Season 1 Episode 49

November 5, 2007

Aired Weekdays Nov 05, 2007 on

Episode Recap

-Video of Britney Spears out shopping in Los Angeles over the weekend. She goes to a children clothing store to by her kids some new clothes, then it's off to Starbucks and on the way out Ali Simms tells the costumers to watch out, cause the paparazzi will run them over, which is ironic since Spears is being investigated for sunning over a cops foot, and to finish off Saturday, Spears goes to a tanning salon, where she parks in a handicap space. Sunday, Spears had her children, but she left them in the car with the court appointed supervisor when she went chandelier shopping. -Video of Jessica Simpson walking through JFK where she received a military escort with no less than sex National Guard troops walking beside her. American Airlines asked the troops to send only two of troops to escort her because of crowd control, there wasn't any crowd there though, the others just went along. The helped Simpson get her Escalade, but when one of her mother's friends was knocked to the ground by the paparazzi, they didn't help her. -Video of Hayden Panettiere in Los Angeles shopping. She talks about trying to save the dolphins, and says that although it maybe considered a tradition, the world should come together to make a change. When asked about whether she'll return to Japan she says, wherever the problem is, she'll be there. -Video of Matthew McCounghey playing football on the beach with some of his friends, surprisingly, he's wearing a shirt too. It was his birthday over the weekend and he just recently bought him $10 million Malibu mansion. -Video of Katie Holmes running, or walking, in the New York City Marathon. She was using an iPod too, which was banned from the event. She finished the marathon in 5hr 29mn 58sec. Later that night she attended the Lions for Lambs premiere with Tom Cruise. -An update on the David Copperfield story. -Video ot the paparazzi interviewing someone in a car, and as he drives away, a member of the paparazzi asks him who that was. It was Eric McCormack. -Commercial Break -Video of Lindsay Lohan going in and then going into salon, she looks the same as she did going in and coming out. Riley Giles, Lohan's boyfriend, then berates the paparazzi about staying away from the car and getting to close to Lohan. -Video of Ken Davitian talking to the paparazzi about he's working on now, as the paparazzi is talking to him George Clooney comes out, and the paparazzi begins ignoring Ken and and talking to Clooney. As Clooney leaves in his car, the paparazzi goes back Ken and asks him about one of the projects he said he was working on, all Ken does is yell for Clooney to come back. -Video of Mary Louise-Parker in an elevator while the paparazzi hold the doors open and take pictures of her and her daughter. These paparazzi members, from New York, broke the unwritten rule about staying away from celebrities and their children, as they did last week with Jennifer Garner and Liv Tyler. -Video of Ringo Starr and Joe Walsh outside of restaurant. The TMZ staffer presenting the story said she doesn't know what members of The Beatles or the Eagles look like, she said she was going to show it to Harvey Levin because he would probably know, because he's old. -Promotional pictures of The Spice Girls' new album and music video, which are heavily airbrushed are shown, then pictures of what they really look like are shown. -Commercial Break -Video of Snoop Dogg at London's Heathrow Airport talking to fans. Then a brawl ensues as the police think Snoop, and/or his entourage had insulted them. This is the incident that got Snoop Dogg banned from Heathrow, it is not new as the video has just surfaced. -Commercial Break -Pictures of Neverland Ranch, the grass is dying, and the hedges that said Neverland are dying as well. There are no animals on the property. -Video of Steve-O climbing onto an SUV and doing a back flip off of it. -A picture of Dianna Ross jogging with a pair of purple sweatpants on, they're pulled up high and tucked into her ugg boots.

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