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Episode Guide

  • Episode #2.312
    Episode #2.312
    Episode 312
  • Episode #2.311
    Episode #2.311
    Episode 311
    Chris Titus has nicknames for all the TMZ staffers; Jay Chandrasekhar has a lot of upcoming movies; and Corey Feldman impersonates Michael Jackson at his memorial.
  • Episode #2.310
    Episode #2.310
    Episode 310

    Ron Artest gives out his cellphone number, which causes the TMZ staffers to call him; Kate Beckinsale gets pissed by something the TMZ camera man says; and Queen on the Scene loves Steven Seagal, although she doesn't know any of his movies.

  • Episode #2.309
    Episode #2.309
    Episode 309
    Dane Cook has never drank or done drugs - which explains why he isn't funny; Sophie Monk doesn't know what the paparazzi is following her; and Aubrey O'Day doesn't regret calling Adolf Hitler intelligent.
  • Episode #2.308
    Episode #2.308
    Episode 308
    Chris Brown doesn't want to answer any questions; Derek Hough is getting tired of hearing the Mark Ballas is his boyfriend; Loretta Devine gets asked some bad questions; UFC fighter Mauricio "Shogun" Rua talks about Chuck Liddell being on Dancing With The Stars; and Liza Minnelli doesn't want to talk about Michael Jackson.moreless
  • Episode #2.307
    Episode #2.307
    Episode 307

    Chuck Liddell comes into the TMZ newsroom; Matt Damon doesn't Twitter, thankfully; Janice Dickinson doesn't want aspiring actor's reels; Jeff Goldblum doesn't want to talk about his personal life; Jillian Murray puts sunglasses on her dog's butt; and Jon Gosselin's pick-up line "do you want a cigarette?"

