TNA Pay-Per-View

Season 1 Episode 2

June 26, 2002

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jun 26, 2002 on

Episode Recap

The second episode of NWA Total Nonstop Action, from Huntsville, AB began with highlights of Jeff Jarrett's incidents with Toby Keith, Jackie Fargo, and the Gauntlet for the Gold match, culminating with the crowning of Ken Shamrock as the new NWA champion defeating Malice, Jarrett attacking several of the NWA legends, and the announcement of Jarrett vs. Scott Hall with Fargo and Keith in Hall's corner for tonight.

We went to the building, with lots of pyro to open the show as Mike Tenay welcomed everyone. Tenay previewed the matches for tonight's episode including K-Krush vs. Brian Christopher. Ed Ferrara discussed Sterling Marlin and Hermie Sadler from NASCAR being in Christopher's corner. Don West talked about how much he was looking forward to the women's lingerie battle royal to crown the first Miss NWA TNA.

Our opening contest saw Jeff Jarrett taking on Scott Hall, accompanied by Jackie Fargo and country music star Toby Keith. Jarrett challenged all three to come to the ring, as he didn't want to wait to later to wrestle. Jarrett tried to get under Hall's skin, but fled the ring after a Fall Away Slam. Jarrett retreated from Toby Keith and was tossed back into the ring by Fargo. Jarrett hit several dropkicks on Hall. Hall fired back with several rights, but Jarrett locked on a sleeper. Hall reversed the sleeper, but Jarrett hit a back suplex. Jarrett got a two count off the move. Hall battled back and got a two count with a lariat. Hall went for the Outsider's Edge but K-Krush came to the ring and saved Jarrett. Brian Christopher chased Krush off. Jarrett beat down on Hall but was preoccupied with Toby Keith. Keith got in the ring and along with Hall, both men slammed Jarrett headfirst into the mat. Hall scored the pin with Keith still standing in the ring.

We go to the NWA TNA girls dancing as the announcers go over the contestants for the Miss TNA Lingerie battle royal later tonight and a clip of the catfight between Electra and Francine from last week's episode.

Out came Cheeks, a very heavyset African American wrestler, accompanied by the Brown-Eyed Girl. Tenay said that he claimed to be trained by the Andersons. His opponent, Frank Parker, was in the ring. Tenay said Parker was trained by Jimmy Valiant. As the match began, they announced that on next week's episode, Brian Christopher and Scott Hall will face K-Krush and Jeff Jarrett. Cheeks slammed Parker. Cheeks rammed himself, butt first, into Parker, who was sitting in the corner. Alicia came to ringside and began talking to ring announcer Jeremy Borash. Cheeks hit a big splash for the pin. Borash paid Alicia money, just like referee Mark Johnson the week before.

As the TNA Girls danced, Mike Tenay announced there would be a NWA Tag Team championship tournament on next week's episode. They then went to footage from last week of K-Krush confronting the NASCAR drivers Sterling Marlin and Hermie Sadler, which led to Brian Christopher coming out and confronting Krush.

K-Krush made his way to the ring. Brian Christopher then came to the ring with Marlin and Sadler. Krush opened up the bout beating in Christopher in the corner. Tenay mentioned Krush was trained by Manny Fernandez. Christopher hit a bulldog but only got a two count. He went for another but Krush threw him into the turnbuckles. Krush suplexed Christopher over. They went back and forth, culminating with Krush hitting a leg lariat. Christopher kicked up at the two count. Krush cinched in a side chinlock, but Christopher battled out of the move. Christopher fired off with a series of rights and an enziguiri. Christopher hit a stunner on Krush and went to hit Krush in the corner, but was hit with an inverted atomic drop. Krush went to leave the ring but the NASCAR drivers grabbed the middle rope and critched Krush with it. Christopher went to the top rope, hit the Hip Hop Drop off the top rope, and scored the pinfall.

Don West said that next week K-Krush would get a chance for retribution when he teamed with Jeff Jarrett against Christopher and Scott Hall. Tenay announced that the Rainbow Express would be in action later and NWA champion Ken Shamrock would appear. They then went over the competitors for the X Division championship match later on in the evening.

