears going out and being followed by the paparazzi again; Tara Conner's no longer a party girl; Damon Wayans saying "Homey don't play that" and confusing a young kid; who's the mack daddy of music: Sean Combs or Mick Jagger?; and Ty Murray faces off against Luke Perry in Who'd You Rather?

    • Episode #1.029
      Episode #1.029
      Episode 29

      Orlando Bloom walks away from a car accident that he caused; Britney Spears comments on her day in court; Madonna being a good friend by slamming a car door in her friend's face; Bobby Brown's smoking although he had a heart attack a few days ago; and Kirk Cameron takes on Hugh Jackman in Who'd You Rather?

    • Episode #1.030
      Episode #1.030
      Episode 30

      The best of the week from October 8-12, 2007.

    • Episode #1.031
      Episode #1.031
      Episode 31

      The story of Ellen DeGeneres giving a dog away and an animal shelter taking it back; an update on Orlando Bloom and the car accident he was in; is Rhianna's dog gangsta?; and Keisha Cole faces off against Vanessa Marcil in Who'd You Rather?

    • Episode #1.032
      Episode #1.032
      Episode 32

      An recap of the Ellen DeGeneres story and her emotional breakdown on her show; an update on the Orlando Bloom story; does Jake Gyllenhaal really sign his name when he gives autographs?; and coverage of Los Angeles' Fashion Week.

    • Episode #1.033
      Episode #1.033
      Episode 33

      Continuing coverage of Ellen DeGeneres' dog story and Orlando Bloom being in a car accident; Paris Hilton is going to Africa and wants to meet with Nelson Mandela; Steve-O acting like Steve-O; Ben Kingsley's role model is Britney Spears and he sings her new song "Gimme More."

    • October 18, 2007
      October 18, 2007
      Episode 34
      The coverage of Orlando Bloom's car accident continues; Britney Spears leaving Sunset Tan; Isaiah Washington comments on Lindsay Lohan; Brad Garrett hates TMZ; Kiefer Sutherland dressed as a whiskey bottle; and Sean Penn lets the paparazzi know what he thinks about them.
    • October 19, 2007
      October 19, 2007
      Episode 35
      Britney Spears runs over a TMZ camera man; more updates on the Ellen DeGeneres and Orlando Bloom stories; Tom Cruise wants to know the spelling of everybody's name he gives an autograph to; a Gummy Bear skipping down the runway; and Hayden Panettiere is a shorty.
    • October 20, 2007
      October 20, 2007
      Episode 36
      The best of the week from October 15-19, 2007.
    • October 22, 2007
      October 22, 2007
      Episode 37
      Sean Combs gets served; Michelle Rodriguez sends TMZ her latest drug and alcohol test; Eva Longoria stars in The Beheaded Mannequin; how many calories does Britney Spears get when she goes to fast food places; and Larry David wants to know if anybody gets violent with the paparazzi.
    • October 23, 2007
      October 23, 2007
      Episode 38
      Britney Spears hits another member of the paparazzi with her car; details on the FBI raid of David Copperfield; John Travolta comments on Britney Spears; details on what happened to Marie Osmond after she fainted on Dancing with the Stars; and Steve Guttenberg wants a TMZ camera man to find him a famous girlfriend.moreless
    • October 24, 2007
      October 24, 2007
      Episode 39
      Gary Collins being arrested for DUI; Christopher Walken doesn't want to bare his bottom in his newest movie; a compilation of why The Hills is a fake reality show; Kim Kardashian is not the new Paris Hilton; and Hayden Panettiere has cellulite.
    • October 25, 2007
      October 25, 2007
      Episode 40
      An update on the David Copperfield story; How can Lindsay Lohan become more exciting?; Jessica Biel really hates the paparazzi; Adrianne Curry and Christopher Reid comment on Britney Spears; and Cybil Shepherd is caught picking her nose.
    • October 26, 2007
      October 26, 2007
      Episode 41
      An update on Britney Spears' and Kevin Federline's custody hearing; and update on David Copperfield; Orlando Bloom will not be charged for hit and run; TMZ's educational film How to Be a Nice Celebrity starring David Spade; and Janice Dickinson comments on Britney Spears.
    • October 27, 2007
      October 27, 2007
      Episode 42
      The best of the week from October 22-27, 2007.
    • October 29, 2007
      October 29, 2007
      Episode 43
      Nicolas Cage steals a tape from TMZ, pulls the film out and throws it away; Barbara Walters thinks that TMZ was being mean to her; a plumber is suing the Promises rehab facility; and Wynona Ryder faces off against Gabrielle Union in Who'd You Rather?
    • October 30, 2007
      October 30, 2007
      Episode 44
      Pierce Brosnan punches a member of the paparazzi; Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Withserspoon have gotten their nickname and it's Gyllen-Spoon; The Game comments on topics such as: Lindsay Lohan, Halloween, David Copperfield and Britney Spears; Zac Efron asks the paparazzi if he could borrow some money for the parking meter; and Cathy Jones says that a nightclub is racist, sexist, and practicing chronologicalism.moreless
    • October 31, 2007
      October 31, 2007
      Episode 45
      Kanye West tells TMZ to stop filming him, while he's on a public sidewalk; TMZ interviews the paparazzi member who was punched by Pierce Brosnan; Paris Hilton's trip to Rwanda has been canceled; Gyllen-Spoon kissing at LAX; and Danny Glover is giving speeches at funeral homes.
    • November 1, 2007
      November 1, 2007
      Episode 46
      A TMZ exclusive video of Paris Hilton going into an adult bookstore and taking cardboard cut-outs of herself; Lindsay Lohan gets kicked by a member of the paparazzi; what costumes did celebrities wear for Halloween?; and Petra Nemcova's costume is so good, nobody recognizes her.
    • November 2, 2007
      November 2, 2007
      Episode 47
      Britney Spears and Kevin Federline's spending habits, where Spears outspends Federline in every category except for one; Liv Tyler wants to know why the paparazzi are following her all of a sudden; how much do celebrities get paid for attending parties?; and Kevin Connolly is a total jerk.
    • November 3, 2007
      November 3, 2007
      Episode 48
      The best of the week from October 29-November 2, 2007
    • November 5, 2007
      November 5, 2007
      Episode 49
      Jessica Simpson gets an escort from the National Guard while walking though JFK; Hayden Panettiere talks about dolphins; the paparazzi in New York hold elevator doors open to take pictures of Mary Louise-Parker and her child; Ken Davitian gets blown off for George Clooney; and video of Snoop Dogg in Heathrow.moreless
    • November 6, 2007
      November 6, 2007
      Episode 50
      A TMZ exclusive interview with Christopher Chapman, Duane Chapman's son; celebrities on the west coast drive a Prius and on the east coast, they drive SUV's; TMZ presents the case that Dancing with the Stars is cursed; Kelly Slater is the rebound for famous women; and video of Gwen Stefani from 1991.moreless
    • November 7, 2007
      November 7, 2007
      Episode 51
      Nicolette Sheridan blows off her fans, again, for the second night in a row; Nick Hogan turns himself in to Florida police; begins streaming video of The Ivy; Jessica Simpson gets asked out on a date by a fan; and celebrities that have had to much plastic surgery done.
    • November 8, 2007
      November 8, 2007
      Episode 52
      Two fans recount their story of the George Clooney/Fabio shoving match; Jennifer Lopez is pregnant, Shia LaBeouf comments on his recent arrest; Joanie Laurer has officially changed her name to Chyna; Mickey Rourke arrested on DUI; and Garth Brooks is like the Pope.
    • November 9, 2007
      November 9, 2007
      Episode 53
      Britney Spears running a red light and talking on the phone while her children are in the backseat; Pauly Shore comments on the lawsuit that Wes Craven filled against him; why is Michael Jackson back in Los Angeles?; Jessica Biel yells at the paparazzi, again; and TMZ plays the "Hollywood Rap Sheet Smackdown."moreless
    • November 10, 2007
      November 10, 2007
      Episode 54
      The best of the week from November 5-9, 2007
    • November 12, 2007
      November 12, 2007
      Episode 55
      Britney Spears failing a drug test and TMZ being subpoenaed over the video of Spears running through a red light; Kanye Wast's mother passing away following a "cosmetic surgery procedure"; Video of O.J. Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson at a bar, five weeks before her murder; and TMZ takes a star tour and the driver of the bus doesn't know anything.moreless
    • November 13, 2007
      November 13, 2007
      Episode 56
      TMZ talks about Jan Adams, the doctor who operated on Donda West, including his rap sheet and the Medical Board of California wanting to revoke his license; Lindsay Lohan is performing community service with American Red Cross; and the dating history of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is explored.
    • November 14, 2007
      November 14, 2007
      Episode 57
      Talk shows that Dr. Jan Adams appeared on is covered and TMZ asks how shows could have him, even when he has all the wrong credentials; Katie Couric mocks Dan Rather; The Game talks to TMZ outside of courthouse, again; John Cena wants an apology from CNN; TMZ shows before and after pictures of celebrities who had plastic surgery; and the role model Paris Hilton is caught dancing on a stripper pole.moreless
    • November 15, 2007
      November 15, 2007
      Episode 58
      Following the Jan Adams incident, TMZ investigates other plastic surgeons that are showcased on television; Britney Spears is blaming her positive drug test on her ADD medication; John Mayer calls himself a douche bag; Scott Caan wants to fight the paparazzi; Paris Hilton has a new dog and her name is Marilyn Monroe; pictures of Phil Spector's mansion; and family members are dumping ashes, of their loved ones, out on Disney World rides.moreless
    • November 16, 2007
      November 16, 2007
      Episode 59
      A woman recounts her story of Dr. Jan Adams' operating on her and disfiguring her; George Clooney is back riding his motorcycle; Kellie Pickler is a moron; The Hills isn't affected by the writers strike, because it isn't scripted; and New York, not the state the reality star, hates TMZ.