  • Episode #2.306
    Episode #2.306
    Episode 306
  • Episode #2.305
    Episode #2.305
    Episode 305
    Brody Jenner and Joe Francis get into a brawl at a bar; Mark Wahlberg makes fun of the TMZ camera man; and David Spade is close to be on Dancing with the Stars.
  • Episode #2.304
    Episode #2.304
    Episode 304
    John Mayer challenges Harvey Levin to find a mugshot of him; Claudia Jordan gives the TMZ camera man a ride and strips him of his shirt; Dr. Rey plays show and tell with a breast implant; Daisy de la Hoya may be drunk?; and Larry King yells at his wife in front of a restaurant.moreless
  • Episode #2.303
    Episode #2.303
    Episode 303
    Lisa Lampanelli tells a joke that TMZ can't air; Mya doesn't know if she'll win Dancing with the Stars; and the TMZ camera man makes Rihanna blush.
  • Episode #2.302
    Episode #2.302
    Episode 302
    DMX's advice to children - Stay the f*** out of Arizona; and Christina Millian is engaged, but isn't pregnant.
  • Episode #2.301
    Episode #2.301
    Episode 301
    Kier Mellour doesn't like Megan Fox at all, but who's Kier Mellour?; Al Sharpton doesn't know about National Topless Day; Babyface has a stretch of highway named after him; and the Big Show cheats at thumb wrestling.
  • Episode #2.300
    Episode #2.300
    Episode 300
  • Episode #2.299
    Episode #2.299
    Episode 299
    James Caan could simply be the coolest guy ever; Chris Brown is still hate able and just doesn't get it; Stephen Moyer isn't jealous of Alexander Skarsgard; David Beckham should never talk; Meat Loaf wants to know if TMZ's Kelly finds him sexy; and Stephen Belafonte reveals just too much about himself.moreless
  • Episode #2.298
    Episode #2.298
    Episode 298
    Erin Cummings tells what happens if you fall asleep on the set of Quentin Tarantino's movies; Whoopi Goldberg is in a bad mood; Frances Bean Cobain talks about what she got for her 17th birthday; Jay Leno stops traffic in his Model-T; and Slash wouldn't date Paula Abdul - even if he wasn't married.moreless
  • Episode #2.297
    Episode #2.297
    Episode 297
    George Hamilton thinks President Obama is just overly tanned; Mark Ballas Cheats on Derek Hough with Lacey Schwimmer; Whitney Port is extremely boring - giving everyone hope they can get a television show; and Heavy D bridges the gap between Queen on the Scene and TMZ.
  • Episode #2.296
    Episode #2.296
    Episode 296
    Lindsay Lohan is talking with a British Accent; Michael Madsen has had enough of Brad Pitt; Kari Ann Peniche talks about her non-sex tape, sex tape with Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart; and Keanu Reeves' beard has magic powers.
  • Episode #2.295
    Episode #2.295
    Episode 295
    Harvey tries to talk Jerry O'Connell out of going to law school; Robert Blake sings and reads poetry; one of the Backstreet Boys dances for TSA agents; and Yanni shaved his mustache and cut his hair.
  • Episode #2.294
    Episode #2.294
    Episode 294
  • Episode #2.293
    Episode #2.293
    Episode 293
    Justin Timberlake doesn't want to play "Guess What's in the Backpack"; Jon Gosselin explains why the cops were called to the Gosselin residence; and Spencer is now Heidi's pimp.
  • Episode #2.292
    Episode #2.292
    Episode 292
    The TMZ camera man sings "My Little Buttercup" for Steve Martin; Rosie O'Donnell isn't seperating from her wife; Gary Busey does some more crazy talking; and Tori Spelling's husband is tired of people not talking nice about them and their family.
  • Episode #2.291
    Episode #2.291
    Episode 291
    Clint Eastwood doesn't want to be in government now; Don Rickles got your Mr. Potato Head; and Sugar Ray Leonard tells how got the nickname Sugar.
  • Episode #2.290
    Episode #2.290
    Episode 290
    Oprah doesn't pay attention to pop culture; Michael Clarke Duncan want's TMZ to find him a date; Billy Bellamy did originate the term "booty calls"; Cheech Marin already smoked Tommy Chong's wedding present; and Tori Spelling doesn't use her children as props.
  • Episode #2.289
    Episode #2.289
    Episode 289
    Marion Berry will always be remembered for helping people, not the whole smoking crack on tape thing or stalking a former aide; Kathy Griffin takes Levi Johnston to the Teen Choice Awards; Kevin Dillon doesn't want to talk about the Seth Rogen/Entourage feud; Sean Lennon picks his nose; Lil' Boosie is just like Rosa Parks; and Paula Abdul is getting all the support she needs - and then some.moreless
  • Episode #2.288
    Episode #2.288
    Episode 288
  • Episode #2.287
    Episode #2.287
    Episode 287
    Mickey Rourke wakes up late; Chuck Liddell likes using his over-hand right; Christina Ricci didn't rip-off Britney Spears; and Lindsay Lohan blames Samantha Ronson for all the fighting, on her birthday no less.
  • Episode #2.286
    Episode #2.286
    Episode 286
    Paula Abdul talks about leaving American Idol or is it all just a publicity stunt?; Hunter Parrish only gets asked questions about pot; and Stephon Marbury is a big ball of crazy.
  • Episode #2.285
    Episode #2.285
    Episode 285
    Shaquille O'Neal complains about the parking at a mall; Sheila E. didn't sing for President Obama; Wynonna Judd tries to explain who she is to a French tourist; and Gabrielle Union talks about farting.
  • Episode #2.284
    Episode #2.284
    Episode 284
    Shaquille O'Neal thinks he could beat David Beckham at soccer; Joan Rivers throws Brooke Shields under the bus; and Channing Tatum's black man's envy has been cured.
  • Episode #2.283
    Episode #2.283
    Episode 283
    Jessica Simpson gives the worst excuse ever for her Indian giver comment; Kelly Carlson doesn't have on make-up; and AnnaLynne McCord takes off her friends' swimsuits.
  • Episode #2.282
    Episode #2.282
    Episode 282
  • Episode #2.281
    Episode #2.281
    Episode 281
    TMZ found the tape of Simon Cowell singing - Take that Nigel Lythgoe; Dave Navarro is upset that he outed himself as a Free Mason?; AnnaLynne McCord obviously likes to party; and Dianetics is now advertising on, making Tom Cruise the greatest person that ever lived.
  • Episode #2.280
    Episode #2.280
    Episode 280
    Nigel Lythgoe throws down a challenge to TMZ: Find the tape of Simon Cowell singing; Mel Gibson didn't beat up a member of the paparazzi; Willie Garson plays "F, Marry, Kill" with the Sex and the City girls; never ask Rebecca Gayheart if she's part Indian; and Ciara may be trying too hard.moreless
  • Episode #2.279
    Episode #2.279
    Episode 279
    Robert Blake does something really creepy; Dave Navarro is a 33rd level Free Mason?; Paris Hilton adopts a new kitten; Sophie Monk and Jesus both shop at Norsdrom; and Chuck Hayes gets all the women - but who's Chuck Hayes?
  • Episode #2.278
    Episode #2.278
    Episode 278
    Audrina is on the pineapple diet; Leslie Jordan can't catch a break - someone give him a job!; Kristen Johnston wants to know why people put sunglasses on their dogs' butt; and Jessica Simpson isn't an Indian giver - even if it's not ok to say it.
  • Episode #2.277
    Episode #2.277
    Episode 277
    Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson get into another fight; Kate Beckinsale is still a sex symbol; Brody Jenner wants to meet Elvis and Batman; Brian Austin Green isn't no Vivian Vance or Desi Arnaz; and the TMZ camera man dances for Nigel Lythgoe.
  • Episode #2.276
    Episode #2.276
    Episode 276
  • Episode #2.275
    Episode #2.275
    Episode 275
    LeBron James doesn't remember being dunked on; Stevie Wonder wants to get paid to sing; Tony Dnaza isn't going to put sunglasses on his dog's butt; and Jane Fonda breaks the law.
  • Episode #2.274
    Episode #2.274
    Episode 274
    Chevy Chase does his impersonation of Harvey Levin; Regis Philbin started eating Taco Bell because of a dog; Tzi Ma doesn't always play a bad guy in movies; and Dick Van Patton thinks pitbulls make good pets.
  • Episode #2.273
    Episode #2.273
    Episode 273
    TMZ shows exclusive video of LeBron James getting dunked on by Jordan Crawford; Robert Blake finally speaks - but what he says is sad; Gayle King is starting to talk like Oprah; Shawn Southwick shows off her legs; and Billy Dee Williams says it isn't wrong to drink alcohol.
  • Episode #2.272
    Episode #2.272
    Episode 272
    Larry King gives advice on living a long life; David Duchovny wants people to call him Dr. Duchovny; Queen on the Scene does her Fonz impression for Henry Winkler; Bai Ling plays in traffic; and Will Ferrell doesn't care about meat loaf.
  • Episode #2.271
    Episode #2.271
    Episode 271
    Matt Damon runs the streets of New York City and acts weird; Danny DeVito gets into an argument with the TMZ camera over over Rhea Pearlman's name; the TMZ camera man does the moonwalk for Rachel Bilson; and Charles looks like Stevie Wonder from behind.
  • Episode #2.270
    Episode #2.270
    Episode 270
  • Episode #2.269
    Episode #2.269
    Episode 269
    Orlando Bloom doesn't want people to worry about his house getting robbed; the TMZ camera man gives Sarah Silverman a math pop quiz; Katy Perry isn't a role model; and how is Kristin Cavallari somewhat famous?
  • Episode #2.268
    Episode #2.268
    Episode 268
    Kate Beckinsale feels sticky; Chris Berman is upset that the TMZ camera man didn't talk to him; Marlon Wayans likes to be annoying; and Delta Burke isn't doing a movie with Wyatt Earp.
  • Episode #2.267
    Episode #2.267
    Episode 267
    Paris Hilton doesn't care that a member of the paparazzi took a picture of her, up her dress; Yeardly Smith has the best job ever; and Queen on the Scene gets mad that the TMZ camera man is talking to Betty White.
  • Episode #2.266
    Episode #2.266
    Episode 266
    Paris Hilton won't even get out of her car to give money to a homeless man - she makes the paparazzi do it; Kelsey Grammer rules out a reunion of both Cheers and Frasier; and Jason Statham gives the TMZ camera man the death stares of all death stares.
  • Episode #2.265
    Episode #2.265
    Episode 265
    Joan Rivers tells a joke about Michael Jackson - but is it too soon?; Megan Fox doesn't want the TMZ camera man to pay her parking ticket; and Hugh Jackman is going to Ethiopia.
  • Episode #2.264
    Episode #2.264
    Episode 264
  • Episode #2.263
    Episode #2.263
    Episode 263
    Rebecca Mader doesn't want to be compared to Lindsay Lohan; Steve Austin doesn't want to go driving with Nick Hogan; Frances Fisher gives great advice to the TMZ camera man, on how to save the environment; and Jack Osbourne gets pulled over by the LAPD.
  • Episode #2.262
    Episode #2.262
    Episode 262
    Balthazar Getty tells the origin of his name; Michelle Rodriguez might want to knockout the TMZ cameraman; and Reese Witherspoon gets a unique compliment.
  • Episode #2.261
    Episode #2.261
    Episode 261
    Lindsay Lohan wants the paparazzi to help her in not paying a locksmith; Larry King gets yelled at by a homeless man, for not giving him enough money; Joe Frazier can ramble about anything he wants; and Mike Tyson doesn't believe in violence.
  • Episode #2.260
    Episode #2.260
    Episode 260
    The TMZ staffers discuss the Michael Jackson memorial; Ron Artest wants TMZ to do his reality show; and Josh Duhamel isn't making money from Transformers?
  • Episode #2.259
    Episode #2.259
    Episode 259
    Debbie Rowe wants to beat up the paparazzi; Hugh Jackman stops traffic in New York City; Isabel Lucas finds out that the second Transformers movie sucks; 50 Cent is using TMZ for his business; and Bradley Cooper is still boring to talk to.
  • Episode #2.258
    Episode #2.258
    Episode 258
  • Episode #2.257
    Episode #2.257
    Episode 257
    Brad Pitt has motorcycle troubles and gets a ride from the TMZ camera man, but doesn't want to give an interview; Fred Stoller is sadly the unknown man; Tom Skerritt shows off his newly adopted two year old; and Elizabeth Berkley sings the work out song from Saved by the Bell.moreless