They went to the ring for the Miss TNA Lingerie Battle Royal, with the winner being the last woman who doesn't have her clothes torn off. Tenay said that the winner would receive an NWA TNA contract. Borash announced Francine, but it wasn't her. The announcers said he was a little distracted. The women came out wearing pajamas over their lingerie. Electra ripped Tyler's clothes off, so she was eliminated. She had a bathing suit on underneath. Next out was Sasha by Shannon, formerly WCW's Daffney. The women all teamed up on Francine and ripped her bottom off, then her top. So, the Queen of Extreme was next out. Miss Joanie was then eliminated. Francine was shown upset at ringside over losing and Ed Ferrara left the announce table to console her. Francine got on her knees and removed Ferrara's belt, with the implication something more was going to happen, but instead began whipping him with the strap. Daffney and Alex Larey were out next. It came down to Taylor Vaughn and Electra with Taylor winning. Francine laid her out and began whipping her with the belt. The referee pulled Taylor from the ring and assisted her to the back as an upset Francine was left in the ring.

We went backstage to Goldilocks, who was interviewing Nuevo Gran Apollo. Apollo said that now he lives in Florida, when Bobcat jumped into the screen. She said that they should be interviewing David Young, her charge, not Apollo. Bobcat accused Goldilocks of being jealous of her, and Goldilocks cut off the interview.

David Young vs. Nuevo Gran Apollo was next. Young failed with several shoulderblock attempts and Apollo hit a powerslam slam on Young. Apollo hit a double underhook suplex. Tenay mentioned that Young has been wrestling for 13 years, starting as a pro at the age of 16. Apollo hit a hard knife-edge chop in the corner on Young, then hit a charge into the corner. Bobcat kept hitting on Borash at ringside. Young was distracted by this, and was nearly pinned with a schoolboy. Young hit a enziguiri and locked on a rear chinlock, but the announcers noted he was distracted by Bobcat's actions. Apollo used the ropes to springboard into a tornado DDT. Young hit his finishing move, a spinebuster but didn't go for the pin because he was distracted by Bobcat and Borash. He went for a moonsault off the top but Apollo moved. Apollo hit a superkick and a TKO for the pinfall. Your winner, Nuevo Gran Apollo.

Joel Gertner did one of his patented ring introductions and brought out Lenny and Bruce, the Rainbow Express. Gertner said that people keep asking why he is with them, since they are gay and he is not. Gertner said that just because they are gay doesn't mean that they don't live better lives than the fans. He said that he doesn't care what they do in their hotel rooms as long as they are all business in the ring. They noted that Bruce was taking the place of Lodi, who was out with a neck injury, but Lodi would be back shortly. Their opponents are the Dupps, with Fluff Dupp. Tenay noted that the Dupps defeated Joey Matthews and Christian York last week. The Dupps didn't come out, so we went backstage to the Dupps, who refused to wrestle "them hippies." Bill Behrens approached Chris Harris and James Storm, who were entering the backstage area of the building, and offered them the match. They agreed and went to the ring in their street clothes.

Harris sent Bruce over the top rope with a top rope clothesline. Lenny Lane hit a tornado DDT on Storm but couldn't get the pin. Bruce tagged in and got a two count with a sunset flip after Lenny hit a clothesline as Storm battled it off. All four battled in the ring. The match went back and forth until Storm and Harris scored the victory.

They went to the ring, where Ricky Steamboat, wearing a referee's shirt introduced NWA champion Ken Shamrock. As he came to the ring, Tenay and the others discussed Shamrock's win in the Gauntlet for the Gold last week. Steamboat discussed the legends who have held the NWA championship in the past and that Shamrock has added his name to the list. Shamrock said that he will defend the belt with honor, and that he's been around the world for MMA and pro wrestling and has risen to the top. He says that as NWA champion, he has risen to the top again. Shamrock thanked those who support him.

Minister Jim Mitchell came out and said he was on a mission from "His God" and that was why the members of his New Church would make sure that his organization controls the NWA championship. He says that Shamrock is supposed to be the world's most dangerous man and challenges Shamrock to defend the NWA title against a member of Mitchell's new church next week. Shamrock smiled and Mitchell introduced Slash. Shamrock asked if this was a joke, and said that instead of waiting for next week, he would let Slash come to the ring and try to take the belt from him. Mitchell said that he had someone else in mind for Shamrock, and Malice attacked and chokeslammed Shamrock from behind. Malice choked Shamrock down as security and officials hit the ring. Mitchell called off Malice, saying to leave a "piece of his carcass for next week." NWA champion Ken Shamrock vs. Malice next week on NWA TNA.

They then went to highlights of last week's X Division six man tag team match. They discussed that the ideals behind the X division and previewed the four way match scheduled to crown the first X Division champion with Jerry Lynn, Low Ki, Psicosis, and AJ Styles.