    • November 17, 2007
      November 17, 2007
      Episode 60
      The best of the week from November 12-16, 2007.
    • November 19, 2007
      November 19, 2007
      Episode 61
      George Clooney yells at the paparazzi because they were following him to closely while riding his motorcycle; Britney Spears has hired a private ingestigator to follow Kevin Federline; Julia Roberts and her husband parked in a handicap space; British supermodel Sophie Anderton caught in a prostituion sting; Aries Spears still can't get into Hyde; and Kate Moss gets hit in the head with a camera by a the paparazzi.moreless
    • November 20, 2007
      November 20, 2007
      Episode 62
      George Clooney yells at a member of the paparazzi, again, because he was following him too closely while Clooney was riding his motorcycle; Bill Nye getting a restraining order against his wife, after she tried to poison his plants; TMZ continues their investigation on why networks and shows hired Dr. Jan Adams and if they did a background check on him; Sarah Jessica Parker runs through the streets of New York while she's wearing heels; and TMZ staffer Max tells how Nip/Tuck will end this season.moreless
    • November 21, 2007
      November 21, 2007
      Episode 63
      An update on the health of Dennis Quaid's twin; Katherine Heigl talks about getting married; Dr. Jan Adams walking off of Larry King Live; Heidi Klum likes playing with her breasts; Britney Spears gets caught running another red light; Paris Hilton has rescheduled her trip to Rwanda for next year; and TMZ sorts out which family member gets the the children, for Thanksgiving, among divorced celebrity couples.moreless
    • November 22, 2007
      November 22, 2007
      Episode 64
      TMZ recaps the stories they're most thankful for.
    • November 23, 2007
      November 23, 2007
      Episode 65
      Jerry Seinfeld is in Israel to promote Bee Movie; a reporter from Sacremento gives a homeless person beer for Thanksgiving; Avril Lavigne shops at a dollar store; fans are camping outside of Mr. Chow's waiting for celebrities and the get to meet Bai Ling; Billy Dee Williams tells us what he's thankful for; and TMZ plays Fake or Real.moreless
    • November 24, 2007
      November 24, 2007
      Episode 66
      The best of the week from November 19-23, 2007
    • November 26, 2007
      November 26, 2007
      Episode 67
      Britney Spears drives by three stop signs and so does the paparazzi; Harpo Productions finally gives a comment on Dr. Jan Adams; coverage of the Hollwood Parade and the celebrities that were in it; Larry Birkhead takes his daughter out shopping; Hulk Hogan's wife filling for divorce; the dating history of both Nicollete Sheridan and Michael Bolton are explored; and people are still dancing to "Soulja Boy."moreless
    • November 27, 2007
      November 27, 2007
      Episode 68
      People from Dancing with the Stars out in Los Angeles last night; the story of how a pizza boy became friends with Paris Hilton; the 911 call from Nick Hogan's car accident and if the Hogan's divorce is legitimate; Britney Spear's new driver is about ready to quit; and Lindsay Lohan causes chaos outside of the Pink Fairy yogurt shop.moreless
    • November 28, 2007
      November 28, 2007
      Episode 69
      Winner of Dancing with the Stars, Helio Castroneves and his fiance have split; Britney Spears pulls an all-nighter shooting her new music video; Chace Crawford causes choas on the streets of New York; why haven't vehicular manslaughter charges been brough against Brandy?; Danny Bonaduce is doing a photoshoot for Penthouse; Kim Cattrell is a cougar; and celebrities who have aged gracefully.moreless
    • November 29, 2007
      November 29, 2007
      Episode 70
      Julia Roberts chases down a member of the paparazzi and yells at him for coming to her child's school; Britney Spears says that the Target police are better than other police; Hulk Hogan supports the writers on strike, but crosses the picket line; Brad Garret actually talks to the TMZ cameras; and Hollywood & Vine isn't everything it once was.moreless
    • November 30, 2007
      November 30, 2007
      Episode 71
      Two men were shot outside of Les Duex last night; the paparazzi confuse a random guy for Michael Stipe; Akon is being charged after throwing someone off a stage this past summer; Fergie is the nicest celebrity in New York; and TMZ documents Blake Lewis' tattoo removal.
    • December 1, 2007
      December 1, 2007
      Episode 72
      The best of the week from November 26-November 30, 2007.
    • December 3, 2007
      December 3, 2007
      Episode 73
      Tara Reid's decline in Hollywood; Jay Leno gets asked about the writers strike and if he's paying them though the holidays; Jeremy Piven talks about his new hydrogen powered car; celebrities are getting paid to party at night clubs on New Years Eve; and which NFL quarterback has scored the most between: Tom Brady, Tony Romo and Matt Leinart.moreless
    • December 4, 2007
      December 4, 2007
      Episode 74
      Dave Chappelle talks to TMZ for a half hour; the paparazzi asks John Mayer a stupid question, Mayer then proceeds to rip him; Dennis Quaid and his wife have filed a lawsuit against Baxter Healthcare Corporation; TMZ apologizes to Jennifer Love Hewitt; Ne-Yo is performing at the White House; and which celebrities are out wearing fur.moreless
    • December 5, 2007
      December 5, 2007
      Episode 75
      Britney Spears is looking to buy a "party house"; Who is Hayden Pantettiere spending the holidays with?; TMZ Plays The Finger or The Wave; David Letterman and Jay Leno are paying their crew during the writers strike, but is anybody else Hollywood doing the same?; and Teri Hatcher is being sued by Hydroderm, for breach of contract.moreless
    • December 6, 2007
      December 6, 2007
      Episode 76
      Britney Spears goes house shopping; Katherine Heigl is still talking about getting married; former American Idol contestant Jessica Sierra is having a bad year; and reports that Lindsay Lohan are begging her friends for drugs, are false.
    • December 7, 2007
      December 7, 2007
      Episode 77
      VH-1's new reality show, Celebrity Rehab, isn't really working out; Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson down in Peru; Suge Knight likes TMZ and TMZ likes Suge Knight; Gary Dourdan is now a DJ, at a Fred Segal; TMZ gets taken to the gun show courtesy of Frankie Muniz; and Debi Mazar is not TMZ meterial.moreless
    • December 8, 2007
      December 8, 2007
      Episode 78
      The best of the week from December 3-7, 2007.
    • December 10, 2007
      December 10, 2007
      Episode 79
      How Britney Spears spent her weekend; Chris Masterson getting sucker punched; Lindsay Lohan and the kid paparazzo are friends; Has Paris dumped the pizza boy for her ex?; celebrities out shopping for Chirstmas; Jonny Fairplay talks about Danny Bonaduce; TMZ looks at some of Hollywood's odd couples; and Vanessa Hudgens doesn't want Zac Effron to be more masculine.moreless
    • December 11, 2007
      December 11, 2007
      Episode 80
      Has Britney Spears gone over the edge?; Lucy Liu's bodyguard threatens to throw a trashcan at the TMZ crew; Katherine Heigl buys cigarettes, jay walks and gets her license renewed; does Lindsay Lohan want to be where the paparazzi are?; Jessica Alba doesn't want to be known for her body; and Will Smith is a nice guy.moreless
    • December 12, 2007
      December 12, 2007
      Episode 81
      Wesley Snipes tries to lose the paparazzi, by running away; Adrienne Curry reveals the reason why she got breast implants; Jessica Alba is pregnant; what's the big deal with Il Sole?; and TMZ plays Schizo with Janice Dickinson.
    • December 13, 2007
      December 13, 2007
      Episode 82
      Britney Spears missed her deposition yesterday, because she was sick, but she was out in Los Angeles last night; I Know Pronounce You Chuck and Larry ripped off an Australian movie for their plot; a judge has issued a bench warrant for Daniel Baldwin; and PETA is attacking Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen for wearing fur.moreless
    • December 14, 2007
      December 14, 2007
      Episode 83
      Hayden Panettiere tells who she's going to kiss on New Year's Eve; Prince's bodyguards make sure the paparazzi do not get a picture of him; Fantasia has missed 50 shows of The Color Purple on Broadway; and celebrities getting prank called.
    • December 15, 2007
      December 15, 2007
      Episode 84
      The best of the week from December 10-14, 2007
    • December 17, 2007
      December 17, 2007
      Episode 85
      Daniel Baldwin has a message for TMZ and Harvey Levin, he's also a free man; Pamela Anderson and Rick Solomon's divorce is off; the latest pictures of Michael Jackson; why is Britney Spears selling her clothes on eBay?; and Sylvester Stallone likes TMZ?.
    • December 18, 2007
      December 18, 2007
      Episode 86
      Amy Winehouse has been arrested in London; is A&E behind Duane Chapman's image rehabbing?; Blender naming Fergie the "Woman of the Year" and who Blender overlooked for the honor; Lindsay Lohan is using the paparazzi; and Alfonso Ribeirio does the "Carlton Dance."
    • December 19, 2007
      December 19, 2007
      Episode 87
      Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant; Kathy Griffin took her Emmy with her when she went out to eat; and will Matthew Broderick give TMZ the Finger or the Wave?