  • Episode #2.256
    Episode #2.256
    Episode 256
    Al Sharpton doesn't want to talk about people using Michael Jackson's death for publicity, obviously; Rihanna is going to tattoo school; and Chris Noth doesn't want to be on camera.
  • Episode #2.255
    Episode #2.255
    Episode 255
    Dean Cain gives the TMZ camera man a taste of his own medicine; Emmanuelle Chriqui isn't Jamie-Lynn Sigler; Renee Zellweger can't catch a cab; and TMZ breaks the news that Shaquille O'Neal is a big man.
  • Episode #2.254
    Episode #2.254
    Episode 254
    Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott think TMZ is mean to them; Alexander Skarsgard thinks the vampires from Twilight are cute; don't ever call Paul Sorvino a mobster; Danny Trejo gives TMZ a new name; and a TMZ camera man gets put into a Mariah Carey video.
  • Episode #2.253
    Episode #2.253
    Episode 253
    Sean William Scott is a lot funnier than John Mayer; Jeff Goldblum is alive!; Al Michaels is mad because he's getting old; Ron Jeremy wants to have his penis in the Smithsonian - after he dies; the TMZ camera man tries to pick up Janis Dickinson; and Corey Feldman looses his musical mind.moreless
  • Episode #2.252
    Episode #2.252
    Episode 252
  • Episode #2.251
    Episode #2.251
    Episode 251
    TMZ looks at the death of Michael Jackson, what could have caused his death and who will get custody of his children; Zach Braff gets asked two of the worst questions ever; AnnaLynne McCord does a whole lot of shaking; and Joan Rivers gives a few zingers.
  • Episode #2.250
    Episode #2.250
    Episode 250
    Tommy Davidson shows off his abs, while he's smoking; Bridget Marquardt isn't a good role model; Tom Arnold has an awkward moment with the valet; and Ciara takes her time getting out of a parking space.
  • Episode #2.249
    Episode #2.249
    Episode 249
    Jerry O'Connell has the TMZ camera man watch after his twins; Audrina likes hamburgers, but does she eat them?; and Kim Kardashian wants to have a sleepover with Megan Fox.
  • Episode #2.248
    Episode #2.248
    Episode 248
    Tim Burton gives terrible advice on drugs; Dick Van Dyke shows just how awesome he really is; and Courtney Love wants to know if TMZ screwed her over from her last appearance.
  • Episode #2.247
    Episode #2.247
    Episode 247
    Mickey Rourke wants to beat up Perez Hilton; Christian Bale and his wife get into a shouting match with the paparazzi; and Bradley Cooper is boring to talk to.
  • Episode #2.246
    Episode #2.246
    Episode 246
  • Episode #2.245
    Episode #2.245
    Episode 245
    Michael Bublé has a fear of doing something stupid on TMZ; Shia LaBeouf is now Megan Fox's decoy; Denise Richards doesn't pay attention to the news and she's boring; Reuben Studdard doesn't know what's in a reuben sandwich; and Ernest Borgnine is legendary, not imaginary.
  • Episode #2.244
    Episode #2.244
    Episode 244
    Courtney Love shows off the contents of her purse and one of the items is a syringe; Gianni Russo want's to be on TV or else he'll put a horse's head in Max's bed; Joh Holloway talks if you mention that he was in a music video; Mike Shinoda gets mad if you don't mention Linkin Park; and Stacey Dash looks incredible for 43.moreless
  • Episode #2.243
    Episode #2.243
    Episode 243
    Rebecca De Mornay makes a TMZ camera smash into a poll and Gordan Ramsay laughs about it; Dominique Dawes doesn't want close-ups of her calves again; Ruben Studdard sits by the window on airplanes; and a TMZ camera gets excited because he touched Michael Jackson's hand, again.
  • Episode #2.242
    Episode #2.242
    Episode 242
    Nick Lachey runs over one of the paparazzi; Robert Englund doesn't dress up for Halloween; Steve Schirripa isn't afraid of Hugh Grant; and a wasted LeAnn Rimes gets rescued by Superman.
  • Episode #2.241
    Episode #2.241
    Episode 241
    50 Cent likes to represent CT - Connecticut; John Mayer and Rob Dyrdek pull a lame prank; the TMZ camera man wants to borrow 50 grand from Timbaland; and Tony Danza dings up a Porsche.
  • Episode #2.240
    Episode #2.240
    Episode 240
  • Episode #2.239
    Episode #2.239
    Episode 239
    Noah Wyle has to answer all the TMZ camera man's questions, or he'll get told the score of the Lakers game; Artie Lange doesn't care what Miss California does; Mike Piazza's wife doesn't want him to talk to TMZ; and Vince Shlomi isn't seeing hookers anymore.
  • Episode #2.238
    Episode #2.238
    Episode 238
    Robert Pattinson likes to slap cameras; TMZ gets the biggest celebrity ever - Billy Mays; Levi Johnston doesn't use protection...When he's sun tanning; and Tom Skerritt has forgotten that he was in Poison Ivy.
  • Episode #2.237
    Episode #2.237
    Episode 237
    Hugh Grant kicks the TMZ camera man square in the groin; Michael Jackson can still moonwalk; Tommy Chong has some advice, on how to pick up Megan Fox; and the TMZ staffers really like Major League.
  • Episode #2.236
    Episode #2.236
    Episode 236
    Jessica Alba vandalizes Oklahoma City, a city with no shark population, with posters about the dwindling numbers of sharks; Enrique Inglesias writes bad lyrics when he smokes marijuana and also when he doesn't; Ciara really does sing during live performances; Mark Walberg talks about Mark Wahlberg; and a little kid gets an autograph rejection from Kate Gosselin.moreless
  • Episode #2.235
    Episode #2.235
    Episode 235
    Hugh Jackman proves that absolutely nothing will phase him; Eve cries over Jon & Kate Plus 8?; and Matthew McConaughey doesn't want to be chased up and down the beach.
  • Episode #2.234
    Episode #2.234
    Episode 234
  • Episode #2.233
    Episode #2.233
    Episode 233
    Gerard Butler doesn't want to talk about women anymore; Jon Goesselin pretty much admits his family drama is fake; Markie Post is still working; Jane Fonda isn't in a wheelchair anymore; and Tyrese admits to the worse thing he's ever done.
  • Episode #2.232
    Episode #2.232
    Episode 232
    Rachael Ray doesn't have a recipe for pot brownies; Katie Couric admits that TMZ saved her career; Ryan Seacrest likes the TMZ cameraman's dog; John Legend snubs Guillermo del Toro; and Val Kilmer drops his apple.
  • Episode #2.231
    Episode #2.231
    Episode 231
    Ice-T wants to punch TMZ's own Max and Kelly in their faces; Sheryl Crow is bitter; Adam Lambert doesn't want to admit that he's with his friend; and Tyrese throws the worst party ever.
  • Episode #2.230
    Episode #2.230
    Episode 230
    A TMZ staff member's father doesn't want Samuel L. Jackson messed with; Jodie Sweetin has really grown up; Mario Batali tells how he would prepare yak penis soup; Betty White denies an autograph seeker; and Paul McCartney drops the F-bomb.
  • Episode #2.229
    Episode #2.229
    Episode 229
    Kate Bosworth likes sitting by the window on an airplane; Rob Dydrek isn't a fan of Delta Airlines; and Kirsten Dunst only tips one dollar.
  • Episode #2.228
    Episode #2.228
    Episode 228
  • Episode #2.227
    Episode #2.227
    Episode 227
    Mark Wahlberg would return as Marky Marky for $500 billion; Timbaland makes it a point to show that he's married; and Mary Tyler Moore sings the theme song from her television show.
  • Episode #2.226
    Episode #2.226
    Episode 226
    TMZ gets into a Twitter war with Al Roker; Lisa Rinna wants to do something to Harvey; Cedric the Entertainer doesn't want his pedicure to be on television; and Marlon Wayans defends Chris Brown?
  • Episode #2.225
    Episode #2.225
    Episode 225
    Janice Dickinson shouldn't say that someone drinks too much; Carrie Prejean thinks that Adam Lambert should have won American Idol, not that there's anything wrong with that; Tom Arnold moons the TMZ camera man; and Jane Fonda rides in a wheelchair.
  • Episode #2.224
    Episode #2.224
    Episode 224
    Gene Simmons trashes everyone who works for TMZ, probably because he can't make money off of them; Mel Gibson is going to talk to the paparazzi because they're a-hole's, it's because it's none of their damn business; Diane Keaton hides behind her polka dot scarf; never ask 50 Cent about Bette Midler; and Avril Lavigne doesn't know how to pump her own gas.moreless
  • Episode #2.223
    Episode #2.223
    Episode 223
    In honor of Memorial Day, TMZ takes a look at celebrity connections to the military.
  • Episode #2.222
    Episode #2.222
    Episode 222
  • Episode #2.221
    Episode #2.221
    Episode 221
    Kelsey Grammer shows off his hybrid sports car; Toni Basil was never in war movies or comic books; Sinbad talks about who's the greatest bald guy; Pat Boone tells a story about Elvis; and Shawn Johnson is a robot.
  • Episode #2.220
    Episode #2.220
    Episode 220
    Spencer Pratt is the world's biggest poser; Janice Dickinson doesn't want to talk about her druken tirade; Eugene Levy's wife really likes TMZ's own Max; Giles Marini fans consist of old men, who want him to get naked again; and Tatyana Ali doesn't know if Bert & Ernie are gay.
  • Episode #2.219
    Episode #2.219
    Episode 219
    Lisa Rinna is a naughty girl; Steve-O doesn't like the fact that TMZ says he isn't funny anymore; Jack Osbourne is into necrophilia; Mariah Carey has the worst comeback ever; and Derek Fisher's wife wants to beat down her husband's stalker.
  • Episode #2.218
    Episode #2.218
    Episode 218
    Mickey Rourke gives his thoughts on the ending of The Wrestler; Ron White wants TMZ to be more funny; Jeanne Tripplehorn outflanks the TMZ camera man; and Marlon Wayons is still mocking the TMZ camera that was beaten up by Woody Harrelson.
  • Episode #2.218
    Episode #2.218
    Episode 217
    Shaquille O'Neal buys a homeless woman some food, but she leaves and doesn't eat; John Mayer does a sketch for the paparazzi, but TMZ doesn't do sketches; Pharrell makes the TMZ camera man give him a pre-interview; and Scott Baio tells a joke so bad, it causes an earthquake.
  • Episode #2.216
    Episode #2.216
    Episode 216
  • Episode #2.215
    Episode #2.215
    Episode 215
    Hank Azaria left Apu in a museum; Ryan Seacrest is going to be a tipster for TMZ; Mark McGrath tells which tattoo he wish he didn't have; and George Clooney wants the paparazzi to take the camera and shove it up...There.
  • Episode #2.214
    Episode #2.214
    Episode 214
    Janice Dickinson is drunk, mean, spewing insults and totally ****ed up; Edward Norton changes the rules of Fight Club; Candice Bushnell has a voice for writing; and Vanessa Williams doesn't want to talk about Miss California.
  • Episode #2.213
    Episode #2.213
    Episode 213
    Katherine McPhee (remember her?) gets saved by Queen on the Scene; Kevin Sorbo likes playing with his Wii; Paul Walker is obsessed with cars; and Steven Spielberg ignores the TMZ camera man's pitch.
  • Episode #2.212
    Episode #2.212
    Episode 212
    Melanie Griffith doesn't want to be on TMZ anymore; Coolio claims he was set up, with the crack cocaine in his luggage; and Samantha Ronson didn't get Lindsay Lohan pregnant.
  • Episode #2.211
    Episode #2.211
    Episode 211
    Barbara Walters and David Gregory doesn't want to talk to TMZ; Alex Michael, the original Bachelor, has let himself go; J.J. Abrams isn't J.J. Abrams; Madonna's dermatologist is a walking freak show; and Rob Reiner doesn't want to play "two for flinching."
  • Episode #2.210
    Episode #2.210
    Episode 210
  • Episode #2.209
    Episode #2.209
    Episode 209
    A TMZ camera man finds the legendary Biff Elliot; Mary J. Blige's driver gets into a fight over a parking space; no one cares that Mark McGrath is releasing a new album; and Tommy Chong talks about being scammed, by buying painted rocks.
  • Episode #2.208
    Episode #2.208
    Episode 208

