Season 1 Episode 46

November 1, 2007

Aired Weekdays Nov 01, 2007 on

Episode Recap

-A TMZ exclusive. Video of Paris Hilton going into a adult film store that had a cardboard cut out of her, during her Simple Life days, but they weren't using it to promote that, they were using it to promote her infamous sex tape. Hilton was wearing a disguise, a skeleton shirt and mask that she had bought earlier down the street from the adult film store. As she walks in and asks for the manager the man behind the counter asks her if she was going to rob them, she said she wasn't but was going to call her lawyer because they were using her likeness without permission. After a few minutes of talking, Hilton walks out of the store with the two cardboard cutouts of her. This isn't the first time Hilton has done the either, weeks fallowing the release of the video she was caught stealing a copy of the tape from a Los Angeles newsstand. -Britney Spears may be moving to Hermosa Beach from Malibu. TMZ then conducts interviews with some of the people who live in Hermosa Beach, asking them what they thought about this development, none were very happy about it. -Video of Lindsay Lohan being kicked by a member of the paparazzi. On the video it looks like the guy was pushed and fell down, catching Lohan in the process, but when her bodyguards hear her yelling they go looking for the guy. They can't find him and one of her bodyguards tells the paparazzi if they tell him who kicked her, they'll give them a good shot of Lohan, the guy wasn't found. As this was going down, Lohan's new boyfriend, Riley Giles, just watched and did nothing while his girlfriend was kicked. -The story of Da Brat being charged with aggravated assault. She was in a club called Studio 72, the waitress working her area bumped into Brat's table and Brat went crazy, the two were pushing each other and then the waitress walks away, as she does Brat picks up a rum bottle and the proceeds to hit the waitress in the face with it. -Video of how celebrities spent their Halloween and what they are wearing. Britney Spears was mobbed by the paparazzi, so TMZ couldn't what she was wearing, although in one of the shots taken by the paparazzi she was a wearing a TMZ backstage pass and her manager went as TMZ crew member. Christina Aguilera dressed as something with a spider on her head. Nikki Hilton wearing cat ears. Elliot Mentz dressed as Barry Manilow. Gummy Bear dressed as the devil. Kyle MacLachlan going as a golfer with a golf ball stuck in his head. George Hamilton going as Captain Boring. Nick Lachey dressed as George Hamilton's sidekick, Uninterested Boy. -A picture of Nick Hogan at a car show following his car accident were he left someone in a coma. Harvey proceeds to talk about where the remorse that he has and saying it's in bad taste that he showed up to a car show. A TMZ staffer goes on to say that Hogan has lost his major sponsor for his drift car and the criminal charges, if any, in his latest car accident would be coming down today. -Commercial Break -Video of Jennifer Garner walking her daughter in New York City as the paparazzi follow her they trip over bicycles and balloons, Garner then begins yelling at them. Video of Liv Tyler taking her child out trick-or-treating last night wear the paparazzi wouldn't leave them alone, she says that they're scaring her child and as they walk up to door stoop they're all around it too. Video of Uma Thurman and her children on the front stoop, her children are making faces at the paparazzi, then Thurman stands up and says the paparazzi are bad. -Video of Hayden Pannettiere in Japan as she was helping dolphins who were being killed. She brakes down on the tape and begins crying. -An update on Duane Chapman, TMZ interviews his pastor Tim Story. -TMZ contacted Al Sharpton about his thoughts on the Duane Chapman story. He said that if Chapman is truly sorry he'll come march with him. Sharpton are said what he said was vile and grotesque. -Commercial Break -Video of Paris Hilton at LAX's Halloween Party where she showed up as a sexy soldier. She changes halfway through the party and is then a sexy inmate with the words "Jail Bait" written over her bottom. It's then pointed out she received $100,000 to attended the party. -Hollywood Freak Show - Halloween Edition: Video of women dressed as sexy cops, sexy Eskimos and sexy French maids, since it's Halloween, they can get away with that and not be called sluts. A video montage of what other people were wearing, two women actually had dignity and went as Michael Myers and Leatherface, there were a couple of Britney Spears', Kevin Federline, a Transformer, the Flintstones, Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix, a Gumby and someone dressed at Borat. -Commercial Break -Video of Petra Nemcova waiting to get into a nightclub. She was dressed as Cleopatra and nobody could recognize her, so she wasn't being let into the club. She eventually got in though. -Video of a girl from the Philippines performing on there edition of American Idol and sounding pretty good. -Video of Takara from America's Next Top Model wearing a girl scout outfit and she looks amazing. -A TMZ staffer is looking for photos of the new couple Mary-Kate Olsen and Shawn Avery of the New York Rangers.

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