    • December 20, 2007
      December 20, 2007
      Episode 88
      Hillary and and Hailey Duff's bodyguard attacks a member of the paparazzi; Jamie Lynn Spears is going broke, so she is getting $1 million from OK! for the pictures of her baby; Katherine Heigl is going to quit smoking for the New Year; and Jane Sanguinetti Luenell has something to say to Harvey Levin.moreless
    • December 21, 2007
      December 21, 2007
      Episode 89
      John Mayer has some comments for TMZ; Alexa Nikolas talks about Jamie Lynn Spears being pregnant; Jessica Sierra is pregnant; Zach Braff shows off his man lover; and TMZ gets kicked out of Ike Turner's funeral.
    • December 22, 2007
      December 22, 2007
      Episode 90
      The best of the week from December 17-21, 2007.
    • December 24, 2007
      December 24, 2007
      Episode 91
      Britney Spears goes Christmas shopping after yelling at the paparazzi; Villa is now the new Hyde; Gummy Bear has fallen and can't get up; how Will Smith kinda defended Hitler; and has being pregnant changed Nicole Richie?
    • December 25, 2007
      December 25, 2007
      Episode 92
      TMZ recaps which celebrities have been naughty or nice.
    • December 26, 2007
      December 26, 2007
      Episode 93
      The reasons why Brandy may not have criminal charges filed against her; Riley Giles is selling candid pictures of Lindsay Lohan and talking about their short-lived relationship; Fergie and Josh Duhamel are engaged; and Kathy Griffin talks about Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears.
    • December 27, 2007
      December 27, 2007
      Episode 94
      Mischa Barton has been arrested for DUI; Heidi Klum is being sued by Van Cleef & Arpels, and TMZ presents a list of rules for the D-List celebrities.
    • December 28, 2007
      December 28, 2007
      Episode 95
      Brandy will not be charged with vehicular manslaughter; What Mischa Barton blew on her breathalyzer and what drugs were found in her car; Britney Spears was in the TMZ building; Nicollete Sheridan has a wardrobe malfunction; and TMZ counts down the Top 5 Meltdowns of 2007.
    • December 29, 2007
      December 29, 2007
      Episode 96
      The best of the week from December 24-28, 2007.
    • December 31, 2007
      December 31, 2007
      Episode 97
      Britney Spears is still a bad driver; Hayden Panettiere is not Lindsay Lohan; the rolemodel Paris Hilton dances ontop of a bar and gives a lapdance to a guy in a wheelchair; and TMZ examines the dating history of Reece Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal.
    • January 1, 2008
      January 1, 2008
      Episode 98
      TMZ makes New Years resolutions for certain celebrities.
    • January 2, 2008
      January 2, 2008
      Episode 99
      Lindsay Lohan and Hayden Panettiere are frenemies now; a former member of the Four Seasons is suing the musical Jersey Boys; someone on Craig's List has Odor Eaters from celebrities; and Kevin Connolly says that TMZ gave him a bad wrap.
    • January 3, 2008
      January 3, 2008
      Episode 100
      Katherine Heigl shows off her wedding ring; Lindsay Lohan drank on New Years Eve; Mischa Barton goes to church following her DUI arrest; Raz-B, Ricky Thornton and Chris Stokes are seen leaving a restraunt together; and Britney Spears finally shows up for her deposition, but she's late.
    • January 4, 2008
      January 4, 2008
      Episode 101
      Coverage of Britney Spears being taken to the hospital, what occured before and after the incident; Lindsay Lohan is back on the wagon; Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband doesn't think Paris Hilton is beautiful; and Bill Maher gets frisked by airport security.
    • January 5, 2008
      January 5, 2008
      Episode 102
      The best of the week from December 31, 2007-January 4, 2008.
    • January 7, 2008
      January 7, 2008
      Episode 103
      Dr. Phil crossed the line by visiting Britney Spears at the hospital; the 30-year-old Milo Ventimiglia is dating the 18-year-old Hayden Panettiere; David Spade didn't have a heart attack; and John Mayer isn't dating Ricki Lake.
    • January 8, 2008
      January 8, 2008
      Episode 104
      Britney Spears gets a flat tire on Sunset Blvd. and leaves her car there; Johnny Knoxville has a new friend and it's a stuffed panda bear; Katherine Heigl breaks her New Years resolution; and Jessica Alba is finally smiling again.
    • January 9, 2008
      January 9, 2008
      Episode 105
      Britney Spears' new paparazzi friend is trying to sell nude pictures of her; Val Kilmer runs away from the paparazzi; Katherine Heigl didn't break her New Year resolution, because it wasn't one; and Hayden Panettiere likes to date older men, but not hearing about it.
    • January 10, 2008
      January 10, 2008
      Episode 106
      Britney Spears fakes out TMZ and goes to Mexico; New information on the death of Donde West; Pamela Anderson has filed for a divorce, again; Courteney Cox and David Arquette are responsible drivers; and celebrities who tried to be rock stars, including the newest entry Val Kilmer.
    • January 11, 2008
      January 11, 2008
      Episode 107
      Britney Spears' family is trying to get her into a mental hospital; Playboy model and reality star Adrianne Curry thinks Britney Spears should be a better role model; Omarosa tells TMZ who wins The Celebrity Apprentice, although it hasn't been shot yet; and tells how he broke his foot.
    • January 12, 2008
      January 12, 2008
      Episode 108
      The best of the week from January 7-11, 2008.
    • January 14, 2008
      January 14, 2008
      Episode 109
      Britney Spears leaving from her deposition, that she didn't show up for; Pamela Anderson isn't getting a divorce, after all; the WWE is using Britney Spears' problems, to try and promote themselves; and Paris Hilton falls down.
    • January 15, 2008
      January 15, 2008
      Episode 110
      Britney Spears' new paparazzi friend, was nearly stalking her a few months ago; the old Lindsay Lohan has returned and she uses the paparazzi once again; and PETA is using Jamie Lynn Spears' pregnancy, to try and promote themselves;
    • January 16, 2008
      January 16, 2008
      Episode 111
      Britney Spears out shopping for a home pregnancy test; Paula Abdul is going to perform at the Super Bowl with Soulja Boy; and celebrities who have a good figure and the ones who don't.
    • January 17, 2008
      January 17, 2008
      Episode 112
      Britney Spears' wild night, where four members of the paparazzi were arrested; Scott Speedman's friend punches him in the face; Chuck Liddell is a man of the people; and Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband talks about Paris Hilton again.
    • January 18, 2008
      January 18, 2008
      Episode 113
      Britney Spears has multiple personalities; Pamela Anderson's divorce to Rick Solomon is back on and she isn't pregnant; and Hillary Clinton has the answers for everything, except she doesn't know what to do with Britney Spears.
    • January 19, 2008
      January 19, 2008
      Episode 114
      The best of the week from January 14-18, 2008.
    • January 21, 2008
      January 21, 2008
      Episode 115
      Kiefer Sutherland is a free man; Two men are fighting for the affection of Britney Spears; where has Tom Cruise's other children been?; Jack Black is buff; and Steven Van Zandt gets a parking ticket.
    • January 22, 2008
      January 22, 2008
      Episode 116
      The death of Heath Ledger; video of Amy Winehouse smoking crack cocaine; nobody wants to talk about Tom Cruise and Scientology, except for Jerry O'Connell; Tom Brady seen wearing a walking cast; Justin Timberlake wants the Giants to win the Super Bowl; Ring Starr hates his fans; and why does Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband hate Paris Hilton?moreless
    • January 23, 2008
      January 23, 2008
      Episode 117
      More details on the death of Heath Ledger; an American Idol contestant has a criminal record; Jack Nicholson saying he's warned actors about sleeping pills; Lil' Wayne has been arrested, again; and the paparazzi mock Tom Cruise.
    • January 24, 2008
      January 24, 2008
      Episode 118
      Heath Ledger's family is upset, over the media speculation, surrounding their sons death; Amy Winehouse is going to rehab; Daniel Baldwin talks about impregnating cows with glow sticks; and Pete Doherty tries to light the paparazzi on fire.
    • January 25, 2008
      January 25, 2008
      Episode 119
      Quentin Tarantino and the paparazzi get into a scuffle; Jack Nicholson doesn't like to give advice; and TMZ gives us another installment of The Finger or the Wave.
    • January 26, 2008
      January 26, 2008
      Episode 120
      The best of the week from January 21-25, 2008.
    • January 28, 2008
      January 28, 2008
      Episode 121
      Updates in the death of Heath Ledger and the conspiracy theories surrounding his death are false; Bobby Brown doesn't want to talk about Whitney Houston; John Mayer should run for President; the worst dressed celebrities at the SAG awards; and TMZ is outside the American Gladiators tryouts.
    • January 29, 2008
      January 29, 2008
      Episode 122
      The Spears family planning an intervention for Britney Spears; James Gandolfini attacks the #1 Fan, then takes a picture with him; the TMZ camera man asks Ashley Tisdale if she likes her new nose; Drew Peterson wants to go onMoment of Truth; and a TMZ camera man gets threatened by a member of the paparazzi.moreless
    • January 30, 2008
      January 30, 2008
      Episode 123
      Jessica Sierra's sister and her friend, talks about what she's going through; Jessica Alba is nice when she has a movie coming out; and the Lingerie Bowl has been canceled.
    • January 31, 2008
      January 31, 2008
      Episode 124
      What happened with Britney Spears at her house and what will happen next, involving her family and friends; Justin Chambers checked himself into a psychiatric ward; Paris Hilton and Christine Lakin promote their movie, The Hottie and the Nottie; and the story behind the movie Kickboxing Academy, where Chyler Leigh, and her brother, kiss on camera.moreless
    • February 1, 2008
      February 1, 2008
      Episode 125
      Eva Mendes is in rehab; Jeremy Piven picks the Bears to win the Super Bowl; Lance Bass rides along in pink Volkswagen convertible; Charo is taking a trip to the moon; and Ice-T host a tupperware party.