    Gabriel Union isn't pregnant, because she's drinking and then driving; Hugh Jackman is the nicest guy ever; who taught Larry King how to use a cell phone?; and mini-Katy Perry works it.

  • Episode #2.207
    Episode #2.207
    Episode 207
    Rihanna is getting drunk for Cinco de Mayo; Tracy Morgan loves TMZ and isn't scared of them; Ron Artest wants to be a paparazzi; Paula Abdul struggles to get into an SUV; and Harvey Levin gets called out by twelve-year-old girl.
  • Episode #2.206
    Episode #2.206
    Episode 206
    Brody Jenner gets a TMZ camera man fired, on his very first night; the TMZ camera man connects the swine flu outbreak to Kevin Bacon; and Kevin Love gets his nails done.
  • Episode #2.205
    Episode #2.205
    Episode 205

    Betty White yells at the TMZ camera man, then makes Queen on the Scene cry; Terry Crews talks with his nipples; Michael Weatherly is a nudist?; Maggie Wheeler does her Janis shtick; and Ludacris makes the TMZ camera man look silly.

  • Episode #2.204
    Episode #2.204
    Episode 204
  • Episode #2.203
    Episode #2.203
    Episode 203
    Marlon Wayans makes fun of the TMZ camera man who was beaten up by Woody Harrelson; the swine flu hysteria is making Miley Cyrus hungry for bacon!; Taraji P. Henson almost gets hit by a car; and Nick Lachey is not a fan of Delta Airlines.
  • Episode #2.202
    Episode #2.202
    Episode 202
    Paris Hilton is now scared of the swine flu, her people must of told her what it is; Dustin Hoffman can't find his car in the parking lot; Hugh Jackman is tired of being asked stupid questions; Noah Wyle gets stuck in Zac Efron's pap crush; and Matthew McConaughey thinks his dog is better behaved than most children.moreless
  • Episode #2.201
    Episode #2.201
    Episode 201
    Queen on the Scene idolizes Betty White; Leelee Sobieski doesn't want to be a model, cause she likes using her brain; Dr. Robert Rey gives the TMZ camera man a full karate demonstration on the streets of Los Angeles; Common is just the man. Period.; and Taylor Swift can cause a traffic jam?moreless
  • Episode #2.200
    Episode #2.200
    Episode 200
    James Gandolfini attacks the paparazzi, once again; Snoop Dogg may have waked and baked before he had his day in court; Ricky Schroder wins his court case, but then gets a traffic ticket as soon as he leaves the the court house; and Paris Hilton doesn't eat pork, so she isn't concerned about swine flu.moreless
  • Episode #2.199
    Episode #2.199
    Episode 199
    Todd Bridges is going to kick Harvey Levin's ass; John Mayer doesn't have a girlfriend and he's funny again; Nicollette Sheridan's dog goes nuts; and who is Chuck Wicks?
  • Episode #2.198
    Episode #2.198
    Episode 198
  • Episode #2.197
    Episode #2.197
    Episode 197
    Larry King is a good dad; Tamala Jones really likes George Clooney; Niecy Nash doesn't like the fact that TMZ doesn't have a lot of black people on it; Kristen Davis wears terrible underwear; and Ciara doesn't understand English, or at least an Englishman.
  • Episode #2.196
    Episode #2.196
    Episode 196
    David Arquette has a message for the people at TMZ; Evan Rachel Woods talks about dating Marilyn Manson; and would Michael Jackson buy a unicorn, if they actually existed?
  • Episode #2.195
    Episode #2.195
    Episode 195
    David Spade is ready to get married; Channing Tatum has black man envy; Don Rickles has some advice for Harvey Levin; Joel Osteen's wife wasn't a Playboy Playmate; Christopher Walken takes a walk in the park; and Patti Stanger is super classy.
  • Episode #2.194
    Episode #2.194
    Episode 194
    Balthazar Getty is learning everyone gets a second chance; Judah Friedlander is a real man; Gary Coleman goes to Toronto for french fries; and Justin Long doesn't know what Apple is coming out with.
  • Episode #2.193
    Episode #2.193
    Episode 193
    Tori Spelling isn't anorexic; Christina Milian can't talk, cause she lost her voice; Jason Biggs will never live down having sex with a pie; Christopher McDonald is so drunk; the guys from The Unit are scared of G-Unit; Marilyn Manson shouldn't be a comedian; and Debra Messing wears a sweater, trench coat and a scarf on a 100 degree day.moreless
  • Episode #2.192
    Episode #2.192
    Episode 192
  • Episode #2.191
    Episode #2.191
    Episode 191
    Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt get caught in a big fat lie; and Winona Ryder's friend sticks up for her after the TMZ camera man insults her.
  • Episode #2.190
    Episode #2.190
    Episode 190
    Hulk Hogan explains himself and says his quote about O.J. Simpson was taken out of context; Ty Murray is Mr. Excitement; and TMZ looks into the senior citizen phenomenon that is Cane-Fu.
  • Episode #2.189
    Episode #2.189
    Episode 189
    Samuel L. Jackson mocks the TMZ camera man that get beaten up by Woody Harrelson; Erik Estrada steals Kathy Ireland's spotlight; and Fabio concocts an elaborate scheme that has Ferrari wanting him to get into a car crash.
  • Episode #2.188
    Episode #2.188
    Episode 188
    Dina Lohan drops Lindsay Lohan off at a bar, like she's dropping her off at the prom; George Hamilton's face looks like beef jerky; the TMZ camera man shows off his skateboarding skills to Mark Ballas; and nobody doesn't ask Snoop Dogg smoking pot live on webcam or about the reports about his wife being dead in his basement.moreless
  • Episode #2.187
    Episode #2.187
    Episode 187
    Juliette Lewis mocks the TMZ camera man after his fight with Woody Harrelson; Henry Winkler makes earth shattering news - he has NEVER ridden a motorcycle; Mickey Rourke is a smooth talker; and Vin Diesel is happy to be famous again.
  • Episode #2.186
    Episode #2.186
    Episode 186
  • Episode #2.185
    Episode #2.185
    Episode 185
    Bob Barker fondest memory of The Price Is Right? - making all that money; the TMZ camera man falls for Timothy Olyphant's trick present; #1 Fan is suing James Gandolfini for their airport dust up; and Brandy gets annoyed at the paparazzi.
  • Episode #2.184
    Episode #2.184
    Episode 184
    Woody Harrelson gets into a brawl with the TMZ camera man; Michael Emerson is actually a nice guy; and John Mayer tries his hand at stand-up comedy.
  • Episode #2.183
    Episode #2.183
    Episode 183
    Michael Phelps is back in the pool training; Mark McGrath makes the TMZ camera man's day; Paula Deen talks about her pants falling down on national television; Danny Glover wants no part of the TMZ camera man after a 16 hour flight; and Joel Osteen needs to know "it's all good", isn't in the bible.moreless
  • Episode #2.182
    Episode #2.182
    Episode 182
    Snoop Dogg has a strange encounter with people who are selling roses; Jewel isn't Alicia Silverspoon; Kim Zolckiak claims that she's high classed; and Rick Fox get's surrounded by a bunch of little kids.
  • Episode #2.181
    Episode #2.181
    Episode 181
    Simon Cowell claims that Ryan Seacrest has hair plugs; Larry King pisses off Queen on the Scene; and Brandon Michael Vayda unleashes all of his fury on someone in a taxi.
  • Episode #2.180
    Episode #2.180
    Episode 180
  • Episode #2.179
    Episode #2.179
    Episode 179
    Steve Wozniak explains why he only gets a 10% employee discount from Apple; Tara Reid is all alone; and Rihanna gets into a little fender bender as soon as she gets back from Hawaii.
  • Episode #2.178
    Episode #2.178
    Episode 178
    David Blaine does some street magic for TMZ; Rihanna has escaped from Los Angeles to Hawaii; Steve Wozniak is too busy to pitch a tent; and Olivia Newton-John can still get physical.
  • Episode #2.177
    Episode #2.177
    Episode 177
    Jimmy Fallon isn't Andy Samberg and Phil Margera isn't Steve Wozniak; Harry Connick, Jr. is losing the weight he gained; Bobby Brown doesn't want to tour with Vanilla Ice; and you do not call Sidney Poitier Mr. Tibbs.
  • Episode #2.176
    Episode #2.176
    Episode 176
    David Carradine has stopped watching TV since Boston Legal was canceled and he can still kick your ass; Ashley Greene is super drunk; Alex McCord's husband likes showering off her goods; Tommy Davidson has finally got himself a new car and he can't wait to show it to TMZ.
  • Episode #2.175
    Episode #2.175
    Episode 175
    Suge Knight doesn't know anything about about Akon's manager's house being broken into; TMZ has to put words into Jay Leno's mouth; Zac Efron gets pelted with q-tips, Cedric Yarbrough wishes he had a stalker; Ed Lauter makes the TMZ camera man look stupid; Steve Wozniak only get's a 10% discount from Apple?; and Liv Tyler does three phone texting.moreless
  • Episode #2.174
    Episode #2.174
    Episode 174
  • Episode #2.173
    Episode #2.173
    Episode 173
    Jack Nicholson gets into a fan's face; Julianne Hough says her boyfriend is exactly like her brother; Seth MacFarlane pulls a hair out of his food and then keeps on eating; Ron Wood is the coolest guy ever; Bobby Lee complains about TMZ making him look ghetto.
  • Episode #2.172
    Episode #2.172
    Episode 172
    Kevin Hart sests the record straight, he doesn't punch his wife; Hugh Jackman doesn't know when Father's or Mother's day is, but who really does; everyone needs to see Virginia Madsen naked in high definition; Chris Jericho talks about Mickey Rourke, how he would beat up Chris Brown and how President Obama is going to steal his abs.moreless
  • Episode #2.171
    Episode #2.171
    Episode 171

    Kate Gosselin denies that she's getting a divorce or being separated; Gordon Ramsay can beat up Bobby Flay; Jared Fogel is a nobody; Vanilla Ice is back in the studio and is going to tour, with M.C. Hammer.

  • Episode #2.170
    Episode #2.170
    Episode 170
    James Gandolfini rides a moped, not that there's anything wrong with that; Jake Gyllenhaal actually doesn't assault the TMZ camera man; Nick Cannon is the chairman of comedy?; Lou Reed isn't the Emporer from Star Wars; Congressmen love the dollar menu at McDonald's; and the TMZ camera man tries to pick up the married Kim Raver.moreless
  • Episode #2.169
    Episode #2.169
    Episode 169
    Hugh Jackman isn't perfect, because he can't parallel park; Steve Buscemi isn't Leonardo DiCaprio; Henry Winkler only wants to talk about tomatoes!; Wesley Snipes isn't afraid to show a guy some man love; and Simon Cowell is richer than you are.
  • Episode #2.168
    Episode #2.168
    Episode 168
  • Episode #2.167
    Episode #2.167
    Episode 167
    Spike Lee gives the best rant ever captured on video; TMZ is a popular show in prison and with Chevy Chase; Eric Niece talks about saving a dog in icy waters and also why he was naked when he did it; the economy is so bad, Joan Rivers is now working street corners.moreless
  • Episode #2.166
    Episode #2.166
    Episode 166

    Lindsay Lohan doesn't like to fight; Sheryl Crow pulls a Paris Hilton, because she's still wrong; a homeless man want's Donald Faison's autograph, so he can sell it after he dies; Jamie Lynn Sigler isn't an assassin; Joel and Benji Madden dress exactly the same, like four-year-old twins.

