TNA Pay-Per-View

Season 6 Episode 10

Bound For Glory

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 14, 2007 on

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  • TNA's answer to WWE's WrestleMania. Can they make this a PPV of the year contender?

    Here we go, my 5th TNA Pay-Per-View of the year. And this one just happens to be TNA's biggest event ever, Bound For Glory. Now let's recap:

    LockDown - 7.3 (reigning TNA Pay-Per-View of the Year)
    Sacrifice - 4.6
    Hard Justice - 3 (WORST PPV of the Year)
    No Surrender - 5.1

    Can TNA booking and writing make what looks like a great card, be the best Bound For Glory of all time? Not an easy task, so let's see:

    Winner receives a TNA Tag Team title shot
    Triple X (Senshi and Elix Skipper) Vs L.A.X.
    My pick to win: L.A.X.

    My Thoughts: Okay, why did the TNA fans have to start a T-N-A chant BEFORE the match got to a decent start? Geez. 60 seconds didn't pass and they were already starting, but I'm used to it by now. This is also another reason why I prefer watching ROH matches over TNA matches. The fanbase in ROH actually chant from the heart and let the wrestlers know what they thought of a great match well done, as opposed to TNA's fanbase, who gets you-know-whats just to let their voices be heard.

    Despite their annoyance, this was a GREAT way to start the show. Elix Skipper did a great high-cross body from the scalpel, though Hernandez was the man of the match in my eyes. For a big man who looked so out of place in this match, he sure adapted to the match fairly quick. The winner of this match would receive a tag team title shot in the near future and thanks to Hernandez, I go 1-0 in the picks department. Congrats, Homicide and Hernandez.

    Winners: L.A.X.
    Score: 3.5/5

    Fight For The Right "Reverse" Battle Royal
    My pick to win: Petey Williams

    My Thoughts: After seeing the preview of the gauntlet on their 2-hour Impact debut (which was the match-of-the-night mind you), I was hyped for this. And the winner would become the No. 1 contender for the TNA title. NOW, they did a 180 and made it a "reverse" battle royal? This is the first time I've seen this, so here are the rules:

    - All of the men start and fight OUTSIDE the ring.
    - You must climb over the top rope and fall INSIDE the ring.
    - The first 8 to enter will qualify.
    - Elimination is over the top rope.
    - When 2 are left, it's pinfall or submission.
    - First pin or submission wins the match.

    And get this: instead of becoming the No. 1 contender, you win the right to be the No. 1 seed for a TOURNAMENT which will take place on future Impact tapings. The 8 men who qualify are automatically in the tournament, with the winner earning a top "seed." That makes perfect sense, doesn't it? Yeah I thought so, it doesn't. And to think, this was one of Vince Russo's ideas. Way to go to making the new fans go "what the hell am I watching," Russo. Kinda like WCW in 2000.

    Now onto the horribly booked match. The 8 men to qualify were: Rikishi (what a shock, a WWE guy earning the first spot. Mantel strikes again), James Storm, Eric Young, Lance Hoyt, Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Robert "Boring" Roode and Kaz. Sadly, my pick didn't qualify, which stinks. I go 1-1.

    Now the "real" battle royal begins. And it doesn't help the score when they had Rikishi make the TNA originals (all 7 of them) look like they don't belong in the ring with him. Thankfully he got eliminated rather quickly too. Now with Rikishi gone, it was anyone's ball game. There was nothing special, except Sabin and Shelley. You can always expect these 2 to put on great performances, and why didn't they make THEM tag team champions? I will never know. Trying to figure out how TNA management pushes their talent is like trying to understand rocket science. In the end, Roode and Young were the last 2 (here's hoping that they don't re-hatch this rivalry again). Once again, nothing special and it was quick. Thank goodness, cause I can't stand seeing Roode wrestle. Put him in the ring with an X-Division guy and they could get a 3-star match out of the lug. Young won via inside cradle and earns the No. 1 seed in a tournament. Pretty stupid, not to mention, pointless match.

    This match easily gets 2-stars. Now I can hear the TNA fanboys going: "What're you talking about? This match was awesome. Way better than a boring, old school, classic battle royal in the WWE. You're biased." Yeah, well I'd prefer a boring, old school, classic battle royal over his clustered crap that TNA booking gave us. At least with a normal battle royal, you understand the rules, the prize, whose in and out, as well as the legitimate winner. Even if the wrong guy won, so what? At least I know what's going on. This match was SO poorly done, that it made me go: "the hell was the point of this kind of stipulation anyways?" Note to Russo: don't ever do another "reverse" battle royal again.

