Season 1 Episode 45

October 31, 2007

Aired Weekdays Oct 31, 2007 on

Episode Recap

-Video of Britney Spears at a house late a night, that is proceeded by audio of her on Ryan Seacrest's radio show. -Audio of Duane Chapman's phone call to his son is played. -An update on the Pierce Brosnan story from yesterday. TMZ interviews the member of the paparazzi that Brosnan allegedly hit, he says that he didn't know what set him off, but he thinks it may be the fact the he was asking his son questions, he also says that Brosnan packs a punch too. -Video of Russell Crowe and his wife out shopping for Halloween stuff, as he passes the paparazzi, one of the members says g'day mate. -A picture of Amy Winehouse without her beehive hairdo and wearing clothes that looked like they came from the Gap. She was also crying in the picture. -Paris Hilton will be getting $500,000 for a party at a Las Vegas nightclub on New Year's Eve., this reported on just days after she paid $2 million to sit front row at a fashion show. Her trip to Rwanda has been canceled as well, and tonight she's getting paid $100,000 to appear at LAX's Halloween Party. -Lane Garrison was sentenced today to 40 months and he could be released in 20 months. But, what about Brandy? Brandy committed the same crime as Lane Garrison and she hasn't even been charged, while she's out partying, waiting for the District Attorney to see what they're going to so with the case. If she isn't charged by December 30th, she will never be charged with a crime. -Commercial Break -Video of Chris Robinson in New York City. Then it's proceeded by video of Owen Wilson, Sting, Ashley Olsen and Slash of Guns 'N Roses all walking around New York City, not all together at once though. -A picture of Gyllen-Spoon kissing at LAX. This is Resse Witherspoon first relationship since her divorce to Ryan Phillippe, while Jake Gyllenhaal has been connected to Kirsten Dunst and Heath Ledger. There were rumors that the relationship was all just a farce to drum-up the movie, but since the movie tanked and they're kissing in public, it doesn't seem that way. -Hollywood Freak Show - Halloween Edition: Video of people walking around in their Halloween costumes, including LC from The Hills. -Who was Ashley Olsen having dinner with last night, for the second night in a row with? It was Lance Armstrong, it makes sense since she looks like all of his previous ex's. -Video of the Homeless Al Pacino trying to get into a nightclub. When someone tells him he's not Tony Montana he flips out. -Commercial Break -Video of Kanye West sending his bodyguards to the paparazzi to tell them to stop taping him and that he's only allowing people to photograph him and not film him. He then proceeds to say that this is his street, when the paparazzi tells him it's a public a street. -Full Throttle Fashion: a picture of Mena Suvari shopping in Los Angeles; a picture of Juliette Lewis performing with her band in Florida; a picture of Jennifer Connelly. -It's TMZ's Halloween Party: a picture of Kelly Osbourne where they say she looks like the Joker, Nicholson version. A picture of Amy Winehouse where they say she looks like Quasimodo. -Commercial Break -Video of Danny Glover stumping for Presidential Candidate John Edwards in the south lat week, and he's giving his speech at a funeral home. -Discussion among the TMZ staffers about the annual Richest Dead Celebrity list that comes out. -As the show ends all the TMZ staffers put up a picture of Harvey Levin over their faces.

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