  • Episode #2.165
    Episode #2.165
    Episode 165
    Regis Philbin may have drank too much; Cloris Leachman doesn't know where to park; Sarah Silverman gets grossed out by an autograph seeker; Kanye West gets charged for his tirade at LAX last year; and Maggie Gyllenhaal doesn't want to talk about Jake kicking a TMZ camera man, but she gets saved by Queen on the Scene.moreless
  • Episode #2.164
    Episode #2.164
    Episode 164
    Amanda Bynes has cellulite or people are just people being mean to her; Larry Birkhead doesn't have internet access, so he can't talk about Anna Nicole Smith or Howard Stern; Hugh Jackman's wife isn't Bernie Maddoff's wife; Queen on the Scene wants help from TMZ; Mary Carey is drunk, proving her sobriety is working.moreless
  • Episode #2.163
    Episode #2.163
    Episode 163
    Sheryl Crow rips into TMZ, but she's wrong; Jackie Mason doesn't want to be called a racist; Kanye West doesn't want to be asked stupid questions; Gloria Estefan was recruited by the CIA?; and Jessica Alba doesn't want Queen on the Scene's help.
  • Episode #2.162
    Episode #2.162
    Episode 162
  • Episode #2.161
    Episode #2.161
    Episode 161
    Hulk Hogan crashes his wife's divorcee attourney's press conference; Joe Pantoliano doesn't know how to say "whore", the way he made it famous; Robert Wagner isn't too old to know who Miley Cyrus is; Larry Flynt has slept with more women than Hugh Hefner; and Janice Dickinson avoids the paparazzi getting an up skirt shot of her.moreless
  • Episode #2.160
    Episode #2.160
    Episode 160
    Kanye West's truce with the paparazzi is over; Katie Cleary lets it slip that Deal or No Deal may be canceled; if the paparazzi are horseflies, what is Chris Noth; Billy Bob Thornton is all about his music career now; and Olivia Newton-John isn't Florence Henderson.
  • Episode #2.159
    Episode #2.159
    Episode 159
    Tom Hanks speaks out about the Vatican and the controversy surrounding his movie Angels & Demons; Jane Fonda always has a chip on her shoulder; Julia Roberts now loves the media and if you didn't know, she has a movie coming out; Regis Philbin loves the crazy pappers; and Tim McGraw isn't Billy Ray Cyrus.moreless
  • Episode #2.158
    Episode #2.158
    Episode 158
    Emma Roberts gets guilt tripped into giving a homeless man money; Annalynne McCord is a little slow; TMZ looks into the reasoning why rockstars won't let anybody go #2 in their tour bus; Tim McGraw and Faith Hill show celebrity couples how to handle the paparazzi.
  • Episode #2.157
    Episode #2.157
    Episode 157
    Anna Maria Horsford thinks that any man who has hit a woman, should get a volt in the electric chair; James Gandolfini gets into a scuffle with the TMZ camera man; Daniel Craig can't get a table at Mr. Chow's; Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian have a comedy of errors in their Ferrari.moreless
  • Episode #2.156
    Episode #2.156
    Episode 156
  • Episode #2.155
    Episode #2.155
    Episode 155
    Brad Pitt denies that he broke the law; Clive Owen is a happy-go-lucky guy; Jon Stewart admits it's hard to joke about Barack Obama; has beens Tom Green and Andy Milonakis go crazy; Mackenzie Phillips is all about Face Book; and Chris Brown celebrates his arraignment by going to a bar.moreless
  • Episode #2.154
    Episode #2.154
    Episode 154
    Believe it or not, Elizabeth Berkley is still acting; the paparazzi runs over people to get to Amanda Bynes; Serena Williams is not Venus Williams; and Michelle Rodriguez has a potty mouth.
  • Episode #2.153
    Episode #2.153
    Episode 153
    What the hell is Kathy Griffin doing with T.I.?; Kelsey Grammer knows basic math; Ice-T's wife is a fighter for nudity; and the TMZ camera man is petrified of asking about Suge Knight and the two times he was beaten up.
  • Episode #2.152
    Episode #2.152
    Episode 152
    Hugh Jackman has to be the most perfect person ever; Jerry Lewis shows just how stupid the paparazzi looks; Steve Austin isn't the same as he used to be; and Sylvester Stallone doesn't want to talk to TMZ anymore.
  • Episode #2.151
    Episode #2.151
    Episode 151
    Simon Cowell shows how to get out of a ticket; Maria Conchita Alonso rips Sean Penn a new one; Ashley Simpson is drunk; Jennifer Love Hewitt dumped her fiance for Jaime Kennedy?; Ann Coulter is delusional about everything; and Tia Carrera falls for a joke from Wayne's World.
  • Episode #2.150
    Episode #2.150
    Episode 150
  • Episode #2.149
    Episode #2.149
    Episode 149
    Megan Fox wants to be asked normal questions; Joe the Plumber knows who Andy Worhol is, but doesn't think his fifteen minutes are up; and Kathleen Turner broke her leg, but is continuing with the play.
  • Episode #2.148
    Episode #2.148
    Episode 148
    Adam Sandler is gaining weight for a role or he's just ate too many rolls; Megan Fox is now single; James Caan thinks the TMZ camera man is stupid and ugly; Lou Diamond Phillips doesn't think there will be a La Bamba 2.
  • Episode #2.147
    Episode #2.147
    Episode 147
    Shery Crow's assistant gets pushy with the TMZ camera man; Joan Rivers is funny even when she's delirious; Joey Fatone thinks Lisa Rinna was drunk at the Academy Awards; and Queen on the Scene is better at crowd control than the police are.
  • Episode #2.146
    Episode #2.146
    Episode 146
    Mr. T has gone Snickers crazy and ultimately lost his mind; Shia LeBeouf and one of his friends try to run over the paparazzi; Lindsay Lohan knows how to ruin a perfect evening; Gayle King doesn't know how to text message; and the TMZ staffers argue over who'd be a better soundbite: Robert DeNiro or Christopher Walken.moreless
  • Episode #2.145
    Episode #2.145
    Episode 145
    Brad Pitt breaks the law the night before the Academy Awards and TMZ captures it on camera; Kelsey Grammer doesn't know proper grammar; Harold Perrineau doesn't even know if his character is alive or dead on Lost; Dave Navarro wants to go shoplifting with Winona Ryder; Eliza Dushku teaches the TMZ camera man how to pronounce her name; and Richard Simmons dances through the security checkpoints at LAX.moreless
  • Episode #2.144
    Episode #2.144
    Episode 144
  • Episode #2.143
    Episode #2.143
    Episode 143
    Rose McGowan bashes Arnold Schwarzenegger into the stone age; Jaclyn Smith wants everybody to shop at K-Mart while she shops on Robertson Boulevard; Eric Dane knows what TMZ stands for; and Clive Owen stops traffic in London, where it pisses off one motorist.
  • Episode #2.142
    Episode #2.142
    Episode 142
    Mikey Day invites Harvey to have a charming lunch with him; Peter Fonda doesn't see how anybody could remake Easy Rider; and Tony Rock goes out drinking, the day after he was arrested for DUI.
  • Episode #2.141
    Episode #2.141
    Episode 141
    Mickey Rourke talks about his dog Loki passing away; Tony Rock says something he probably shouldn't have when he gets out of jail; Keisha Knight Pulliam is familiar with the saying "from Rudy to Booty"; and Sean Young is stinking rich, but a sloppy drunk.
  • Episode #2.140
    Episode #2.140
    Episode 140
    Jessica Simpson gets locked out of a restaurant; Nadya Suleman isn't going to exploit her 14 children; Mickey Rourke has gay on the brain; Miley Cyrus is supporting the Asian community; Natasha Bedingfirld is the only celebrity to say something supporting of Rhianna; Tommy Davidson blames TMZ for all the times his car wouldn't start; and Joan Rivers says the must disgusting thing ever.moreless
  • Episode #2.139
    Episode #2.139
    Episode 139
    Katie Couric talks to a dying TMZ camera man, who isn't really dying; Patrick Dempsey's wife is really rude; Lance Bass' assistant is drunk as a skunk; and Brad Pitt admits that he and Angelina Jolie are in competition with Octomom.
  • Episode #2.138
    Episode #2.138
    Episode 138
  • Episode #2.137
    Episode #2.137
    Episode 137

    Mickey Rourke would rather be on a deserted island with a gorilla, than being with Courtney Love; Hugh Jackman is going for the father of the year award now; Miley Cyrus doesn't want to talk about the $4 billion dollar lawsuit against her; and Benicio Del Toro is clearly drunk.