    • February 2, 2008
      February 2, 2008
      Episode 126
      The best of the week from January 28-February 1, 2008.
    • February 4, 2008
      February 4, 2008
      Episode 127
      Lawyers fighting over the custody of Britney Spears; Wyclef Jean kicks overweight women off the stage; Paris Hilton isn't batting for the other team; Vanna White just doesn't know; and TMZ presents The Paparazzi Show.
    • February 5, 2008
      February 5, 2008
      Episode 128
      Brad Pitt is upset that Tom Cruise got a motorcycle first; Dan Aykroyd is torn between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton; Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband calls the cops on the TMZ camera man; and Sean Combs goes into a Humane Society party wearing a lamb fur sweater.
    • February 6, 2008
      February 6, 2008
      Episode 129
      Britney Spears has been released from the UCLA Medical Center; Delta Burke tells Harvey Levin why she checked into a psychiatric ward last week; Heath Ledger's death was an accidental suicide; and somebody breaks into Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelly's car.
    • February 7, 2008
      February 7, 2008
      Episode 130
      Amy Winehouse has been denied a visa to come to the United States; Larry Birkhead using his daughter for publicity; lead singer of Crazy Town in a traffic accident and TMZ gives him a ride back to rehab; Tony Hawk's wife is pregnant; and more of Harvey Levin's exclusive interview with Delta Burke.moreless
    • February 8, 2008
      February 8, 2008
      Episode 131
      Kat Von D signing an autograph with anti-semitic slurs and TLC's cover up of it; Jesse Metcalf gets decked by Mams Taylor; Michael Stipe was in go-kart accident; M.C. Hammer gives Britney Spears some words of wisdom; and Alan Cumming doesn't like TMZ.
    • February 9, 2008
      February 9, 2008
      Episode 132
      The best of the week from February 4-8, 2008
    • February 11, 2008
      February 11, 2008
      Episode 133
      Mams Taylor tells TMZ why he punched Jesse Metcalf; Paris Hilton celebrates her birthday as her new movie tanks; Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband tells TMZ why he was let into the United States; and what celebrity tattoos mean.
    • February 12, 2008
      February 12, 2008
      Episode 134
      Paris Hilton's brother arrested for DUI; Busta Rhymes is scared of TMZ; Jason Dottley's drunk; Heather Graham hits the stripper pole; and TMZ plays Stripper or Shauna Sand.
    • February 13, 2008
      February 13, 2008
      Episode 135
      The hospital that Jennifer Lopez is having her baby at, is preparing themselves for baby-nappers; TMZ has infiltrated Big Brother; Frankie Muniz is out of the acting business, for now; and Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband talks about Paris Hilton, again.
    • February 14, 2008
      February 14, 2008
      Episode 136
      Jesse Metcalf doesn't want to have a rematch with Mams Taylor; Bai Ling being caught shoplifting at LAX; the paparazzi upset Kevin Farley; and the Naked Cowboy is suing the Mars Corporation, saying that the new M&M's promotion is using his likeness.
    • February 15, 2008
      February 15, 2008
      Episode 137
      Adrian Grenier tries to be John Mayer, but he's not funny; Heidi and Spencer recreate Titanic for Valentine's day; Kathleen Turner denying stories, that appear in a new book, that she wrote; Britney Spears isn't the only celebrity with split personalities; and it's Valentine's Day in Hollywood and a fight breaks out.moreless
    • February 16, 2008
      February 16, 2008
      Episode 138
    • February 18, 2008
      February 18, 2008
      Episode 139
      Paris Hilton out skanks herself, while she performs with the Pussycat Dolls; Sylvester Stallone gets lost in Los Angeles; Floyd Mayweather breaks a wrestler's nose; and some of the homeless in Los Angeles, actually have homes.
    • February 19, 2008
      February 19, 2008
      Episode 140
      Duane Chapman's show will be coming back to A&E; Pink is getting a divorce from Carey Hart; Mary Carey talks about Daniel Baldwin and his wife; Rachel Sterling tells TMZ about her busy schedule; and TMZ explores the dating history of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.
    • February 20, 2008
      February 20, 2008
      Episode 141
      Two TMZ camera men arrested for standing on the sidewalk; Tom Sizemore has been released from prison; David Spade finds out how the paparazzi can be annoying; Howard Stern and his fiancée are a grumpy pair; fans are flocking for Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband, as he talks about plastic surgery; and TMZ plays The Finger or the Wave.moreless
    • February 21, 2008
      February 21, 2008
      Episode 142
      The LAPD are investigating Sam Lutfi for allegedly drugging Britney Spears, to control her; Danny DeVito admires a billboard of Catherine Zeta-Jones; Gene Simmons thinks the universe of women, revolves around him; Kate Hudson gets caught leaving a vocal coach; and Paris Hilton will use anything as a stripper pole.
    • February 22, 2008
      February 22, 2008
      Episode 143
      Dina Lohan is getting a reality show with E!, she'll be using her kids in the show; TMZ and Whoopi Goldberg don't know who David Tyree is; Garth Brooks gets mobbed outside of the Ivy; and Tara Reid thinks everybody should go green.
    • February 23, 2008
      February 23, 2008
      Episode 144
    • February 25, 2008
      February 25, 2008
      Episode 145
      TMZ covers the Academy Awards and why the Academy didn't mention Brad Renfro during "In Memoriam"; Tilda Swinton lets random people hold her Oscar; Sean Penn is dating Petra Nemcova; an Oscar winner gets into a car crash, hours after winning the award; and how former members of the Israeli Counter Terrorism Unit, have turned into bodyguards for celebrities.moreless
    • February 26, 2008
      February 26, 2008
      Episode 146
      James Caan is mad at TMZ; is Snoop Dogg really going to stop saying the "b-word?"; why won't Angelina Jolie say she's pregnant?; and Michael Jackson is close to losing Neverland Ranch.
    • February 27, 2008
      February 27, 2008
      Episode 147
      News on American Idol, including which male contestant is wearing a wig; Adrian Grenier makes a fool of himself, again; Christina Ricci doesn't mind being mistaken for Paris Hilton; and a look at bands with celebrities in them.
    • February 28, 2008
      February 28, 2008
      Episode 148
      Which American Idol contestant has a DUI; the FBI investigating the doctors that prescribed pills to Heath Ledger; John Stamos leaves yoga to check ratings; and TMZ catches the Dancing With the Stars celebrities out on the town.
    • February 29, 2008
      February 29, 2008
      Episode 149
      TMZ has the proof that Tara Reid is a moron; Illena Douglas thinks TMZ should shoot poverty, instead of Tom Arnold; Nicky Hilton's knee looks gross; and Larry King dances with Janet Jackson.
    • March 1, 2008
      March 1, 2008
      Episode 150
    • March 3, 2008
      March 3, 2008
      Episode 151
      Rob Lowe tells one of Patrick Swayze's secrets; two so-called celebrities are arrested; Matt Dillon tells a kid to get a life; Simon Cowell's car is bigger than Ryan Seacrest's; and Joey Lawrence is starting a clothing line for men.
    • March 4, 2008
      March 4, 2008
      Episode 152
      Alfonso Riberio thinks TMZ gets stories wrong, when TMZ has the proof, they didn't get it wrong; Paris Hilton's "spiritual guru" is an actor and a fake; a fight breaks out at an Amy Winehouse concert; David Faustino celebrates his birthday; and how Hollywood men fix their receding hairline.
    • March 5, 2008
      March 5, 2008
      Episode 153
      Renee Zellwegger makes fun of the paparazzi; Daniel Baldwin is now helping people enter rehab; TMZ goes on "Kournikova Watch"; Lori Laughlin wants to know who the paparazzi is waiting for; and why are white men being held down in the upcoming Presidential election?
    • March 6, 2008
      March 6, 2008
      Episode 154
      What American Idol contestants are record companies interested in; Richard Belzer is in a wheelchair; TMZ looks back at some of the ways celebrities broke up with one another; and Mike Tyson isn't in fighting shape.
    • March 7, 2008
      March 7, 2008
      Episode 155
      John Mayer and Adrian Grenier become members of the paparazzi, and John Mayer does it better; American Idol producers are mad at TMZ for story leaks; and Gummy Bear talks about his arrest for heroin possession.
    • March 8, 2008
      March 8, 2008
      Episode 156
    • March 10, 2008
      March 10, 2008
      Episode 157
      Who called 911, sending the police to Heather Locklear's house?; Patricia Heaton doesn't have a bellybutton; Jonny Fairplay goes out hogging and gets caught kissing a woman, who isn't if wife; and Peter Fonda makes the TMZ staff wonder what the "g-word" is.
    • March 11, 2008
      March 11, 2008
      Episode 158
      Ashton Kutcher and E! rips off Anna Nicole Smith; Courtney Love tells how someone is stealing money from herself and her daughter; Shia Lebouf races a member of the paparazzi; and Paula Abdul talks about American Idol.
    • March 12, 2008
      March 12, 2008
      Episode 159
      An American Idol contestant rips off a band's arrangement of a Beatles' song; what's happened to Thomas Hulce; L.A. Fashion Week is trying to get some of it's class back; and Simon Cowell gives some insight on American Idol.
    • March 13, 2008
      March 13, 2008
      Episode 160
      Jamie Lynn Spears takes a paparazzi's car keys, stranding him in a parking lot; another reality star's stripper past is revealed; Paul Rodriguez does his routine for the paparazzi; and TMZ has another amazing scoop on American Idol.
