Season 1 Episode 47

November 2, 2007

Aired Weekdays Nov 02, 2007 on

Episode Recap

-The story of Star Jones who was being investigated by a local Detroit news station for accepting money from a motivation group, Full and Fabulous, and then not showing up. They are reporting that Jones took $17,000 from the group and 2 first class airline tickets from the group to speak to them during Super Bowl Sunday in Detroit last year. While in Detroit for the Super Bowl, Jones did not appear for the speech and left two hours before her original ticket had said, costing the group even more money. Jones' representatives said the group breached the contract and her appearance was canceled. The group sued Jones for $20,000 and won, but have yet to collect the money. -Yesterday TMZ broke the news about Britney Spears' and Kevin Federline financial records. Spears takes in a monthly income of $737,868, and this is how she spends it. She spends nearly $50,000 on two houses mortgages. Federline spends $7,500 a month for rent. Spears spends nearly $5,000 a month eating out, Federline spends $1,500. Spears spends $16,000 on clothes, panties not included though, Federline spends $2,000 a month. Spears spends $102,000 a month on entertainment, gifts and vacations, and Federline spends $5,000. The only place Federline spends more money than Spears at is in insurance, Federline spends $3,000 and Spears spends $785. Kevin Federline's attorney's are also petitioning that Spears pay his legal bills. Also, today Britney Spears is being investigated by the LAPD for running over an officers foot while leaving the courthouse. -Video of Nicole Richie leaving a restaurant in Los Angeles, and she looks beautiful as one of the members of the paparazzi points out. -Video of Nick Carter talking to guy and then kissing him on his cheek. -Video of Lindsay Lohan out shopping and as the paparazzi take pictures and film her, audio of a mother coaching her two children how to take pictures of the celebrities. Then video of Lindsay out house shopping and looking at one that is just blocks away from the Ivy restaurant. -Video of Liv Tyler walking in New York City with her son. She is stunned that she's being followed again, for the second night in a row. As they're walking Liv's son begins telling the paparazzi to "stop the light" and to "turn it off" and he even says please. -Commercial Break -Video of Britney Spears being served with a lawsuit by her former manager. He's accusing her of cutting her out on royalties. -How much do celebrities get paid for attending parties? Britney Spears got paid $350,000 for attending the opening of LAX for all of 14 seconds. Paris and Nikki Hilton are getting paid $1,000,000 dollars for attending LAX's New Year's Eve party. Christina Aguilera was paid $2,000,000 for attending and performing at Miss Yugoslavia's wedding and that isn't including the private jet and hotel stay. Beyonce Knowles was paid $2,200,000 for attending a bat mitzvah. Not everyone gets the high prices though, Ron Jeremy gets $3,500; Zac Efron gets $50,000; Ashlee Simpson gets $35,000; Steve-O $20,000 and Brody Jenner gets $10,000. -Video of yesterday's Today show where they spent the entire show hyping Bee Movie. -Commercial Break -Video of Kevin Connolly being followed by a group of guys carrying a ghetto blaster, they just wanted him take a picture with him and them holding the ghetto blaster, he proceeds to run them down and is just being a total jerk to them. Earlier in the night Nick Carter had no problem doing it. -Pictures of Quentin Tarantino sucking on a woman's toes that he just met. But, Tarantino isn't the only person in Hollywood with a foot fetish Tommy Lee is, Jack Black is too, so is Brooke Burke. -Commercial Break -Video of eight year old boys doing the Soulja Boy dance in ballet class. TMZ has announced that Hip-Hop is now dead. -A picture of Neil Young looking like an axe murder. -Amy Winehouse performing at MTV Europe's Award show and sounding terrible, she then wins the Viewers Choice Award.

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