  • Episode #2.136
    Episode #2.136
    Episode 136
    Kate Winslet clears up her age issue; James Earl Jones doesn't know Darth Vader's dialogue; Chevy Chase is the original Christian Bale; Bob Einstein wants to know what Harvey drinks out of his cup everyday; Edward Norton is an angry man; Katie Couric doesn't want to talk about politics; and Sheryl Crow has a sneezing fit.moreless
  • Episode #2.135
    Episode #2.135
    Episode 135
    Not a single celebrity has nothing bad to say about Chris Brown; Queen on the Scene is a bigger star than Brandon Routh; TMZ crosses the line by making fun of a koala bear; Kate Winslet is honest about the Academy Awards; Harvey questions if Max is really a surfer; Ed Westwick is a hero; and Shawn Johnson hopes that she'll win Dancing with the Stars.moreless
  • Episode #2.134
    Episode #2.134
    Episode 134
    Paul McCartney doesn't speak English; Jessica Simpson's stylist defends the way she looks and is clearly delusional; Gordon Ramsay thinks his publicist is mean; Drew Carey drives a Mini Cooper covered in the Union Jack; Gisele Bundchen doesn't care that the TMZ camera man learned Portuguese just to talk to her; and Robin Thicke disappoints Charles Latibeaudiere.moreless
  • Episode #2.133
    Episode #2.133
    Episode 133
    The TMZ camera man does a good deed for Ed Harris; David Spade doesn't want to talk about is illegitimate daughter, but his mother is more than willing; Chuck Liddell will fight any boxer and George St. Pierre doesn't know what "dad" means; Eric Dane doesn't like big words; the Backstreet Boys are all banged up; and Kid Rock thinks Harvey fought in the Korean War.moreless
  • Episode #2.132
    Episode #2.132
    Episode 132
  • Episode #2.131
    Episode #2.131
    Episode 131
    Ben Stein is a complete creep; Ice-T defends going to Tupperware events; drugs and alcohol almost killed Nick Carter, so what does he do? He goes drinking; Jerry Springer is shrinking; Barry Bonds won't talk on the day where it's released he tested positive for steroids three times; and who's the bitch: Beyonce, Etta James or Barack Obama.moreless
  • Episode #2.130
    Episode #2.130
    Episode 130
    Michael Phelps sets the record straight on his bong hits; Seal likes to yell at Heidi Klum; Julianna Margulies takes the TMZ camera man to traffic school; Patricia Clarkson isn't Toni Collette; and David Archuletta is huge star that sings in a supermarket parking lot.
  • Episode #2.129
    Episode #2.129
    Episode 129
    Shaquille O'Neal is homophobic all of sudden?; the TMZ camera man was Jonathan Silverman's trainer 25 years ago; Kevin Federline has had enough of the TMZ camera men showing up after he bowls; Jerry Ferrara is boring and not funny; Lauren Bacall is grumpy; and Taraji Henson reminds us that not all black people look alikemoreless
  • Episode #2.128
    Episode #2.128
    Episode 128
    Sylvester Stallone runs into to Queen on the Scene, then she makes some demands to Harvey and TMZ; Lily Allen and her friends throw snowballs at the paparazzi, then go sledding; Ann Coulter is the real life Olive Oyl; Richard Jenkins doesn't think he'll win the Academy Award; and Jeff Bridges is slowly turning into The Dude.moreless
  • Episode #2.127
    Episode #2.127
    Episode 127
    Rosie O'Donnell tries to talk the TMZ camera man into a better profession; John Cena thinks Chyna is a man; Kurt Russell does an interview in the middle of a busy street; RuPaul makes the TMZ camera man all red; Sarah Palin hasn't seen Nailin' Paylin; and Buzz Aldrin finally gives up what sound stage the moon landing was filmed on.moreless
  • Episode #2.126
    Episode #2.126
    Episode 126
  • Episode #2.125
    Episode #2.125
    Episode 125
    Ashton Kutcher is a big joker and a bigger douche bag; Miley Cyrus doesn't answer the TMZ camera man's question, but will answer the other paparazzi's questions; Queen on the Scene foils another TMZ street interview; Evangeline Lilly is an angel; Parminder Nagra won't say what the sex of her baby is; and Carmen Electra likes going to the strip clubs.moreless
  • Episode #2.124
    Episode #2.124
    Episode 124
    Jon Cryer finds out the hard way that TMZ controls who comes into New York City; Ashton Kutcher proves that he is an idiot; Jessica Simpson looks like the regular Jessica Simpson; Tyson Beckford isn't married; and John Witherspoon sings to avoid the TMZ camera man.
  • Episode #2.123
    Episode #2.123
    Episode 123
    Jake Gyllenhaal spits at and then kicks the TMZ camera man; Jessica Alba is mad at TMZ, because she was wrong; Sean Stewart and his date try to defend his little unit; and Ryan Kwanten isn't Ryan Kwanten.
  • Episode #2.122
    Episode #2.122
    Episode 122
    A.J. McLean is having a rough time with his sobriety; Gerald McCullough talks about the guy who tried to stab him on a bus; TMZ shames Dennis Haskins into losing weight; Mary Lynn Rajskub thinks Jack Bauer will die; Michael Chiklis says no to drugs; and Tom Leykis pulls all the hot women?moreless
  • Episode #2.121
    Episode #2.121
    Episode 121
    TMZ secretley obtains a videotape of John Mayer's daily affirmations; Seth MacFarlane admits that Family Guy is written by sperm whales; Billy Zane finally finds a TMZ camera man that he likes; and Rainn Wilson wants you to yell at him when you're three feet next to him.
  • Episode #2.120
    Episode #2.120
    Episode 120
  • Episode #2.119
    Episode #2.119
    Episode 119
    Shia LeBoeuf insults the TMZ camera man; Chevy Chase won't do the Three Amigos dance; what is Erin Brockovich doing in small claims court?; and the paparazzi goes house shopping with Ron Wood.
  • Episode #2.118
    Episode #2.118
    Episode 118
    Angela Bassett is always proud; Marg Helgenburger wants to forget she was in a Steven Segal movie; Dylan Walsh doesn't want to talk about why he changed his name; is Stedman Graham finally growing a pair?; and Sean Stewart is delusional.
  • Episode #2.117
    Episode #2.117
    Episode 117
    Susan Surrandon takes a pitch from the TMZ camera man about the Bull Durham sequel; Carl Bernstein has seen Deep Throat; and Cheryl Hines isn't Melissa Rivers.
  • Episode #2.116
    Episode #2.116
    Episode 116
    Jessica Alba needs to shut up; 50 Cent threatens to pull a Kanye West on the TMZ camera man; Josh Lucas can't find his car; and Marc Anthony denies the Valentine's Day divorce rumors.
  • Episode #2.115
    Episode #2.115
    Episode 115
    Jessica Alba gets stuck in a revolving door; the paparazzi rescues Jennifer Annison's dog, but she doesn't thank them personally; the story of how a soap actress is turning into a porn star; and Tony Danza gives his analogy of U.S. Airways Flight 1549.
  • Episode #2.114
    Episode #2.114
    Episode 114
  • Episode #2.113
    Episode #2.113
    Episode 113
    Tom Arnold has something to say to TMZ's own Max; Mark Wahlberg talks about being caught urinating in public; Robert Duvall is a complete bad ass; Sean Patrick Thomas and his wife rip on everybody; Queen on the Scene foils another TMZ street interview; and Fabio leaves a restaurant with four women.moreless
  • Episode #2.112
    Episode #2.112
    Episode 112
    Marty Ingles set the story right, about him allegedly stealing a hat; George Clooney just won't let go of Batman & Robin; the TMZ camera has to choose between Madonna and Jerry Seinfeld; Hulk Hogan tries to credit for The Wrestler; Mark Paul Gosselaar tells what his favorite TV show is, that starred in; and Tony Romo locks Jessica Simpson out of the car so she can deal with the paparazzi.moreless
  • Episode #2.111
    Episode #2.111
    Episode 111
    Ben Affleck won't talk politics or about his children, but he will talk about the Red Sox and Yankees; T.I. lists his musical influences and he includes Maroon 5; and Sharon Stone must think all black men are from South Africa.
  • Episode #2.110
    Episode #2.110
    Episode 110
    Tina Fey spends her time waiting in the airport talking to the TMZ camera man; Ex-HBO actors Steve Schirripa and Dean Winters have a reunion; the TMZ camera man upsets The Billy Zane; Barry Zito is clearly an idiot; and Macy Gray is clearly drunk.
  • Episode #2.109
    Episode #2.109
    Episode 109
    Sarah Jessica Parker or Matthew Broderick will talk to the paparazzi, as usual; Bill Cosby sets the record straight about Ben's Chili Bowl; Dev Patel doesn't know who he would like to work with next; and Balthazar Getty won't buy any candy from a kid.
  • Episode #2.108
    Episode #2.108
    Episode 108
  • Episode #2.107
    Episode #2.107
    Episode 107
    Sean William Scott claims that Paul Rudd has a man vagina; Ray Liotta talks about how he killed people to get into character for his role in GoodFellas; the TMZ camera men try to pitch a movie to Jeffrey Katzenberg; and Paul Stanley isn't Mickey Rourke.
  • Episode #2.106
    Episode #2.106
    Episode 106
    Kid Rock talks about Judge Alvin Wong and it isn't nice talk; Gerard Butler tries to set the record straight, that he isn't a ladies man; Ice-T and Coco tell what the best tupperware product is; and congressmen will not help out the adult entertainment business with a bailout.
  • Episode #2.105
    Episode #2.105
    Episode 105
    Josh Brolin doesn't say if he thinks the police that arrested him use excessive force; why doesn't Nicollette Sheridan want to be seen with David Spade?; Krathy Griffin is too cool for TMZ now; Barney Frank doesn't care about the inauguration; Vera Wang isn't designing Michelle Obama's inauguration dress; and Daniel Radcliffe has turned into an old man.moreless
  • Episode #2.104
    Episode #2.104
    Episode 104
    Chloe Sevigny calls her role on Big Love just another role; the TMZ camera man doesn't know who Matthew Lawrence is; Samantha Ronson refuses to talk about Lindsay Lohan; and Jerry O'Connell talks about his newborn twins.
  • Episode #2.103
    Episode #2.103
    Episode 103
    Michael Richards finally comes out of hiding; Balthazar Getty denies that he's been fired from Brothers & Sisters; Andy Dick runs away from the TMZ camera man; and the TMZ staffers argue what Bob Newhart is most known for, among thirty year olds: Elf or The Bob Newhart Show.
  • Episode #2.102
    Episode #2.102
    Episode 102
  • Episode #2.101
    Episode #2.101
    Episode 101
    Kathy Griffin says something she shouldn't have said on live TV; Vicky Lawrence tells why 2008 sucked; Mario Joyner gives TMZ their first ever mobile interview; and the TMZ staffers try to figure out how Lucy Lawless' son could carry a gingerbread house onto an airplane.
  • Episode #2.100
    Episode #2.100
    Episode 100
    TMZ looks back at the mistakes celebrities and themselves made in 2008.
  • Episode #2.099
    Episode #2.099
    Episode 99
    Shia LeBouf gets help from the paparazzi to jump start his car, then tells about how he had a hip bone graphed to make two new fingers; why does Sylvester Stallone always protect Arnold Schwarzenegger when being asked about smoking marijuana; Julie Benz tells who's a better kisser between Rambo and Dexter; the TMZ staffers wonder what they could ask Meg Ryan, to make her talk.moreless
  • Episode #2.098
    Episode #2.098
    Episode 98
    Cash Warren gets into an argument with the paparazzi; Hugh Jackman and his wife talks about him being named the sexiest man alive; the TMZ camera man finally asks David Spade some good questions; and says he doesn't smoke marijuana.
  • Episode #2.097
    Episode #2.097
    Episode 97
    Tom Brady is furious at TMZ, because TMZ found out Tom Brady was going to propose to Gisele Bundchen; the USC football players aren't up to date on their current events; Kanye West didn't break a TMZ camera, it was an optical illusion; and Jack Nicholson has rough time after he finishes skiing.moreless
  • Episode #2.096
    Episode #2.096
    Episode 96
  • Episode #2.095
    Episode #2.095
    Episode 95
    Marty Ingels stole a $500 hat from a hat store; Eva Longoria gets an attack of the giggles, after seeing the paparazzi fall down; Pauly Shore shows off what Christmas gifts he's giving; and Jack Nicholson is in the Christmas spirit.
  • Episode #2.094
    Episode #2.094
    Episode 94
    The TMZ staffers give their thoughts on what certain celebrities should have received for Christmas gifts.
  • Episode #2.093
    Episode #2.093
    Episode 93
    Bob Barker talks about The Price is Right controversy; Jennifer Lopez wants to be left alone, but she should be careful what she wishes for; Harry Dean Stanton sings a Christmas song; and James Hong uses a walking cane for protection.
  • Episode #2.092
    Episode #2.092
    Episode 92
    Harvey has had enough of the way Gisele Bundchen is treating Tom Brady; TMZ wonders why The Hills doesn't have any black people on the show; Gerard Butler will never forget the crazy woman who tried to pick him up in a parking garage; and Paris Hilton is now officially the new Angeline.moreless
  • Episode #2.091
    Episode #2.091
    Episode 91

    Danny DeVito talks about President Bush getting shoes thrown at him; Daniel Craig doesn't have the Christmas spirit; Tiffani Amber Thiessen is over her past roles; and Michael Bay takes over for the TMZ camera man, but it doesn't make him any better of a director.