    • March 14, 2008
      March 14, 2008
      Episode 161
      David Hernandez has his 15 minutes expire; Snoop Dogg continues to go on senior citizen programming; the paparazzi make good with Lori Loughlin; Denise Richards plays it up for the paparazzi; and the paparazzi have nothing to ask Jason Priestly.
    • March 15, 2008
      March 15, 2008
      Episode 162
    • March 17, 2008
      March 17, 2008
      Episode 163
      Mel Gibson and his family have befriended Britney Spears; what doesn't Simon Cowell like about American Idol; the paparazzi gets attacked by Jessica Alba's party-goers; and Dylan McDermont's Porsche gets hit.
    • March 18, 2008
      March 18, 2008
      Episode 164
      There is a bench warrant out for Shia LeBeouf; James Caan has more problems than thinking about Lindsay Lohan; why did Heather Mills hire Gloria Allred as her attourney?; and Katie Holmes causes the paparazzi to go crazy.
    • March 19, 2008
      March 19, 2008
      Episode 165
      Seal blows up at the paparazzi; Miley Cyrus loves the peace sign and buys the paparazzi cookies; which American Idol contestant's father was banned from the Star Search lot; and Dave Navarro has a crush on a judge.
    • March 20, 2008
      March 20, 2008
      Episode 166
      Shia LeBouf just can't catch a break; Audrina comments on the nude pictures of her, that were recently released; David Hasselhoff tells why he cried at American Idol; and Joe Francis doesn't want to associate with criminals.
    • March 21, 2008
      March 21, 2008
      Episode 167
      There is not a Lindsay Lohan sex tape; Fran Drescher gives secrets on how too look good; Dylan McDermott and TMZ have another awkward moment; Tom Brady is Gisele's errand boy; Tom Selleck doesn't give errant quotes; and Dr. Phil pigs out.
    • March 22, 2008
      March 22, 2008
      Episode 168
    • March 24, 2008
      March 24, 2008
      Episode 169
      Kevin Federline gets booed at his own birthday party; Ben Stein hates American Idol; Cedric the Entertainer talks about Barack Obama; Miley Cyrus is cooler than Hayden Panettiere; and Chace Crawford isn't dating J.C. Chasez.
    • March 25, 2008
      March 25, 2008
      Episode 170
      Christie Brinkley keeps her parents in a hot car; the paparazzi can't focus around Clint Eastwood; David Spade uses his usual jokes on the paparazzi; and which American Idol contestant is being rooted on by prisoners in Southern California.
    • March 26, 2008
      March 26, 2008
      Episode 171
      Richie Sambora busted for DUI, and he had his 10-year-old daughter, in the car with him; Dancing with the Stars dancers are using choreographers; and why is TMZ filming Seth MacFarlane?
    • March 27, 2008
      March 27, 2008
      Episode 172
      Cheryl Burke denies using a choreographer on Dancing with the Stars; TMZ scares Busta Rhymes; Jessica Alba is only nice when she has a movie coming out; and Tom Arnold shows us how not to pick-up women.
    • March 28, 2008
      March 28, 2008
      Episode 173
      Miley Cyrus gets a present from the paparazzi; Billy Zane trumps Audrina Patridge; Janice Dickinson should keep her clothes on; and Lukas Haas gives some trivia about himself.
    • March 29, 2008
      March 29, 2008
      Episode 174
    • March 31, 2008
      March 31, 2008
      Episode 175
      J.C. Chasez is straight; Paris Hilton gets tripped by the paparazzi; Ashley Dupre's pimp gets berated; Audrina releases new nude photos, to offset the ones that were leaked; Mike Piazza doesn't know where he's playing this year; and Sigourney Weaver blows off a compliment.
    • April 1, 2008
      April 1, 2008
      Episode 176
      Why does George Clooney sign Batman pictures; Dave Navarro gets asked the worst questions ever; Jenna Jameson gets kicked out of her booth, by David Beckham; Denise Richards won't show her tattoo; and Lindsay Lohan is in the TMZ news room.
    • April 2, 2008
      April 2, 2008
      Episode 177
      The lengths that celebrities will go to, to appear on television; Rose McGowen takes her dog to the vet; Janice Dickinson is tired of the paparazzi, cause she can't fart around them; and Dave Navarro was right, the paparazzi ask the stupidest questions.
    • April 3, 2008
      April 3, 2008
      Episode 178
      Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna pulls a "prank" on people, and TMZ is going to win an Emmy; never ask Joe Pesci about Home Alone; Busta Rhymes is supporting Barack Obama; and how did Gummy Bear lose all his weight.
    • April 4, 2008
      April 4, 2008
      Episode 179
      Brandon Davis is a racist and homophobic; Alec Baldwin and his daughter play games with the paparazzi; Charlie Murphy gets confused for Eddie Murphy; TMZ tries to get Christopher Lloyd to talk about anything; and just who is "The Queen on the Scene?"
    • April 5, 2008
      April 5, 2008
      Episode 180
    • April 7, 2008
      April 7, 2008
      Episode 181
      Brandon Davis apologies and does racism have a place in young Hollywood?; John Legend's luggage gets lost at the airport; Jesse Ventura looks old; Drew Berrymore had a fun night; and William Shatner makes strange noises.
    • April 8, 2008
      April 8, 2008
      Episode 182
      Rob Lowe is suing three former employees; what do American Idol contestants do on their nights off?; Eli Manning beats Tom Brady, once again; a TMZ camerawoman changes Simon Cowell's mind about marriage; and who asked Kimberley Locke out on a date?
    • April 9, 2008
      April 9, 2008
      Episode 183
      Zsa Zsa's husband doesn't like the paparazzi; Rose McGowen's other dog is begin treated for a brain tumor, Deion Sanders is a ladies man, but he isn't funny; Sophie Monk gets saved by the Queen on the Scene; and Lindsay Lohan almost gets hit by a truck.
    • April 10, 2008
      April 10, 2008
      Episode 184
      TiVo can predict who's getting kicked off American Idol; Adrian Grenier still isn't funny; the TMZ cameraman asks Tim Conway a brash question; Gossip Girls is getting desperate; and Kirk Douglas plays on a jungle gym.
    • April 11, 2008
      April 11, 2008
      Episode 185
      CNN is courting Katie Couric to replace Larry King; Gerard Butler isn't dating Cameron Diaz, Oprah didn't buy Gayle King an apartment; Vanilla Ice arrested for pushing his wife; and Constantine Maroulis will talk about anything.
    • April 12, 2008
      April 12, 2008
      Episode 186
    • April 14, 2008
      April 14, 2008
      Episode 187
      Dr. Phil and his show crosses the line, once again; Dancing with the Stars dancers only want to talk, when they get to plug their other projects; Lauren Hutton uses a celebrity to explain a color; and Tom Arnold has another awkward moment.
    • April 15, 2008
      April 15, 2008
      Episode 188
      Rob Lowe's former nanny talks about what Rob Lowe allegedly did to her; Dennis Haysbert has to pay for insurance; Kim Kardashian isn't a spoiled brat; Russell Crowe doesn't like baggy pants; and why did Disney shut down the "It's a Small World" ride?
    • April 16, 2008
      April 16, 2008
      Episode 189
      TMZ gets the impossible, video of Prince's face; Ron Howard turns the camera on the paparazzi; Samuel L. Jackson can't get into his car; and Kim Kardashian makes the paparazzi delete a photo.
    • April 17, 2008
      April 17, 2008
      Episode 190
      Bob Saget has a new bodyguard, and it's John Mayer; Britney Spears is meeting with Bally Total Fitness to become their spokeswoman; Congress pays tribute to Ric Flair; Bo Derek is still a 10; and Kenny G watches TMZ.
    • April 18, 2008
      April 18, 2008
      Episode 191
      Mariah Carey stands up her fans; Gary Busey apologies to the paparazzi; Lindsay Lohan calls the cops; Adam Levine gets pulled over; and the studio behind Godzilla is suing Subway.
    • April 19, 2008
      April 19, 2008
      Episode 192
    • April 21, 2008
      April 21, 2008
      Episode 193
      Katie Price's daughter has chicken pox, but she takes her shopping; Johnny Rotten meets his match in a pair of valley girls; Duane Chapman's wife speaks for him; David Hasselhoff is not in rehab; and Bai Ling is back, but where has she been?
    • April 22, 2008
      April 22, 2008
      Episode 194
      A TMZ cameraman puts himself in danger by talking to Naomi Campbell; Cuba Gooding, Jr. needs to take his own advice; Tom Arnold tells who Sophie Monk is dating; a TMZ staffer can tell when Cheryl Burke is drunk; and Bai Ling is crazy about the moon.
    • April 23, 2008
      April 23, 2008
      Episode 195
      Why is Shakira testifying infront of Congress?; did Dave Navarro kiss a man or a woman?; why is Paris Hilton going to be on The Family Guy; the connection between Britney Spears and Bai Ling; what American Gladiator beat up her husband; and Kim Kardashian buys the paparazzi gifts, then proceeds to get trampled on.moreless
    • April 24, 2008
      April 24, 2008
      Episode 196
      Dr. Phil rips off Moment of Truth; Pink doesn't have a boyfriend; Terrell Owens doesn't want to be associated with porno; has the paparazzi blacklisted Mariah Carey?; and what's going on with David Letterman's hair?
    • April 25, 2008
      April 25, 2008
      Episode 197
      Benji Madden runs over a paparazzi's foot; Ben Stiller unleashes Blue Steel; Amanda Bynes doesn't know why the paparazzi is following her; Cheryl Burke can't act; Heather Locklear is in better shape than Denise Richards; and did Ryan Seacrest sell out?