    Winner: Eric Young
    Score: 2/5

    TNA Tag Team Championship
    A.J. Styles and Tyson Tomko Vs Team Pacman (c)
    My pick to win: Styles and Tomko

    My Thoughts: Ah, A.J, look how far you've fallen. You went from top heel and most over guy in TNA, to a jobber and the butt of everyone's jokes. I hate this heel run of Styles. Hell, his old heel run when TNA started was better than this. Now, Adam "Pacman" Jones was replaced by some guy called Rashid Lucius Consequences Creed (boy is THAT a mouthful). Just that alone was enough for me to say: "heh, Jarrett couldn't get the ban off Jones so he could wrestle. Man, that's sad and pathetic right there."

    Match wise, I didn't like it. Creed looked so out of place in the ring. Killings, yes. Styles, hell yes. Tomko, yes. Creed, hell no. Add Jones out there with interference and this stupid ordeal with the referee and money, was too much for me to handle. But Tomko and Styles winning made up for this and I boosted it to 2-stars. Someone thank TNA booking, because after 3 months, they finally realized that 1 wrestler was holding the tag team titles after every title change. So giving the belts to TWO wrestlers would be better. After all, WCW did the same thing and look what happened to them?

    With this title change, I go 2-1 in the process.

    Winners: Styles and Tomko
    Status: NEW Tag Team Champions
    Score: 2/5

    TNA X-Division Championship
    Christopher Daniels Vs Jay Lethal (c)
    My pick to win: Christopher Daniels

    My Thoughts: I always liked X-Division matches, but for some reason now, I'm starting to drift away from them. Why? Easy: TNA is treating it like a jobber's division. Right after Angle put Lethal over to be a credible X-Division champion, all they did to the guy is make him job constantly and look like he doesn't belong in a ring with the washed-up WWE talent they have. Plus there was no build-up for this title match at all. Oye, they better do something to make people care for the guys in this division cause a lot of them want to leave.

    Note: You all know my thoughts on how Lethal had to subdue to a Macho Man ripoff gimmick so he can get over with the crowd (the same crowd who don't want to see crappy WWE stuff ever again, mind you). BUT, as a guy who likes entrance music, Lethal's remix to Savage's old theme is a must-listen. Guaranteed.

    Match wise: nothing special. Mediocre match, even with the Lethal combination from the top rope. And again, the TNA fanboys: "You're a moron. That was the match-of-the-year, just like every match in TNA. Way better than the cruiserweight snorefests in the WWE, you biased WWE sheep." And to that, I say:

    "Unlike you guys who would probably chant "this is awesome" for a Scream Like a Little Girl match between Don West and Mike Tenay, I know for a fact that Daniels and Lethal can put on a much better match than what they did. And where do they do this? In an independent promotion that you same fanboys can never find a legit reason to hate, called Ring of Honor, whose wrestling puts yours to shame. I saw Daniels and Matt Hardy put on a damn good match in ROH, one which I would urge all Mattitude followers and Fallen Angel fans to check out over this title match, and I can guarantee you that Lethal didn't have to resort to a Macho Man ripoff to get over with an ROH crowd. Sorry, but all of the ROH alumni there can/has and are capable of putting on much better matches in Ring of Honor, other indy leagues and Japanese promotions over Total Nonstop Angle, anyday.

    Oh yeah, Lethal retained and I go 2-2. I'm glad he won though, that way he won't look like a transitional champion, or better yet, a JOKE.

    Winner: Jay Lethal
    Status: STILL X-Division Champion
    Score: 2.5/5

    2-out-of-3 Table Match
    The Steiner Brothers Vs Team 3D
    My pick to win: Team 3D

    My Thoughts: Ah, The Steiners and Dudleys again, only in a table match just so people can care for them. Take note here: if these teams were in their prime, then this match could've been good. On the other hand, both guys are old, worn down, out of shape, several years past their prime and like a lot of people at their age, trying to relive past glory. Much like Jeff Jarrett when he was hogging the main event scene for 4 years because he couldn't get anywhere in the big leagues, but I digress.

    This match, just like the one they had at Hard Justice, went on for what looked like an eternity. Good grief, like I stated, let the guys hit their signature moves for a quick match so we can get on. But no, they had to use up 15 minutes on a long, dragged on affair. Hell, people are probably calling the Frankensteiner through the table as an awesome spot, so what? Scott's done it 3 times in TNA already. So the one through the table made it better? Nonsense. And yeah, we saw Sabin and Shelley appear, but they didn't hurt the score, cause it already was. 1 star, and I go 2-3 when the Steiners won. Worst match of the night.