  • Episode #2.090
    Episode #2.090
    Episode 90
  • Episode #2.089
    Episode #2.089
    Episode 89
    Kanye West's New Year's resolution is to get along with the paparazzi; Jennifer Anniston and John Mayer do some shameless self-promotion; Mark Paul Gosselaar rules out a Saved by the Bell reunion; and the TMZ staffers debate if Jamie Foxx could play James Bond.
  • Episode #2.088
    Episode #2.088
    Episode 88
    Wesley Snipes wants a residual check for appearing on TMZ; Tommy Davidson tries to prove to TMZ that his car can start this times; and a woman tries to pick-up Gerard Butler in a parking garage.
  • Episode #2.087
    Episode #2.087
    Episode 87
    Dennis Rodman challenges Tom Cruise to something; the paparazzi sings The Fact of Life theme for Mindy Cohn; and Audrina admits to singing in the shower.
  • Episode #2.086
    Episode #2.086
    Episode 86
    Pierce Brosnan has a bumper sticker on his Aston Martin; Hulk Hogan wears red underwear, to avoid a plane crash; Ron Howard wanted to be a combo-kid; and Pete Wentz does some shameless self-promotion.
  • Episode #2.085
    Episode #2.085
    Episode 85
    Don King thinks President Bush has the reaction time of a boxer; Hugh Hefner blasts Holly Madison; James Caan is going to slap Scott Caan the next time he sees him; Barry Bonds isn't retiring from baseball; and Dennis Haysbert has to have AllState for his insurance.
  • Episode #2.084
    Episode #2.084
    Episode 84
  • Episode #2.083
    Episode #2.083
    Episode 83
    Tom Brokaw will not talk about sex; Hulk Hogan rants about how his ex-wife is spending his money; Lindsay Lohan can tell the difference between cars; Blake Lewis looks stupid; and TMZ has a moment of silence, as Pamela Anderson's hotness is over.
  • Episode #2.082
    Episode #2.082
    Episode 82
    Vinnie Jones can't talk about the brawl he was in; Sarah Silverman analogizes O.J. Simpson going to jail, with Al Pacino winning the Oscar for Scent of a Woman; Michael Phelps is single; and Ray-J gives a homeless man Brandy's new CD.
  • Episode #2.081
    Episode #2.081
    Episode 81
    Mikey Day is the new John Mayer, T.R. Knight is still working on Grey's Anatomy; Natasha Henstridge watches TMZ, then the camera man brings up Eli Stone; Avril Lavigne isn't pregnant; and Fergie won't talk about her prom date, who robbed a convenience store.
  • Episode #2.080
    Episode #2.080
    Episode 80
    Audrina gets yelled at by school kids; Peter Gallagher talks politics; Amanda Bynes has sworn off dating actors, but she's dating one now though; and Judah Friedlander talks about what Tina Fey smells like.
  • Episode #2.079
    Episode #2.079
    Episode 79
    Dominique Swain says two things actresses should never say; Janice Dickinson wishes Happy Holidays to TMZ; Gerard Butler loves the paparazzi; and a TMZ staffer wants to be Kate Walsh's best friend.
  • Episode #2.078
    Episode #2.078
    Episode 78
  • Episode #2.077
    Episode #2.077
    Episode 77
    George Clooney talks about being drunk, then uses Cindy Crawford to flank the paparazzi; Drake Bells puts the paparazzi in their place; Keith Sweat is singing about McDonald's chicken nuggets; and Wesley Snipes helped to save the world.
  • Episode #2.076
    Episode #2.076
    Episode 76
    TMZ investigates the mystery of Jon Cryer's bald spot; John Singleton has directed movies since Boyz 'N the Hood; Dave Chappelle doesn't want to talk about marijuana; Tommy Chong is paranoid about the government; and Queen Latifah poses for the paparazzi.
  • Episode #2.075
    Episode #2.075
    Episode 75
    Lindsay Lohan thought TMZ was nice; Donald Faison sings, instead of answering questions; and Alanis Morissette is nice, even when asked about Scarlett Johansson.
  • Episode #2.074
    Episode #2.074
    Episode 74
    The world stops when John Mayer is flying; all the women have seen Jason Segal naked before; Miss France 2008 picks a fight with Paris Hilton; Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt act like they're married, even though they aren't; and Paris Hilton is wearing her water bra again.
  • Episode #2.073
    Episode #2.073
    Episode 73
    Travis Barker talks about what happened during the plane crash; when Howie Mandel isn't working, he just wanders around in parking lots; Balthazar Getty is real catch; and Joaquin Phoenix quit acting to become a freestyle rapper?
  • Episode #2.072
    Episode #2.072
    Episode 72
  • Episode #2.071
    Episode #2.071
    Episode 71
    John Mayer finally admits that TMZ helped him to get his CBS variety show, but he doesn't thank them; David Spade always gets asked the worst questions by the TMZ camera man; Gillian Anderson has a British accent now; and Brian Austin Green gets ignored when Megan Fox is around.
  • Episode #2.070
    Episode #2.070
    Episode 70
    The TMZ staff members look back at the moments they're most thankful for.
  • Episode #2.069
    Episode #2.069
    Episode 69
    Justin Timberlake drops some f-bombs on the paparazzi; John Mayer won't give TMZ any thanks for his CBS variety show; J.C. Chasez has a bad day with the TMZ camera man; Tommy Chong tells what he's thankful for; a Real Housewife from Atlanta is either a liar or delusion; and Scott Weiland admits that he still drinks.moreless
  • Episode #2.068
    Episode #2.068
    Episode 68
    Miley Cyrus doesn't tell what her boyfriend got her for her birthday; Paul Rudd doesn't want to do any relaity shows; Jeff Stoltz isn't Josh Duhmel; and the TMZ camera man tells Pink "she's the bomb" at LAX.
  • Episode #2.067
    Episode #2.067
    Episode 67
    Neve Campbell won't sing the Canadian national anthem; Chris O'Donnell talks about how he stays out of the limelight; Fergie says she's gained weight; TMZ compares Elvis Presley and Kanye West; and Paris Hilton returns to the night life.
  • Episode #2.066
    Episode #2.066
    Episode 66
  • Episode #2.065
    Episode #2.065
    Episode 65

    The Armenia government talks about Kim Kardashian's thoughts on the Armenian genocide; Marcia Cross goes to a tanning salon, but can anybody really tell?; Holly Madison can use big words; and Allison Eastwood makes a quasi-racist statement.

  • Episode #2.064
    Episode #2.064
    Episode 64
    Kathy Lee Gifford talks sexy about Thanksgiving; Bill Paxton recommends making at with three women on a television set; Bert Hart just calls himself the best there was now; and Harvey tells Marcus Allen's involvement in the O.J. Simpson trial.
  • Episode #2.063
    Episode #2.063
    Episode 63
    What happened to Larry the Cable Guy's accent?; Megan Fox has a drunken doppelganger; Chrisopher Plummer flips out on the TMZ camera man; Roddy Piper has a reason why he smokes marijuana; and the TMZ camera man still doesn't know who Dabney Coleman is.
  • Episode #2.062
    Episode #2.062
    Episode 62
    Dustin Hoffman is still funny, even when he can't talk; Don Cornelius runs and swats at the TMZ camera man; Benji Madden sucks at singing; William Mapother can't talk about Lost or Tom Cruise; Zac Efrom has been eclipsed by Robert Pattinson; and Robin Williams is having beaver for Thanksgiving.
  • Episode #2.061
    Episode #2.061
    Episode 61
    Tyrese Gibson doesn't want to talk to the TMZ camera man, while he's talking to Harvey Levin; Jason Statham talks to the TMZ camera man, then the camera man makes sure that Jason Statham will never talk to them again; the Kardashian sisters are kicked off of a Victoria's Secret photo shoot; and Chris Kattan has a problem closing the trunk of his car.moreless
  • Episode #2.060
    Episode #2.060
    Episode 60
  • Episode #2.059
    Episode #2.059
    Episode 59
    Eddie Griffin is a mean man, if you ask him about Michael Jackson; Bo Bice doesn't care about American Idol anymore, the show that made him a star for 15 minutes; Roddy Piper is protective of his daughter; TMZ covers Brown Watergate, as the toilets overflow at Villa; and Harvey will not let go of Gisele Bundchen treating Tom Brady badly.moreless
  • Episode #2.058
    Episode #2.058
    Episode 58
    CBS gives John Mayer is own variety show, and it's all thanks to TMZ; a crazy Iranian rants at an airport about Hulk Hogan; the paparazzi needs to remember that Sidney Poitier doesn't want to talk to them; Erica Hubbard isn't Meagan Good; and Lisa D'Amato has another rap for TMZ.moreless
  • Episode #2.057
    Episode #2.057
    Episode 57
    Brad Garrett goes after the paparazzi, but was he provoked; Don Rickles doesn't know who Barack Obama is; Guy Fieri thinks being the spokesman of T.G.I. Fridays is a good gig, but doesn't talk about their food; and Michael Bay thinks TMZ is kind of entertaining, just like his movies.
  • Episode #2.056
    Episode #2.056
    Episode 56
    Gerard Butler is a ladies man; TMZ spends the night with a drunken Bam Margera; Lindsay Lohan is racially insensitive; why are the paparazzi following Mischa Barton; and Amy Winehouse talks about what she and her husband are going to do, when they're reunited.
  • Episode #2.055
    Episode #2.055
    Episode 55
    Hugh Jackman talks about how he stays in shape; Kelsey Grammer has sour grapes over the election; TMZ is ready to get sued by Michael Buffer; and Jerry Lewis litters - but he's Jerry Lewis.
  • Episode #2.054
    Episode #2.054
    Episode 54
  • Episode #2.053
    Episode #2.053
    Episode 53
    Kim Kardashian is selling her Range Rover on eBay; Jerry Springer gives advice to TMZ, on how to stay on the air for 18 years; Paul Rudd refuses to say venti; Sharon Stone jaywalks and thinks the traffic should stop for her; the TMZ staffers discuss James Whitmore's family tree; and Carnie Wilson talks about her pregnancy.moreless
  • Episode #2.052
    Episode #2.052
    Episode 52
    Stevie Wonder challenges TMZ to film homeless people; the Republicans throw Sarah Palin under the bus; Tom Bergeron is surrounded by drunk people; Hayley Joel Osment talks about the election; and who can help Amy Winhouse?
  • Episode #2.051
    Episode #2.051
    Episode 51
    Was Oprah high while she attended the Barack Obama victory rally?; the guy who rejected Chuck Liddell from a club, rejects a Barack Obama look-a-like; Sean William Scott's autographed pictured isn't worth that much; George Will and Sam Donaldson run into each other; and Amy Winehouse goes after the paparazzi.
  • Episode #2.050
    Episode #2.050
    Episode 50
    Barack Obama tells the TMZ viewers and readers to vote; Tim Robbins tells what he had to go through to vote; Chris Kattan has so much going for him; and Jeff Garlin calls TMZ stupid and inappropriate for children.
  • Episode #2.049
    Episode #2.049
    Episode 49
    The TMZ camera man stumps both John McCain and Hillary Clinton; what is Will Forte's dirty little secret?; the camera man catches up to Ryan Reynolds during the New York City Marathon; and Michael Keaton is nice, because he doesn't want the camera man to be ran over.
  • Episode #2.048
    Episode #2.048
    Episode 48
  • Episode #2.047
    Episode #2.047
    Episode 47
  • Episode #2.046
    Episode #2.046
    Episode 46
    David Spade runs away from the TMZ camera man; Alec Baldwin doesn't sign autographs because he needs dialysis; TMZ tries to explain to Jon Voight, that Angelina Jolie wants nothing to do with him; the Hogan family is strange; and Lisa D'Amato does a rap for TMZ.
  • Episode #2.045
    Episode #2.045
    Episode 45
    The TMZ camera man gets a civics lesson from Adrien Grenier; can anybody tell Keanu Reeves' emotion by the way he talks?; Rebecca Nader doesn't want to get a DUI, since she's on Lost now; Omarosa smacks the camera man, after he calls her a bitch; and Maurice Greene won't race for seven dollars.moreless
  • Episode #2.044
    Episode #2.044
    Episode 44
    What's the worst acting: Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens on their dates or in High School Musical; why is Claudia Jordan in Los Angeles when she should be filming Celebrity Apprentice; Eva Longoria feels sorry for Evan Longoria; and TMZ ruins Pink's tradition of buying her album on the night it comes out.moreless
  • Episode #2.043
    Episode #2.043
    Episode 43
    Jason Statham yells at the camera man, then his girlfriend yells at him, for yelling at the camera man; Sylvester Stallone thinks Rocky can beat the Terminator; Mathew Broderick finally talks to the TMZ camera man; and Shauna Sand always looks like she's making a porno.
  • Episode #2.042
    Episode #2.042
    Episode 42
  • Episode #2.041
    Episode #2.041
    Episode 41
    Tim McGraw is a country star, not a politician; why is Gisele forgetting all about Tom Brady?; Jesse Metcalfe and Mams Taylor have made up; and Jessica Simpson is a moody girl.
  • Episode #2.040
    Episode #2.040
    Episode 40
    Disney can't hide the fact the Zac Efron is in the sack; T.I. is afraid of only one person, and that's John McCain; Courteney Cox can't back out of a parking space; and just when you don't think you can hate Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt anymore, they prove you wrong.moreless
  • Episode #2.039
    Episode #2.039
    Episode 39
    Miss Teen Louisiana wants to be famous, so she got arrested; who is Alana Curry, why is she talking to the TMZ camera man and why is TMZ even caring about her; what are the women from Girls Next Door do now, since Hugh Hefner has given them the boot?; and how does Larry Birkhead still have pull in Hollywood.moreless
  • Episode #2.038
    Episode #2.038
    Episode 38
    Derek Hough is mad at TMZ; Justin Long isn't special; Malik Yoba talks about always playing a cop; Susan Lucci is a GILF; and Alex Rodriguez finally talks after being asked 12 questions.
  • Episode #2.037
    Episode #2.037
    Episode 37

    Sarah Palin likes that TMZ and their viewers think she's hot; the TMZ camera man asks Maureen McCormick some blunt questions; Tommy Davidson has more car trouble; Kenan Thompson has no idea where Kel Mitchell is; and never ever call Jessica Beil, Jessica Alba.