    • April 26, 2008
      April 26, 2008
      Episode 198
    • April 28, 2008
      April 28, 2008
      Episode 199
      Lisa Kudrow won't sing "Smelly Cat"; Quentin Tarantino wants to be left alone; Colleen Shannon wants to vote for Osama Bin Laden? and Jesse Metcalfe didn't buy her implants; and Angie Everhart arrested for DUI.
    • April 29, 2008
      April 29, 2008
      Episode 200
      Gary Dourdan arrested for possession of herion and ecstasy; there's a Jimi Hendrix sex tape; how much is Amy Winehouse worth; Pauly Shore violates a TMZ cameraman; Malibu is too small for feuding celebrities; and how Johnny Depp changed the economy of one small town.
    • April 30, 2008
      April 30, 2008
      Episode 201
      An American Idol reject threatening to sue them, unless they meet his demands; TMZ tests Leslie Jordan's gaydar; Kelly Carlson gets upstaged by her publicist; and Amanda Bynes is real nice.
    • May 1, 2008
      May 1, 2008
      Episode 202
      What is going on in the Lowe household?; Shannon Elizabeth thinks there is a conspiracy on Dancing with the Stars; girls riot around the Gossip Girls cast; Too Short makes fun of TMZ; Claudia Jordan gets Suge Knight to smile; and why is Lauren Conrad famous?
    • May 2, 2008
      May 2, 2008
      Episode 203
      People wait in line for Pam Anderson's garage sale; Christopher Meloni couldn't give a s*** about the Miley Cyrus photos; and would anybody tell Naomi Campbell she can't smoke in a restaraunt?
    • May 3, 2008
      May 3, 2008
      Episode 204
    • May 5, 2008
      May 5, 2008
      Episode 205
      Tom Hanks is more influential than Oprah; Jeremy Piven test the paparazzi, to see if they're in shape; TMZ annoys Renée Zellweger; and Jesse Metcalfe got knocked out 4 months ago.
    • May 6, 2008
      May 6, 2008
      Episode 206
      Lindsay Lohan steals a fur coat; Britney Spears will get to see more of her children; Dean Cain quiets his mom, when asked about Mindy McCready; Tony Danza talks politics; and Kim Kardashian is seeking a new treatment for cellulite.
    • May 7, 2008
      May 7, 2008
      Episode 207
      Dina Lohan gets an award for mothering; Dancing with the Stars is a breeding ground for couples; a former Weather Channel anchor being sued for sexual harrasment; and are the American Idol judges being less critical of David Archuletta?
    • May 8, 2008
      May 8, 2008
      Episode 208
      Fergie falls down; Slash is a total badass, but in the nice way; Corey Haim and Bai Ling are going to be in the same movie; Ian Zieng isn't an A-Lister; and Robert Downey, Jr. does kung-fu in his driveway.
    • May 9, 2008
      May 9, 2008
      Episode 209
      Lindsay Lohan blows up at the paparazzi; coverage of Nick Hogan's hearing; a woman wants to meet Ashford & Simpson, not Ashlee Simpson; what is David Archuletta's missionary position?; and is the TMZ cameraman hitting on Michael Bolton?
    • May 10, 2008
      May 10, 2008
      Episode 210
    • May 12, 2008
      May 12, 2008
      Episode 211
      Mel Gibson goes Jekyll and Hyde on the paparazzi; David Archuleta's father has been banned from American Idol; Suge Knight gets knocked out; Dean Cain's mom talks about him; and Hulk Hogan grieves at a Hooters.
    • May 13, 2008
      May 13, 2008
      Episode 212
      Nobody wants to talk about Suge Knight being knocked out; Mike Epps yells at the paparazzi; Lars Ulrich litters; Sarah Jessica Parker has man hands; Pink doesn't name drop; and Christy Lee Cook isn't a big star.
    • May 14, 2008
      May 14, 2008
      Episode 213
      Mariah Carey's wedding reception was at Magic Mountain; someone finally talks about Suge Knight getting knocked out; and the winner of Survivor can't pay for cab fare.
    • May 15, 2008
      May 15, 2008
      Episode 214
      The Playboy Mansion is getting a stripper pole; Method Man wants to know why the paparazzi is around; and Quinton Jackson talks about Suge Knight getting knocked out.
    • May 16, 2008
      May 16, 2008
      Episode 215
      Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband wants to fight Al Sharpton; Godfrey talks about Suge Knight getting knocked out; Pink gives the paparazzi a spelling test; and Rob Lowe gets creative with a cigar.
    • May 17, 2008
      May 17, 2008
      Episode 216
    • May 19, 2008
      May 19, 2008
      Episode 217
      Would the American public prefer real celebrities or fake celebrities?; the paparazzi annoys Melanie Brown; Pamela Anderson's kids tell their dog to attack the paparazzi; and the guy with the worst tattoo ever.
    • May 20, 2008
      May 20, 2008
      Episode 218
      Fergie makes the Today Show more interesting; Shemar Moore thinks he's so cool; Paris Hilton gets her paparazzi fix; and Paula Abdul tells who she's picking for American Idol.
    • May 21, 2008
      May 21, 2008
      Episode 219
      Is Dancing with the Stars set-up?; Dylan McDermott is getting a divorce, and serving has his own attorney; Cash Warren is the luckiest person ever; Star Jones hits an all-time low; and Steven Tyler is in rehab.
    • May 22, 2008
      May 22, 2008
      Episode 220
      Scarlett Johansson's music sucks; Paris Hilton is becoming an artist; Lea Thompson talks about a Howard the Duck sequel; Bai Ling is nuts; and the ending of American Idol brings out the rejects.
    • May 23, 2008
      May 23, 2008
      Episode 221
      Who's the biggest skank from The Hills?; Harry Dean Stanton gives advice on rehab; why is the circus suing Motley Crue?; Naomi Campbell gets kicked off of Sean Combs' boat; and the TMZ staff tries to figure out what "shorty" means.
    • May 24, 2008
      May 24, 2008
      Episode 222
    • May 26, 2008
      May 26, 2008
      Episode 223
      Shocking Nick Hogan phone calls from jail, where Hulk Hogan blames the victim; is Kobe Bryant having an affair with a Laker Girl?; David Cook is dating Kimberly Caldwell; and the dating history of Derek Jeter and Tony Romo is explored.
    • May 27, 2008
      May 27, 2008
      Episode 224
      There is not a Chyler Leigh sex tape; Rick Springfield passes his citizenship test; and Jessica Alba always walks like a vampire.
    • May 28, 2008
      May 28, 2008
      Episode 225
      Gary Dourdan won't face any jailtime for possession of narcotics; the man suing Eddie Griffin speaks; Phoebe Price doesn't know what the paparazzi means; and there's a Kim Kardashian impersonator.
    • May 29, 2008
      May 29, 2008
      Episode 226
      Clay Aiken is going to be a father; Billy Murray's wife files for divorce and asks for a restraining order; Joey Lawrence tells why he shaved his head; David Caruso passes out pre-signed autographs; and Audrina has a terrible tattoo.
    • May 30, 2008
      May 30, 2008
      Episode 227
      Will Denise Richards crash Charlie Sheen's wedding with an E! camera crew?; did 50 Cent set fire to his mansion?; Dean McDermott pulls a fast one (not really) on the paprazzi; and TMZ meets Audrina Patridge Version 2.0.
    • May 31, 2008
      May 31, 2008
      Episode 228
    • June 2, 2008
      June 2, 2008
      Episode 229
      Clay Aiken smacks a camera out of the paparazzi's hand; Eddie Griffin gets served a lawsuit in the middle of his stand-up act; Andy Dick goes crazy at a house party; T.I. refuses to talk about his upcoming sentencing; and Kim Kardashian talks about her impersionator.
    • June 3, 2008
      June 3, 2008
      Episode 230
      OK! wants to "out" Lindsay Lohan; John Mayer invites the paparazzi to go running with him and then John Mayer's exclusive apology, after getting a ticket infront of the TMZ building; Brad Garrett has a yeast infection?; an Indy Driver goes green; and TMZ salutes David Spade.
    • June 4, 2008
      June 4, 2008
      Episode 231
      Tatum O'Neal talks about her arrest; Christina Milian is on a diet, Star Magazine makes up news; Pete Wentz isn't getting sued, so he says; and Lilly Allen gets drunk at an award show.
    • June 5, 2008
      June 5, 2008
      Episode 232
      Pamela Anderson is doing a reality show, and Tommy Lee is moving back in her house for it; Evander Holyfield is going into forclosure; Ice-T is supporting John McCain; Gina Gershon doesn't talk about Bill Clinton; and the Celtics' fans strategy to distract Kobe Bryant.
    • June 6, 2006
      June 6, 2006
      Episode 233
      John Mayer isn't fun anymore; women follow Gerard Butler; Ben Jones tells who he's supporting for President; Larry Birkhead is a liar; Sharon Stone gets frisked at LAX; and Donald Trump gets too tanned.
    • June 7, 2008
      June 7, 2008
      Episode 234
    • June 9, 2008
      June 9, 2008
      Episode 235
      Heather Locklear throws up gang signs; Los Angeles is Laker crazy, except for when they're losing; Amy Winehouse isn't a racist; Pete Wentz runs out of gas; Terrell Owens doesn't want to talk; Danny Noriega is mad at TMZ; and Shia LeBouf gets slapped.
    • June 10, 2008
      June 10, 2008
      Episode 236
      Coolio has a bad night, as he gets denied entrance to a club and then arrested; Tommy Lasorda yells at everybody; Helen Hunt surfs; TMZ tries to get Cheeta a star on the Hollywood Walk of Famel; Kendra Wilkensen draws a crowd; and Kim Kardashian isn't a tabloid legend.
