TNA Pay-Per-View

Season 6 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 15, 2007 on
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All matches are in set in a cage:

TEAM ANGLE (Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Rhino, Sting, Jeff Jarrett) VS. TEAM CAGE (Christian Cage, AJ, Scott Steiner, Abyss & Tomko)


XSCAPE MATCH FOR THE X DIVISION TITLE Sabin (c) vs. Dutt vs. Lethal vs. Shelley vs. Shark Boy

BLINDFOLD MATCH "Wildcat" Chris Harris vs. "Cowboy" James Storm

Jerry Lynn vs. The Fallen Angel

Petey Williams vs. Robert Roode

Gail Kim vs. Jackie Moore

SPECIAL REF: MR BACKLUND Austin Starr vs. Senshi

Christy Hemme's Team vs. VKMmoreless

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  • TNA LockDown 2007

    Okay. This is my first TNA Pay-Per-View, so I might be a little harsh reviewing it, now here goes:

    The Xscape Match for the X-Division title was a decent way to start the PPV off. The tag team interaction between Chris Sabin and Alex Shelly was nice, but why did it start a huge TNA chant? I've seen many things from TNA that were worthy of that chant (A.J Styles doing a high cross body onto Hernandez off the cage last year comes to mind). Other than that, the match did its job, to get the fans into it. Oh, before I rank this match, what the hell are they doing to Jay Lethal? I know they wanna give him a new character, but why the hell would you give a "Macho Man" Randy Savage gimmick? Ugh. He looks like, talks like, wrestles like, has entrance music like, and does a poor man's flying elbow like Savage. TNA Creative Team, wake up. Give the man something else, not something that he can't portray, PLEASE.

    "Final Score: 3.5/5"

    Petey Williams Vs JBL. JBL? No, Ted Dibiase. Whoa, what the hell? Oh YEAH, Robert Roode. He looks like a ripoff of Ted Dibiase and JBL put together, with more of JBL added to the mix. Eric Young looks like a ripoff of Eugene. And Ms. Brooke, AKA Jillian Hall ripoff? You need to find something out of your own wardrobe, not the WWE divas wardrobe. ANYWAYS, back to the match. It was all Roode in the whole match. And Petey? Robert was way too big for a Canadian Destroyer (which is a shame since I like the move). So, this match was pretty decent.

    "Final Score: 3/5"

    Next we have Gail Kim and Jackie Moore (Jacqueline). Now this match was great, better than any women's match the WWE has ever done since 2005. 2002, 2003 and 2004 had one or two great women's matches. 2005 was the year the Women's Division died and was reduced to selling sex on the air. Whatever. Gail and Jackie showed why women should have a spot in a wrestling a ring, that is. And the ending? Gail Kim doing a high-cross body off the cage for the win. Gail Kim, you made a fan outta me that night for sure.

    "Final Score: 4/5"

    We now have Austin Starr Vs Senshi with Bob Backlund as the special referee. Now TNA fans, you always bash the WWE for having a bunch of old guys. What is Backlund doing there? Hmm? And don't give me he doesn't wrestle either. Anyways, the match. It was good (I mostly like Senshi in this). The way he moved, his chops, kicks. Man, he made a fan outta me that night. Then again, I've always liked Senshi. He's cool.

    "Final Score: 3/5"

    Next, James Storm and Chris Harris in a blindfold match. DAMN, this was horrible. I almost fell asleep. Seriously, was this necessary? And the fans in St. Louis showed what they thought about the match with the "We Want Wrestling" and "Boring" chants. Thank you, Storm, for ending it mercifully.

    "Final Score: 0/5"

    Jerry Lynn and Christopher Daniels was anything BUT "awesome." I heard "This Is Awesome" chants in the crowd during this match, yet this match wasn't awesome at all. We didn't see what Jerry Lynn could do. HELL, Daniels was watered down in this match. This was not a typical Christopher Daniels match that people tend to watch. Seriously, this is awesome? More like, "This is boring."

    "Final Score: 1.5/5"

    The Dudley Boys Vs LAX for the NWA Tag Team Championship. In an electrified cage, what the hell? The match lost major points for this. Oh, and Dudleys? Good to see the WWF, WCW and ECW titles again. Just hope Vince McMahon doesn't drop the "sue bomb" on you because of it. In all, this match was okay......until they used the cage, oh boy. Was that really necessary? To make it an electrified cage, I mean. And the crowd? "Fire Russo." As much as I don't like Russo for what he did to WCW, but I doubt it's his fault. And I'm not gonna talk about Hernandez doing that dive off the cage. Why? Cause it didn't make sense. It's an ELECTRIFIED cage, people. The only good thing about the match was the right team winning: The Dudley Boys. They cemented their names as one of the greatest tag teams in wrestling EVER. Congratulations, Buh-Buh Ray and D-von.

    "Final Score: 3.5/5"

    Lethal Lockdown: Team Cage Vs Team Angle. FINALLY, a match that broke the 4/5 mark. Let's see: Steiner doing the Frankensteiner. When was the last time I saw him do that? I'll give him credit. Let's just say that this night was the best thing out of the entire PPV. Now here's the thing that baffles me: when the ceiling comes down, there's absolutely no way out, right? Then how did A.J Styles and Kurt Angle get out? Through the ceiling. That sure killed the credibility of that match. TNA, if you say that there's no escape out of the cage, at least stick with that.

    "Final Score: 4.5/5"

    One more thing that did not look right. TNA's cage is called "Six Sides of Steel." What was the wall of the cage made out of? Ropes. So what is it now, "Six Sides of Ropes?" Come on, TNA. That made your matches look bad. And why wasn't the cage used? If all of the matches are to take place in a cage, use it as much as you can. They didn't have to make everyone bleed in the matches (especially Gail and Jackie), but use the cage more. That's all.

    Overall, I'd give it the same score I gave WrestleMania 23: 7.3/10. Lockdown was nowhere near the greatest TNA Pay-Per-View of all time, nor was it better than WrestleMania. Both of them were even in my mind.moreless
  • Great matches, other than the blindfold match, which was very dull and boring~

    Lockdown to me is the most successful Pay-per-view to date. First of all the matches were entertaining, the story was quite, well, serious, and the atmosphere when watching it was great. The first ever woman's cage match was fun to watch, first of all because Gail Kim is one of my favorites, and also because of her last move which she decided not to leave the cage but to jump from the top of it to finish the match, that was true wrestling. Then the electrified cage match was also thrilling to watch, especially when the players get 'electrified' when the hit the wall, that sudden 'spark' makes it exciting. And with Guerrero coming out in the middle of the match to stop Conan, that was great! Nice scripting. Then there is the petey williams match, although it seemed obvious who the winner is since Robert is so BIG, but they put on a great show.

    The five way X Division match was also fun to watch, especially when Sabin and Alex, their teamwork was good and maybe soon they might be a tag team.

    But the best match was the main even Lockdown. It was cool and the whole thing was just great, words cannot express how good I think this is.

    Compared to WWE, this time TNA did a good job and like they said it's like TNA has more of a direction than WWE, but it doesn't mean WWE is not good.moreless

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