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  • lair in chief

    I find it humorous that someone that used their parents money to get out of serving this country, and someone who couldn't tell the truth if he was drowning in a pools of truth serum. Gets to decide what it means to be a patriot, and what is disrespectful to flag when he through his lies and bulling attic's disrespects the very office that the flag represents. Has the entire country in a uproar over kneeling. he is good at changing the narrative
  • true or not true

    did your show get involved with taking a weight loss supplement or are they just scamming the celebrities again???

  • Kardashian obsession.

    Pleeeeease stop bringing up the worthless kardashians. Who really cares for their drama? That makes quality entertainment? I'm surprised TMZ would feed into their NEED to stay relevant. They are the most shallow family obsessing over their looks and taking selfies. Great role models for our younger generation. Looks looks looks it's all about looks! Shame on you TMZ for getting sucked into their brainless word.
  • plz stop

    every time i hear raquel harper it feels like i am at a bus stop. please take her off your show. she is the worst part of every segment.
  • Top Shows - My favorite, preferred gossip show

    What tears it apart is the humor. Other celeb shows entail bland, boring, typical reporting. I know its low brow here and there but I dont mind it. I mean, Fox used to air more of those kind of shows in the early 2000s.

    (Most ep, 2007-July 2015) Fox, UPN, ABC 3,
  • One Request

    Please..... STOP talking over each other.

    Ya'll sound like a room full of mag pies and we can't hear anything you're say.

    Harvy... That means YOU too.
  • DosoDrive

    I guess they didn't return your calls TMZ, you're not important enough... plus that press conference was hours ago

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  • Dumb show.

    A dumb show by a bunch of flunkies.
  • missing gay guy

    what happen to the gay guy that use to sit by max. he's funny as hell
  • I'm not saying this because of the NC

    I'm really not saying this because of the nostalgia critic, but i'm going to say it right now FUCK THIS SHOW. It does nothing but portray the actual scum at the bottom of today's media. This is not how real journalist is, OR SHOULD BE. Why the FUCK would people care about such ridiculous bullshit that they report, why not real topics besides HOW FAT KIM KARDASHIAN IS. If you support this show with PASSION like most people out there, GET A FUCKING LIFE.

    sorry, it sucks.
  • Since when did invading peoples' personal privacy make a good show?

    Answer: never.
  • harvey is in the way

    Harvey goes off and when he returns that's it it never makes sense to anyone but him.
  • 90% Of Staff Are Envious Wanna Be's

    Three of the female cast members are pathetic excuses for women. Ignorance is bliss. . .Need I say more!!
  • sausage of a show

    This gossip TV show is very similar to a sausage in the culinary world. TMZ uses all the unwanted discarded, fatty bits to create a low quality sausage of a show! The TMZ show members use very little material in a repetitive, redundant and poorly entertaining way.
  • Whiny show.

    Somewhat tries hard by mocking celebrities. I don't feel bad for the celebrity that they are shouting at though. It's really annoying that they try hard to be funny for me by mocking celebrities, but it's mostly garbage and nothing else. I don't like their straightforward shouting jokes, If I will rant about a person's life, I would be more quiet and make some funny jokes about it. I won't shout around like a tard. This show just tries hard. It's humor may apply to you all, but for me, no. I would rant more in well-behaved manner.
  • One stop shop for

    gossip about celebrities amongst the TMZ staff.... mostly bad critiques though...
  • I actually love TMZ (but like another reviewer, would never admit to it except anonymously).

    I have never had someone shove a camera in my face so I'm not sure if I can comment on TMZ with any authority but I actually love the show! I don't really care all that much about most of the "gossip" and don't even know half of the people they are talking about but I love it because the "comments" are very witty. And I am fairly sure that anything they divulge about any celeb is accurate. Harvey wouldn't risk making an inaccurate statement.
    The whole format is funny-get a whole bunch of 20-somethings in a room with Harvey (who is at least 30 years older) and it's a hoot. Since I'm pretty close to Harvey's age (ok, I'm 51), I "sympathize" with him when the "Kid Cast" has no idea who some extremely famous (or once was) is. The celebs they cover all seem to know who TMZ is and most do not seem to have a problem talking with them. And TMZ seems to have some standards (which some celebs don't "get" but should). If you don't want to talk with them, just ignore them-all the time! And they'll leave you alone. The questions they ask celebs are not usually offensive-unless you are a total as_h_le and/or break the law!
  • "I'm a lawyer".