    • June 11, 2008
      June 11, 2008
      Episode 237
      Hulk Hogan's appearance on Larry King; why is Jessica Biel always angry?; Johnny Depp is cool; and Dennis Rodman gets in an argument with a drunk woman.
    • June 12, 2008
      June 12, 2008
      Episode 238
      Katherine Heigl slaps down the writers of Grey's Anatomy; Sarah Larson is a celebrity now?; Jessica Simpson isn't singing pop music anymore; why are Sisqo and Nancy Sinatra testifying infront or Congress?; and is Verne Troyer taller than the Stanley Cup?
    • June 13, 2008
      June 13, 2008
      Episode 239
      R. Kelly is not guilty; Lindsay Lohan is now picking what paparazzi can take pictures of her; Mischa Barton goes from streetwalker to pretty woman; and watch out, Heidi and Spencer are buying guns.
    • June 14, 2008
      June 14, 2008
      Episode 240
    • June 16, 2008
      June 16, 2008
      Episode 241
      Dustin Hoffman will pay for your sushi; Ethan Suplee slaps down Katherine Heigl; Ice Cube's bodyguard threatens the TMZ camera man; and Andy Dick talks about why he was kicked out of a house party.
    • June 17, 2008
      June 17, 2008
      Episode 242
      Seal is a dangerous driver, when he doesn't act like an adult; Britney Spears is close to coming back to prime-time; Audrina isn't popular anymore; Russell Brand talks about shagging; and Mickey Rourke is a legend.
    • June 18, 2008
      June 18, 2008
      Episode 243
      Sienna Miller and Keira Knightley cause a riot; is Colin Farell married?; Busta Rhymes is ready to have a good time; Young Buck blasts G-Unit, but then he cries; Shauna Sand talks about her plastic surgery; and Dillon Casey meets his first paparazzi member.
    • June 19, 2008
      June 19, 2008
      Episode 244
      Suge Knight's bodyguard roughs up a TMZ cameraman; Justin Long wants to know why the TMZ staff writes celebrities' names on glass; Holly Madison has a busy life; and Naveen Andrews searches LAX for a lighter.
    • June 20, 2008
      June 20, 2008
      Episode 245
      Rhys Ifans goes crazy on the paparazzi; Kenny G's children has advice for Jamie Lynn Spears; nobody cares about what Shauna Sand talks about; Kid Rock thinks everybody should steal everything; and if you don't know who Jerry Van Dyke is, you don't need to ask.
    • June 21, 2008
      June 21, 2008
      Episode 246
    • June 23, 2008
      June 23, 2008
      Episode 247
      Matthew McConaughey and his gang get into fight with the paparazzi; Katherine Heigl changes her tune on getting nominated for the Emmys; Seal gets mean with the paparazzi, again; Dustin Hoffman loses one of his three wives; and Richard Dean Anderson tells how he got kicked out of the boy scouts.moreless
    • June 24, 2008
      June 24, 2008
      Episode 248
      Hollywood picks between Shaq and Kobe; Steven Tyler says no to rehab; Ice-T thinks Soulja Boy is ruining hip-hop; and Lil Wayne could be facing jail time in both New York and Arizona.
    • June 25, 2008
      June 25, 2008
      Episode 249
      There's a new celebrity sex tape - and it stars Verne Troyer; Mark Whalberg doesn't know what TMZ is; George Lucas talks about his daughter's kick boxing career; the paparazzi doesn't care about Paris Hilton anymore; Audrina pulls a Winona Ryder; and a she-giant is walking the streets of Los Angeles.moreless
    • June 26, 2008
      June 26, 2008
      Episode 250
      Is Oprah still supporting Barack Obama?; who's the woman in the Verne Troyer sex tape?; Liev Schreiber gives a talking to the paparazzi; who really started the fight between the paparazzi and Matthew McConaughey's gang; and Tommy Lee hates Gloria Allred.
    • June 27, 2008
      June 27, 2008
      Episode 251
      John Salle apologizes to TMZ; Shauna Sand has a needle phobia; Verne Troyer's sex tape is interesting to Cheryl Burke; Steven Tyler poses for the paparazzi; and what was the most disgusting kiss in Hollywood?
    • June 28, 2008
      June 28, 2008
      Episode 252
    • June 30, 2008
      June 30, 2008
      Episode 253
      Matthew McConaughey's gang of surfers make peace with the paparazzi; Pamela Anderson calls Jessica Simpson a whore; Rikki Rocket talks about he got exonerated of raping a woman; and the world needs to know if Madonna is getting a divorce.
    • July 1, 2008
      July 1, 2008
      Episode 254
      The TMZ camera man messes up the filming of Tara Reid's reality show; Tim McGraw talks about kicking a fan out of his concert; Tom Arnold breaks down the Pamela Anderson/Jessica Simpson feud; and Kate Beckinsale has an awkward day.
    • July 2, 2008
      July 2, 2008
      Episode 255
      Emotional video of a boyfriend confronting a drunk driver, that had just hit his girlfriend; Rosie O'Donnell is having an affair with Cindy Adams; David Chokachi is nauseating; Frankie Muniz breaks the law; and Ed Harris doesn't like to be called a handsome man.
    • July 3, 2008
      July 3, 2008
      Episode 256
      The boyfriend of the woman, hit by a drunk driver, gives an update on her condition; how the host of a popular cable show, is now a director of adult films; Kim Kardashian overhears the paparazzi talking about her assets; and Cheryl Burke is drunk, again.
    • July 4, 2008
      July 4, 2008
      Episode 257
      In honor of the 4th of July, the TMZ staffers look at which celebrities might want to grill them.
    • July 5, 2008
      July 5, 2008
      Episode 258
    • July 7, 2008
      July 7, 2008
      Episode 259
      Tara Reid has fans and gets into a nightclub; Jim Carrey wears Jenny McCarthy's swimsuit; Kelly Carlson is not Kelly Clarkson; Ray Romano wants his wife to curse at him, for the cameras; and listening to Colleen Shannon makes people stupid.
    • July 8, 2008
      July 8, 2008
      Episode 260
      Al Pacino breaks the law; Cheryl Hines talks Curb, Lindsay Lohan and having gay friends; Kendra Wilkinson works hard for her money?; Claudia Jordan won't talk to the TMZ camera man; and Ricky Gervais is the King of Europe.
    • July 9, 2008
      July 9, 2008
      Episode 261
      John Mayer can't sing along with The Roots; Dane Cook gets sued over dog poop, and it's not over his act; Bruce Vilanche tries to tell some jokes; and Pamela Anderson has another blonde moment.
    • July 10, 2008
      July 10, 2008
      Episode 262
      Tobey Maguire has had enough of the paparazzi; what is Audrina getting $10,000 to do?; Paul Rudd doesn't get confused with RuPaul; Stave Nash breaks news - he's retiring; and Miley Cyrus is starting to refer to herself in the third-person.
    • July 11, 2008
      July 11, 2008
      Episode 263
      TMZ looks into the world of autograph collectors; Billy Crystal has a scare at LAX, during a training exercise; T.K. Carter and Steven Bauer hug a little bit too long; Michael Caine is nice to the paparazzi; and Selena Gomez doesn't mind being called Miley Cyrus 2.0.
    • July 12, 2008
      July 12, 2008
      Episode 264
    • July 14, 2008
      July 14, 2008
      Episode 265
      Miley Cyrus isn't jealous of Selena Gomez; Vivaca A. Fox backs up Jessica Simpson in her feud with Pamela Anderson; Wee Man calls out his impersonator; and Angelina Jolie had Dustin Hoffman's kids.
    • July 15, 2008
      July 15, 2008
      Episode 266
      Christian Bale thinks Dark Knight will do badly; Holly Madison denies a feud with the other Girls Next Door; Vanessa Williams dances in the middle of the street; and the Kardashian family will do anything for publicity.
    • July 16, 2008
      July 16, 2008
      Episode 267
      Details on Quinton Jackson's police chase through Orange County; Ray Allen gets his revenge on TMZ; Andy Dick gets arrested for sexual battery; Dennis Haskins will always be Mr. Belding; and Scott Caan gets confused for Ben Foster.
    • July 17, 2008
      July 17, 2008
      Episode 268
      Video of Andy Dick, before he was arrested; Robert Redford, and his publicist, doesn't want to answer a question; Carrot Top wants TMZ to be nice; and Colleen Shannon wants TMZ to stop making fun of her.
    • July 18, 2008
      July 18, 2008
      Episode 269
      What does Khloe Kardashian do on her last night of freedom, before she serves 173 minutes in jail; Adrian Peterson shows off his ESPY Award; Amy Winehouse gives an update on her father; Pete Townshend signs a giant pinball; and A.J. McLean doesn't know how he was never arrested.
    • July 19, 2008
      July 19, 2008
      Episode 270
    • July 21, 2008
      July 21, 2008
      Episode 271
      John Mayer hosts the show from the streets of New York; Khloe Kardashian talks about her 173 minute jail sentence; Avril Lavigne lies to TMZ; Bill Dee Williams still drinks Colt .45; and Patrick Swayze is the miracle dude.
    • July 22, 2008
      July 22, 2008
      Episode 272
      Christian Bale gets arrested for allegedly assaulting his mother and sister; surveillance video of Kid Rock's Waffelhouse fight; Claudia Jordan is a struggling model?; Sienna Miller breaks up another marriage; and will fans notice John Mayer by his music?