    Winners: The Steiner Brothers
    Score: 1/5

    TNA Women's Gauntlet Match
    Winner Becomes 1st Ever TNA Women's Champion
    My pick to win: Gail Kim

    My Thoughts: If there's one thing TNA can do which differentiates them from the WWE, is picking the right kind of women to make a strong division. All the WWE cares for is how big your boobs are and how much breast implants you got, if you don't care about wrestling and if you wanna be in PlayBoy. Now onto the participants (in order of entry):

    - Ms Brookes
    - Jackie Moore
    - Sherri Martinez (A.K.A Ariel)
    - Amazing Kong
    - ODB
    - Angel Williams
    - Christy Hemme
    - Gail Kim
    - Talia Madison
    - Roxxi Laveaux

    Now before I get to the match, I must note this: Shelley Martinez looks HOT without the vampire makeup. She really does. And she has a lucha libre wrestling style too, just like Amy Dumas. Amazing. Why did the WWE let her go, when she was gaining a fanbase? Oh yeah, Batista, the walking steroid bottle couldn't take being outspoken by a woman. Ya 300 pound waste of skin, getting owned by a woman. Marvelous.

    Okay, match time. One word best sums this whole thing up: GOOD. These ladies weren't shy to show their stuff (not like that ya sick perverts) and what they can do in the ring. Plus, Amazing Kong made a fan out of me. I couldn't believe what I heard too: she stands 6 feet tall and weighs 272 pounds. That IS amazing. She was like a black, feminine, more hairy (on the head) version of Big Van Vader during his monster heel days in WCW and New Japan. She dominated those ladies like they were nothing......until something frightening happened. Gail Kim, ODB and Talia eliminated Amazing Kong........and her damn BOOBS were exposed when she fell. Eww, when people mention the letters T-N-A at one of their events, they're talking about the "wrestling," not, eh, you get it. At least it was quick, before I had nightmares. YEECH!!!!!!!!!

    In the end, Roxxi and Gail Kim were the last 2 standing, with Kim earning the pinfall win and the TNA Women's title. And I go 3-3 at Bound For Glory, woo-hoo. Go, Gail Kim, show the WWE that they made the biggest mistake in letting you go and having Trashley, Maria, and all of the other washed-up bikini models to use as "wrestlers." Not to mention the Diva Search. What a joke.

    Winner: Gail Kim
    Status: 1st Ever TNA Women's Champion
    Score: 3.5/5

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Ya gotta give credit to Christy Hemme too. Cause she did something that Trashley, Kelly Kelly and the rest of those broomsticks called divas would NEVER wanna do: she took a sit-down powerbomb from Amazing Kong, one that would Batista's version look like a damn bodyslam, and got broken in half in the process. Yeah, and she got taken out on a stretcher too. Major thumbs up for wanting to take that nasty bump, Christy, major thumbs up.

    There Must Be a Winner
    Special Enforcer: Matt Morgan
    Christian Cage Vs Samoa Joe
    My pick to win: Christian Cage

    My Thoughts: It's a shame how Joe is subjected to this. He opened up the 1st ever Bound For Glory with a match against the legendary Jushin "Thunder" Liger, he won Monster's Ball at Bound For Glory 2006. Now this. Still not getting your dues after 3 years in TNA, getting overlooked because he's not a big name (never mind the fact that he gets a much bigger reaction that a lot of the big names they have) and almost out of the door. Samoa Joe, Ring of Honor. They'll be waiting for ya with open arms.

    To call this a great match would be too nice. This was an awesome match. Easily the match of the night, though some fanboys are calling it the match of the year. Quit overusing that for ALL of TNA's matches please, seriously. Even though I enjoyed the match completely, one thing I didn't like. Remember that rant I did about Lethal becoming the X-Division champion, then all of that credibility got thrown out of the window on the same night? Well then, TNA did it again. Only this time, it was Styles and Tomko fresh off of a tag team title win, looking incredibly weak to Matt Morgan. The hell is that? Proving more and more how those belts and the champions mean squat, man. Come on. I had to deduct half a star because of that ridiculous move. Stop making your champions look like jobbers right after they won the belts. I really hope they don't treat Gail Kim like that during her title run.

    Also, Samoa Joe won by submission (shocking, cause I swore they would make Christian win and keep that winning streak) and I go 3-4. FINALLY, Christian submits in TNA. That took long to do. And at least Joe got the honors of doing it, which makes this match even better.

    Winner: Samoa Joe
    Score: 4/5 (Match of the Night)

    Monster's Ball
    Raven Vs Black Reign Vs Rhino Vs Abyss
    My pick to win: Abyss

    This is the first time I've ever seen a Monster's Ball, I believe. And each one was more brutal than the other. So let's see how this fairs.