The match began with Psicosis and AJ Styles. Styles hit the Styles Clash for a quick first pinfall. Low Ki hit the ring and began hitting his kicks and moves on Styles. He flipped Styles off the top rope and trapped him in a Dragon Clutch submission. Low Ki hits several kicks to the face but missed another. Styles hit a facebuster to pin Low Ki and hand Ki his first defeat.

Jerry Lynn entered the ring and battled with Styles. Lynn was able to hit the cradle piledriver to hand Styles his first defeat in the match. Psicosis returned to the ring. Psicosis hit a top rope missile dropkick. Lynn got a two count with a bulldog off the top rope. They went to the floor and Psicosis hit a somersault dive over the top to the floor. Lynn and Psicosis continued to battle back and forth. Tenay said that when they get down to the final two men, Ricky Steamboat will officiate. Psicosis took to the air but Lynn hit a dropkick. Lynn hit a cradle piledriver for a three count, eliminating Psicosis from the move.

Low Ki hit the ring and kicked Lynn. They noted Lynn has no defeats while everyone else is one loss away from being eliminated. Low Ki hit an elbow and then chopped Lynn in the corner. Low Ki hit a forearm but was caught with a kick when he charged Lynn in the corner. He went for a top rope huracanrana, but rolled through. Ki hit a stiff kick to the chest, but Lynn hit a forearm smash. Ki missed a kick, and Lynn hit an enziguiri. Both men were down and struggled to get to their feet. They made their way to their feet and battled back and forth. Lynn hit a huge backdrop on Low Ki. He clotheslined Low Ki twice, and hit a guillotine legdrop on Ki. Lynn went for the cradle piledriver, but Ki was able to grab Lynn for a armbar submission. Lynn battled back and slammed Ki down, but only got a two count. It was a close count. Lynn went for a suplex, but Low Ki reversed it. It appeared he was going for his Ki Krusher finisher, but Lynn turned it into a DDT. Lynn hit a piledriver and handed Low Ki his second pinfall, eliminating him from the match.

AJ Styles hit the ring and took Lynn down. Styles hit a spinning leg kick on Lynn for a two count. Styles chopped away on Lynn but Lynn hit a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker. Lynn tried to sunset flip Styles, but he broke the effort and hit a springboard twisting splash on Lynn. Lynn hit a tornado DDT for a two count. They noted that Lynn has to be defeated twice for Styles to win, while Styles only needs to lose one fall for the match to end. Styles got a near fall on Lynn. Lynn hit a running sit down powerbomb on Styles, who kicked up. Lynn went for the cradle piledriver, but was backdropped. Styles hits the Styles Clash to pin Lynn and even the match up.

Ricky Steamboat entered the ring to officiate the final fall, which would crown the first NWA TNA X Division champion. Lynn and Styles battled back and forth. Lynn hit a sunset flip variation out of the corner after leapfrogging a charge in the corner for a two count. They went into a series of two counts and reversals, culminating with a backslide attempt. The pinfall attempts went back and forth until both men hit a clothesline. Steamboat began counting both men out on the mat. They got to their feet and Styles hit a dropkick on Lynn. Lynn took out Styles and dragged him to the floor. Styles was whipped into the guard rail twice. Lynn slammed his head into the ring apron and tried to drag him back inside the squared circle. Styles hit a back kick and a moonsault off the apron to the floor. Styles hit an inverted DDT on the floor. Styles tossed Lynn back into the ring for a near fall. Styles moonsaulted off the ropes and tried to grab Lynn for a move, but Lynn flipped him backwards, dropping him chest first across the top rope. Lynn got a near fall, but Styles was able to kick up. Lynn locked on the Gori Guerrero Especial, but Styles escaped. Styles put Lynn into a fireman's carry, then dropped Lynn's neck down into his knee. He got a two count for his effort. They battled to see who would win a suplex effort, with Lynn hitting the move and getting a two count. Lynn locked on a sleeper, and brought down Styles to his knees. Styles hit a jawbreaker to escape the move. Styles went to the top but Lynn cut him off. Lynn went to the top rope and hits a superplex into the ring, but only gets a two count. Lynn hurt his back hitting the move. Lynn draped Styles atop the top rope and climbed the turnbuckles. Styles shoved him off and hit an awesome twisting splash into the ring for the three-count. Your first NWA TNA X champion, AJ Styles. Pyro exploded and confetti rained down as Styles was awarded the belt by Ricky Steamboat.

They reviewed the high points of the match and the heart and work ethic of all involved, then previewed next week's matches to close the show.

Recap by Mike Johnson of 1Wrestling
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