    • July 23, 2008
      July 23, 2008
      Episode 273
      The reason behind Christian Bale's arrest; Mindy McCready tried to commit suicide, and Dr. Phil is trying to help her; Cristiano Ronaldo dresses like a woman; Zac Efron isn't pregnant; and John Mayer goes to the streets of New York, to see how his music has effected people who have listened to it.moreless
    • July 24, 2008
      July 24, 2008
      Episode 274
      Richard Simmons testifies in front of Congress; Justin Timberlake looks almost like a million bucks; Terrell Owens talks about how he helped a man who was hit by a car; and Ted Danson won't tell what happened to his nose.
    • July 25, 2008
      July 25, 2008
      Episode 275
      Matthew Lawrence talks about Cheryl Burke and her drinking habit; Audrina is shocked about what Heidi and Spencer are doing; Jack McBrayer is just like his character from 30 Rock; and TMZ catches RuPaul out of his drag attire.
    • July 26, 2008
      July 26, 2008
      Episode 276
    • July 28, 2008
      July 28, 2008
      Episode 277
      Anthony Hopkins wants to know if the paparazzi likes his shirt; Shia LaBeouf arrested for suspicion of misdemeanor DUI; ComiCon's elite security flexes their scrawny muscles; and Katy Perry still wants to kiss Miley Cyrus.
    • July 29, 2008
      July 29, 2008
      Episode 278
      Mr. T and Snickers are homophobic; Ali Lohan has a movie audition with a porn director?; the paparazzi rents an airplane to take pictures of Britney Spears; and Dennis Haskins is a camera hog.
    • July 30, 2008
      July 30, 2008
      Episode 279
      James Gondolfini shows off to the paparazzi; Benicio Del Toro needs to explain what a greenhead is; the paparazzi asks Angie Harmon some bad questions; T.I. talks about the importance of voting, although he can not vote; and Amy Winehouse gets blood delivered to her home.
    • July 31, 2008
      July 31, 2008
      Episode 280
      Ryan Seacrest tries to promote Keeping with the Kardashians; Balthazar Getty is trying to get back into his wife's good graces; and the Police Commissioner of Los Angeles outs Lindsay Lohan, then blames celebrities for all the paparazzi.
    • August 1, 2008
      August 1, 2008
      Episode 281
      Tara Reid isn't a lesbian; Shauna Sand has a job now; Harry Dean Stanton calls John McCain "old and Ill"; Michael Bloomberg isn't going to sell the Statue of Liberty; and Sharon Stone talks to a meter maid.
    • August 2, 2008
      August 2, 2008
      Episode 282
    • August 4, 2008
      August 4, 2008
      Episode 283
      Verne Troyer talks about the lawsuit against his ex-girlfriend; Ed Westick comments on the rumors involving him and Chace Crawford; Nicollette Sheridan is a mean old lady; and who will get through airport security quicker: Alec Baldwin or Ice Cube.
    • August 5, 2008
      August 5, 2008
      Episode 284
      A man gets hit by Cheryl Burke's car; a paparazzi member eats sidewalk while talking to Robin Thicke; and Katie Price is getting a popularity reducer, forcing her to rely strictly on her talent.
    • August 6, 2008
      August 6, 2008
      Episode 285
      Katie Price isn't getting a breast reduction, but she's getting them bigger; Claudia Jordan doesn't want to be compared to Tila Tequila; TMZ presents "Celebrities That Look Like Fraggles"; and how Spencer Pratt single handedly brought down Playgirl.
    • August 7, 2008
      August 7, 2008
      Episode 286
      What the DEA did during their Heath Ledger investigation; Zach Braff tries to direct the paparazzi; Amanda Peet doesn't want to be made to look like an a**hole; and TMZ apologies for making us sit through a Pete Doherty clip, it was a slow news day.
    • August 8, 2008
      August 8, 2008
      Episode 287
      Mark Whalberg is surprised the paparazzi is following him; who's more gangster: Verne Troyer or Suge Knight?; and Oompa-Loompa's can vote.
    • August 9, 2008
      August 9, 2008
      Episode 288
    • August 11, 2008
      August 11, 2008
      Episode 289
      Brad Garrett only hits Asians; TMZ goes to a séance for Sharon Tate; Shauna Sand says her ex-husband looks like a hooker; and the two adulterers Balthazar Getty and Sienna Miller celebrate over the weekend.
    • August 12, 2008
      August 12, 2008
      Episode 290
      Sienna Miller gets no respect; how would R. Lee Ermey whip young Hollywood into shape?; Verne Troyer is getting sponsors for his motorized cart; and Heidi Montag says hello to Jesus everyday.
    • August 13, 2008
      August 13, 2008
      Episode 291
      Cedric the Entertainer talks about Bernie Mac; Tyrese is actually nice, until later that night; and Rhys Ifans apologizes to the paparazzi.
    • August 14, 2008
      August 14, 2008
      Episode 292
      Dan Akroyd talks about the Canadian athletes in the Olympics; why can't Jennifer Anniston keep a man?; Traci Bingham donates money to charity, then shows off; Mickey Dolenz looks like a gangster, then a gay author; and a day in the life of Paul McCartney.
    • August 15, 2008
      August 15, 2008
      Episode 293
      Amy Winehouse lashes out at a woman in the streets of London; why is Kim Kardashian mad at the paparazzi?; Verne Troyer causes a brawl; and Kathy Griffin's mom likes the paparazzi.
    • August 16, 2008
      August 16, 2008
      Episode 294
    • August 18, 2008
      August 18, 2008
      Episode 295
      John Mayer is fed up with the rumors surrounding his break-up with Jennifer Anniston; Kim Kardashian thinks stripping is empowering; and Hillary Duff doesn't know anything about an engagement.
    • August 19, 2008
      August 19, 2008
      Episode 296
      Reese Witherspoon cares about the TMZ camera man's mom; Lily Allen punches a drunk girl in the face; Miley Cyrus looks to buy a house, while on her bike ride; and Claudia Jordan doesn't get recognized from Deal or No Deal, she gets recognized from TMZ.
    • August 20, 2008
      August 20, 2008
      Episode 297
      The TMZ staff can't tell the difference between Angie Dickinson and Ann-Margret; video proof of Nicollette Sheridan being nice; and TMZ plays "Guess What Will Smith's Packing."
    • August 21, 2008
      August 21, 2008
      Episode 298
      Readers and viewers of TMZ are mad that TMZ compared Shawn Johnson to Topo Gigio; Jerry Springer has rules for his talk show; talks about artificial insemination, then proceeds to put his foot in his mouth; and what does Vanessa Minnillo do for a living?
    • August 22, 2008
      August 22, 2008
      Episode 299
      Lindsay Lohan doesn't know who Courtney Senel is; Lilly Tomlin angers her neighbors, by having trees cut down; Michelle Rodriguez has a potty mouth; and Katy Perry likes kissing kittens, more than men and women.
    • August 23, 2008
      August 23, 2008
      Episode 300
    • August 25, 2008
      August 25, 2008
      Episode 301
      TMZ rounds up all the old celebrities at the Catalina Jazz Club; Mr. T talks about race walking; The Olly Girls are terrible directors; and the paparazzi ignore Robert Loggia in favor of Pat Sajak.
    • August 26, 2008
      August 26, 2008
      Episode 302
      Sean Lennon talks about the comparisons between The Beatles and the Jonas Brothers; Robert Englund likes to play as Freddy Krueger; and you can tell Dancing With the Stars is coming back, as Cheryl Burke is hitting the bars.
    • August 27. 2008
      August 27. 2008
      Episode 303
      David Spade defends Jennifer Anniston and smacks around John Mayer; will the Ted McGinley curse continue with him being on TMZ?; and Democratic Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez seems a mile high.
    • August 28, 2008
      August 28, 2008
      Episode 304
      The story behind Mackenzie Phillips' arrest and what happened after bail was posted; she David Hasselhoff has fans in America; Jeff Gordon hasn't retired from NASCAR; and David Spade backs down from his comments on John Mayer.
    • August 29, 2008
      August 29, 2008
      Episode 305
      Adrian Grenier's grandmother is cooler than he is; Beyonce Knowles' sister, who's famous for something, is mad at TMZ; Jeff Goldblum can pick up women all over New York City; and Ron Lester talks about how he lost weight.
    • August 30, 2008
      August 30, 2008
      Episode 306
    • Episode #1.307
      Episode #1.307
      Episode 307
      In honor of Labor Day, TMZ celebrates the celebrities that are slackers and the ones that are famous for doing nothing.
    • Episode #1.308
      Episode #1.308
      Episode 308
      Sean Combs knows the pain of high gas prices, because he now has to fly commercial; Craig Robinson talks about his recent legal troubles; and Shannen Doherty doesn't know why she should be excited.
    • Episode #1.309
      Episode #1.309
      Episode 309
      Why is a prosecutor still going after Britney Spears?; Kelsey Grammer has had a bad summer; and Tila Tequila calls Sarah Palin a media whore.
    • Episode #1.310
      Episode #1.310
      Episode 310
      Robin Williams is officially single; there's a Jeremey Jackson sex tape floating around; Paul Rodriguez talks about various events and celebrities; Katherine Heigl tries to repair her image with a puppy; and Cheryl Burke leaves a nightclub sober.
    • Episode #1.311
      Episode #1.311
      Episode 311
      Lil' Wayne goes on racist and homophobic rant; TMZ plays ATBG with Sidney Poitier; women treat Gerard Butler like a piece of man meat; and Sam Rockwell doesn't know what TMZ means.
    • Episode #1.312
      Episode #1.312
      Episode 312
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