    Now this was tough for me to choose, who to win. Rhino can go in No-DQ style matches (original ECW), so could Raven (original ECW), this is a match made for Abyss and I could care less about Dustin Rhodes. So, I went with Abyss. I wanna see a TNA original win, is that hard to ask?

    Now could someone tell me where this match was brutal? Cause it wasn't brutal at all. Everything they did was something you would see somewhere else, there was nothing new. I'm gonna have to watch one of the other Monster's Ball matches to fully appreciate this. 2 stars. Abyss won with a Black Hole Slam to Raven onto tacks and glass, and I go 4-4. I know Raven can still take bumps despite his age, which was good for him.

    Winner: Abyss
    Score: 2/5

    Note: Don't let my scores fool you. Some areas of the PPV made me boost the overall score up, even without the backstage segments. So now, onto the main event of the evening.

    TNA Championship "Dream Match"
    Sting Vs Kurt Angle (c)
    My pick to win: Sting

    My Thoughts: This had to be the most obvious prediction in the entire PPV. Anyone who didn't see Sting winning, were you blind? Even without the conflict between Angle and Jarrett, I still say Sting winning this.

    One thing I should note, I watched last year's Bound For Glory main event with Jarrett Vs Sting for the NWA title BEFORE this year's Bound For Glory. Wow, was it bad. 2005, it was supposed to be Jarrett Vs Kevin Nash, but Nash got chest pains and had to be replaced by someone else (thank goodness). HOPEFULLY Sting and Angle can throw that nasty main event streak away.

    Well, both guys were able to get a 3-star main event. Hell, Angle did a 450 splash......which he botched, but hey, I didn't know Angle had it in him to do a move like that. While putting on a Bound For Glory main event that was better than last year's, you'd figured they keep this momentum going, but this is TNA we're talking about here. We had Karen Angle coming out, Kevin Nash coming in, security, foreign objects, low blows, referee bumps. It was poorly booked. No, I won't give it 2-stars, I'll give a 2.5 star rating. And this was supposed to be a "dream" match. TNA, look at the build-up for Hogan and Rock towards WrestleMania 18, as well as the match. Or even better, Angle's dream match with HBK at WrestleMania 21. THAT is how a dream match should be done, not this clustered excuse of a main event.

    Sting won the match and becomes the TNA champion, plus I go 5-4 overall. Sting as the champion is a bad thing. Sting is not a credible champion, nor is he a big draw for them. Oh here comes the fanboys again: "Sting is a legend in wrestling and one of the biggest draws of all time. He's way better than the same guy that you worship, John Cena." First off, Cena is a bigger draw than Sting now. How many of you 'Stingers' have seen him when he was the California surfer during the late 80s, early 90s? When he was taking Ric Flair to the limit, putting on classic encounters with Mick Foley and Big Van Vader? How many? NONE. All you saw was the crow gimmick and instantly think you know everything about the guy, which you don't. Secondly, Sting is past his prime and no longer the big draw that he was in the past. How much has Sting drawn in since coming into TNA? Not much. And finally, Sting has lost a step or two in the ring, I can tell. Not one of his matches (which I've seen in TNA) were match of the year contenders, yet Cena has had at least 6 match of the year contenders in 2007 alone so far. Also, the new fans have no clue who Sting is, but can easily adapt to Cena, not because they're "sheep" as you label them, but the fact that he's the most recognized name in wrestling now. So, who's the bigger draw now, Stingers? Eh? And this is coming from a fellow Stinger himself.

    Now before I give my final verdict: there's a rumor that we might have Sting Vs Kevin Nash at TNA's next PPV Genesis. Heaven help us.

    Winner: Sting
    Status: NEW TNA Champion
    Score: 2.5/5


    Final Verdict: I give Bound For Glory a 6.7/10. The best matches were the Ultimate-X, Christian and Joe, and to me I enjoyed the women's gauntlet. Especially Amazing Kong. I hated the table's match and the "reverse" battle royal (here's hoping they don't do it again). Everything else was okay.

    Yes, Bound For Glory still didn't beat LockDown in the ratings, but I enjoyed it. It ranks up there as one of the best TNA PPVs of the year. Does it beat WrestleMania? Not quite. Does it beat Backlash? Not by much. Does it beat Respect Is Earned and Driven? Yeah RIGHT, I haven't been able to see those 2, but no TNA or WWE PPV would be able to dethrone these ROH shows. Not a shot in hell.

    So there you have it, my thoughts on TNA Bound For Glory 2007. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did reviewing it. Here's hoping that Genesis can be any better. And here's also hoping that we don't get Sting and Nash as the main event as well. That would be worse than a Great Khali match (and that's saying a hell of a lot too). Later.