  • Episode #2.036
    Episode #2.036
    Episode 36
  • Episode #2.035
    Episode #2.035
    Episode 35
    Snoop Dogg want his money from TMZ and Harvey Levin; John Rich gets into a brawl with Jerry Montana from Danzig; Steve-O was more camera ready when he was drunk; and Sylvester Stallone is reusing jokes over and over again.
  • Episode #2.034
    Episode #2.034
    Episode 34
    Chuck Liddell gets rejected entrance to a club, then the door man laughs about it; Tom Green is now a rapper and TMZ gets his first single; Claudia Jordan does something she's never done before, she avoids the paparazzi; and Jessica Beil likes smelling her own shoes.
  • Episode #2.033
    Episode #2.033
    Episode 33
    Billy Ray Cyrus and Miley Cyrus enter Hulk Hogan and Brooke Hogan territory; James Van Der Beek is still involved with movies, he watches them; is John Malkovich the greatest bald actor?; and Jesus helps Heidi and Spencer with everything.
  • Episode #2.032
    Episode #2.032
    Episode 32
    Derek Hough pitches his band to the paparazzi; Kim Kardashian feeds someone's meter, so they won't get towed; Jason Lewis doesn't do his trademark move to the TMZ camera; and the TMZ camera man gets into Vinnie Jones and Jason Statham's way.
  • Episode #2.031
    Episode #2.031
    Episode 31
    Jaime Lynn Spears denies that she's pregnant; a former Big Brother house mate talks about all the money he has; is Kayley Gable, grand daughter of Clark Gable, out of control; is Kim Kardashian the anti-Jessica Simpson; and TMZ goes behind the scenes of the adult film Nailin' Paylin.
  • Episode #2.030
    Episode #2.030
    Episode 30
  • Episode #2.029
    Episode #2.029
    Episode 29
    Hugh Hefner's new "girlfriends" are violent women; Sophie Monk doesn't know why Paris Hilton hates her; Ric Flair challenges Warren Sapp to either a dance-off or a fight; and Michael Jordan tells a cab driver to run over the paparazzi.
  • Episode #2.028
    Episode #2.028
    Episode 28
    Britney Spears is involved in yet another fender bender; Regis Philbin explains why he didn't say hello to Daniel Radcliffe, then he invents another new word; the TMZ camera man tries to pick-up Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner, and Ashley Scott gets an odd request from a fan.
  • Episode #2.027
    Episode #2.027
    Episode 27
    David Crosby throws coffee into two peoples faces; Jennifer Hudson figures out a way to keep the the paparazzi away; and the TMZ camera man asks James Woods the forbidden question.
  • Episode #2.026
    Episode #2.026
    Episode 26
    Holly Madison admits she isn't dating Hugh Hefner anymore; Mark Linn-Baker and Quinn Smith get dug up from obscurity; Jennifer Hudson likes getting her picture taken; and TMZ has video of the karate monkey.
  • Episode #2.025
    Episode #2.025
    Episode 25
    Jerry O'Connell tells one of Harvey Levin's secrets; Katie Couric answers what magazines she reads; TMZ talks to the adult film actress playing Sarah Palin, in Nailin' Paylin, and unlike the real Sarah Palin, she actually answers questions; and the paparazzi sends Rose McGowan home crying.
  • Episode #2.024
    Episode #2.024
    Episode 24
  • Episode #2.023
    Episode #2.023
    Episode 23
    Sharon Stone won't talk about wanting her son to get botox injections in her feet; Hustler is doing an adult film based on Sarah Plain called Nailin' Palin; and you would never know that Candis Cayne was born a male.
  • Episode #2.022
    Episode #2.022
    Episode 22
    TMZ has figured out the reason why John Mayer won't talk to them anymore; Shirley MacLaine shocks TMZ; and TMZ is now babysitting grade schoolers.
  • Episode #2.021
    Episode #2.021
    Episode 21
    How Heather Locklear was set-up for her DUI, by a former US Magazine employee; Claudia Jordan won't talk about her new job; how did Kim Kardashian get on Dancing With the Stars?; and how Criss Angel's new live Las Vegas shows sucks.
  • Episode #2.020
    Episode #2.020
    Episode 20
    Kathy Griffin talks about the economy; the TMZ staffers argue if Samantha Ronson looks good in a bikini; and what does Bill O'Reilly have the FBI doing?
  • Episode #2.019
    Episode #2.019
    Episode 19
  • Episode #2.018
    Episode #2.018
    Episode 18
  • Episode #2.017
    Episode #2.017
    Episode 17
    Sean Kingston loses five thousand dollars worth of jewelry, in the mail; Sacha Baron Cohen causes havoc at Milan fashion show; and the TMZ camera man is obsessed with Dakota Fanning becoming a cheerleader.
  • Episode #2.016
    Episode #2.016
    Episode 16
    David Blaine talks about the debacle that was his Dive of Death; Miley Cyrus denies that she's trying to get out of her Hannah Montana contract; Hayden Panettiere doesn't care about education; and Robert Blake doesn't want the paparazzi to shoot him.
  • Episode #2.015
    Episode #2.015
    Episode 15
    Warren Sapp is the biggest diva on Dancing With the Stars; why won't politicians take TMZ seriously?; Peter Fonda gets stuck in airport security; the TMZ staffers discuss the pros and cons of breast milk; and Jennifer Gray is very sweet.
  • Episode #2.014
    Episode #2.014
    Episode 14
    Miley Cyrus wants to quit Hannah Montana and the behind the scenes story; Janice Dickinson gets a parking ticket and isn't happy about it; Daniel Radcliffe and Regis Philbin want nothing to do with each other; and Alex Rodriguez doesn't know what TMZ is.
  • Episode #2.013
    Episode #2.013
    Episode 13
    Tommy Smothers doesn't seem all that grateful about receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award Emmy; Arnold Schwarzenegger admits he smoked marijuana with Tommy Chong; Wolfgang Puck jumps the shark, by aligning himself with Heidi and Spencer; and Jeremy Jackson talks about his sex tape, that will never come out, but it's awesome.moreless
  • Episode #2.012
    Episode #2.012
    Episode 12
  • Episode #2.011
    Episode #2.011
    Episode 11
    Hugh Hefner likes Loretta Sanchez a lot; pseudo-celebrities come out of the woodwork for their Emmy gift bag; and Mikey Day does his impersonation of Harvey Levin.
  • Episode #2.010
    Episode #2.010
    Episode 10
    TMZ has their first ever openly gay man kiss, courtesy of Rex Lee; Don Cheadle has jury duty; and Dennis Rodman has an announcement for TMZ.
  • Episode #2.009
    Episode #2.009
    Episode 9
    Tommy Davidson's car breaks down, he gets someone to jump it, then realizes he locked his keys in the car; Steve-O talks about his sobriety; Courtney Love hates the Jonas Brothers and wants rock to come back; the TMZ staffers have a heated debate over Barack Obama not wanting Lindsay Lohan to throw a fund raiser for him; Mark Curry wants to get with Condoleezza Rice; and Hollywood is happy to have Ernie Reyes, Jr. back.moreless
  • Episode #2.008
    Episode #2.008
    Episode 8
    TMZ get three former Secretaries of State and ask them about the important issues; John Mayer isn't being funny or nice to TMZ anymore; the paparazzi ignores Breckin Meyer; and Steve Buscemi tells what the meaning of life is.
  • Episode #2.007
    Episode #2.007
    Episode 7
    Lindsay Lohan takes a page from Kanye West and hits a member of the paparazzi; footage of Jake Roberts at a charity event, wrestling intoxicated; and Matthew McConaughey is not in a good mood after losing the Malibu triathalon.
  • Episode #2.006
    Episode #2.006
    Episode 6
  • Episode #2.005
    Episode #2.005
    Episode 5
    What could happen to Kanye West following his airport incident?; the higher ups in the LAPD are upset following Jamie Lynn Spears' double incident; Lisa Lampanelli does her brand of humor on the streets of New York; and the TMZ camera man is obsessed with Rider Strong's name.
  • Episode #2.004
    Episode #2.004
    Episode 4
    Video of Kanye West attacking the paparazzi and the TMZ camera man, then breaking their cameras; Star Jones is the H.B.I.C.; Jonny Fairplay trades a story for a TMZ t-shirt; and Jaime Lynn Spears pulls a fast one on the paparazzi, with help from the LAPD.
  • Episode #2.003
    Episode #2.003
    Episode 3
    The G4 network is being sued by three women for recording them, with hidden cameras, for "cougar hunt" dating show; the paparazzi go after Sienna Miller once again; why is the cast of Gossip Girls always miserable?; and Brody Jenner makes a fool of himself, again.
  • Episode #2.002
    Episode #2.002
    Episode 2
    Warren G gets stuck in an elevator, with some fans, for over an hour; there is not a Josh Hartnett sex tape; and Michelle Rodriguez is either really drunk or really smart.
  • Episode #2.001
    Episode #2.001
    Episode 1
    Michael Phelps has sold out; the TMZ camera man eats it while talking to Jenny McCarthy; Lucy Lawless needs to catch up on her porn watching; and Sienna Miller gets into it with a member of the paparazzi.