    Yep. You sure are! Could spot that a mile away every time Levin opens his gob, and by the underhanded way this "show" conducts it's "investigations". Like the law and lawyers, its certainly not about the truth; but it IS about the game. And why not make it as sensational and salacious as possible while they obvert the facts and go for the "win", whatever that is.
    This show doesn't take stupidity and bad behaviour and make it the example it deserves to be. (a.k.a The Soup). Its invasive, its intrusive and its method of getting/inventing the story is provocation in most cases.
    I'm waiting for the day when the lawyer needs a lawyer, and no one will touch him. Now THAT would be a great day for the law!
  • Trash trash trash

    It is bad enough that this is such a popular internet destination. Why people would be so fixated on celebrities is beyond me. Every day the news is littered with junk that I would never call newsworthy in the first place.

    I do not care if Britany Spears is an unfit mother. I do not care about whether or not Lindsay Lohan has ditched rehab. And to tell you the truth I have absolutely no respect for people who make their living STALKING these people.

    But the truth is this show will probably be a break out hit. Some people just can not seem to live without knowing all the sordid details of someone else's life.

  • Garbage Garbage Garbage

    The only way this show could be any good is if the celebrities the paparazzi stalk started fighting back and we get to see the photostalkers get beaten up. Shows like this have no place on tv and lower the quality of American culture. South Park for example is satirically funny, TMZ is just unneccesary trash. Why would anyone watch this? Oh Boy, we get to see wided eyed celebrities has they get annoyed or use the media - yeah!(
  • Garbage Garbage Garbage

    The only way this show could be any good is if the celebrities the paparazzi stalk started fighting back and we get to see the photostalkers get beaten up. Shows like this have no place on tv and lower the quality of American culture. South Park for example is satirically funny, TMZ is just unneccesary trash. Why would anyone watch this? Oh Boy, we get to see wided eyed celebrities has they get annoyed or use the media - yeah!(
  • No one knows I really watch this stuff.

    TMZ likes to pick on certain people so if you want your fill of Britney Spears by all means watch TMZ. They seem to go to the trashier side of things, making it hard to take them seriously, especially if one of thier cameramen try picking up a celeb. I'm still smarting over Princess Diana's death so I'm not into all this paparazzi. Especially when it's clear that the star wishes not to be photographed. Still, I watch hoping they finally leave Britney alone and go on to other newworthy stars that I do want to hear a tidbit about. If only TMZ would leave the trash behind...
  • Holy Crapman!

    This has got to be the most ridiculous shows to ever air on T.V.! What the heck is this supposed to be, the American version of the Paparazzi? Talk about a total violation of peoples right to privacy! Can it get anymore pathetic? What gives these people the right to violate the privacy of anyone, celebrity or not? It never ceases to amaze me how low these so called reporters will sink. I would have to say that some people need to find a real job and quit disrupting the private lives of others. The popularity of this show only solidifies my belief that the media has brain washed the general public into loving any dirt on others, especially celebrities. It wouldn't be quite as bad if they did not exaggerate everything as much as they do. Society is falling fast to the depths of darkness and airing shows such as this only accelerates this motion. Pathetic is a vast understatement. It used to be that the Tabloids were the only ones who did such a thing. Myself, I would be ashamed to have any part of such garbage.
  • what kind of series is this and have we seen this thrash again? why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gimme a Break the show is an example of gossip rags like the National Enquirer and the Globe do expect this being to a television format. This is why the show really falls flat in the first to me it's a guilty pleasure but they do this with bad taste if they have it their way they would make how they get images of celebrities like Britiney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and others. I do not like the series if even they try to when will this crappy would I to see a that a star would turn the tables on this thrash of a series and see it this is as crap.
  • TMZ online comes to TV and shares the entertainment news/gossip highlights of the day for half an hour.

    I am a big Hollywood gossip buff so I do sometimes watch the show. I'm not into the whole stalking a celebrity for a news story, but it is nice to see what celebs are up to.

    Anyway, when the show first premiered I watched it everyday...but seeing as how I read TMZ online I do not see the point in watching the show and reading the website. However, it is often nice to see the people sharing these stories the way they do online on television. The show is comical at times, boring at times (there's always the slow news days), but overall good for the gossip gurus who can't get to TMZ online. I think that people get less out of the show and more out of the website.