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No Surrender

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No Surrender
TNA World Title Match: Kurt Angle (c) vs Abyss TNA X-Division Title Match: Kurt Angle (c) vs Black Machismo TNA World Tag Titles Match: Kurt Angle & Sting (c) vs Team PacMan (Adam "PacMan" Jones & Ron "The Truth" Killings) Rober Roode w/ Ms. Brooks vs Kaz Samoa Joe vs Christian Cage 10 Tag Teams Gauntlet Match: LAX vs. Team 3D vs. A.J. Styles & Tomko vs. VKM vs. Triple X vs. MCMG vs. Sonjay Dutt and Petey Williams vs. Raven and Havok vs. Eric Young and Shark Boy vs. Lance Hoyt and Jimmy Rave No DQ Match: Black Reign vs Chris Harris Rhino vs Jame Stormmoreless

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  • My 4th TNA PPV review. Hopefully they can rebound from the worst PPV of the year, Hard Justice.

    Okay. So far, I've reviewed the following PPVs from TNA:

    - LockDown

    - Sacrifice

    - Hard Justice

    Out of the 3, LockDown is easily the PPV of the year (for TNA, cause there's no way those things can ever beat Ring of Honor's PPVs), but we'll leave ROH out for a while and see if Total Nonstop Angle, which this PPV surely looks like with THREE Kurt Angle matches, can rebound with the worst PPV of the year Hard "Crappy" Justice.


    TNA Tag Team Championship

    Team Pacman (Ron Killings and Adam Jones) Vs Sting and Kurt Angle (c)

    Well, we start the night off with our 1st of 3 Angle matches. P.S: ya gotta love how the TNA fans showed their thoughts on Adam Jones. I thought TNA would've listened to their fans since they claim they do, but no they don't. Now remember this: Jones CANNOT get into any physical contact, nor can he be involved with anything regarding TNA as regards to the restrictions hanging over him. Gee, I guess someone doesn't know how to read in that promotion, cause how the hell can you have a tag team match when one of the guys can't do squat? Honestly.

    Okay, now to the match.........if you wanna CALL it a match. Sure, the beginning offense between Sting and Killings was okay so I'll give it 1 star for that, everything else afterwards........sucked big time. Cause the second Karen Angle came down, the cameraman focused on her and Sting for the entire majority of this "match." Ah who cares about the tag team titles? Let's focus on Angle's wife, cause that's what you wanna see. Who cares about a boring wrestling match (actually this match was boring) when he can film someone's wife? After all, we "care" for our fans. Yeesh. And don't get me started with the "slap" and horrible acting from Karen's part either. Because of that slap, Angle ran in and Angle slammed Sting in his wife's honor. Well, forget that and let's watch the.......wait, it's over? Adam Jones pinned Sting? We have new champions? Oh joy, all the while Jones was pinning Sting, they were focused on Karen (and her bad acting) instead of focusing on the pinfall. Even worse, Sting had to do the job. Nice. Horrible way to start off the PPV, guys. Now it's Hard Justice all over again.

    Winners: Ron Killings and Adam "Pacman" Jones

    Status: NEW TNA Tag Team Champions

    Score: 1/5 (Karen coming down killed it)

    Don't let this fool you. We now have 1 guy as the tag team champions, that being Ron Killings. Now my next question goes out to 2 TNA fanboys who are extremely popular on YouTube: "how in blue blazes is THIS going to make Ron Killings a main eventer?"


    "Cowboy" James Storm Vs "The War Machine" Rhino

    It was a pretty decent brawl, one-sided brawl, between the 2. Too bad it happened BEFORE the bell rang, or it could've had a good score at the end. Okay, now the bell rings and let's go:

    Looking at it, 'twas pretty decent. Then 2 chairs and a table came in and I'm thinking: "huh? Since when did this become a no-disqualification match? This ain't ECW. CZW wants to be like the original ECW and now TNA? Oh wait, they've always wanted to be like that but fail miserably, oopsie." Plus, the annoying chants from the fans don't help much either.

    Winner: Rhino

    Score: 2.5/5 (lost 1/2 point because of the unnecessary weapons)

    The gore through the table was meh, Rhino's first gore was botched, though Storm's selling made up for that, then there was the gore to Jacqueline. I must say, that woman can sure take a bump. I hope those wannabe divas in the WWE (not Mickie, Victoria, Beth, Jillian or Michelle) see this. If not for a certain talent seeker in that promotion, you'd be getting broken in half by..........breaking your nails. *sigh* They don't make the tough women wrestlers in the WWE like they do anymore, don't they?


    Okay I don't get this. They didn't show Sting getting pinned by Jones at the beginning of the night, but they recapped it again and they SHOWED it? Man, the production team are poor right now.

    And moving on from bad to worse, a GOD awful promo with the Angles and Nash. Sting came in and went loco on Angle. I swear, this IS like Hard Justice all over again.....until Cornette came in. Thank you, Cornette, for turning a worse ordeal good again.


    Robert Roode w/Ms. Brookes Vs Kaz

    You know the drill with me and Robert Roode. A ripoff of Dibiase, JBL, Rude and Henning (yeah, 2 new ripoffs to his list) and he's very boring in the ring. I also noticed a pattern with Roode. Put him in the ring with a great worker, mostly an X-Division guy, and you could get at least a 3-star match out of him. Do the exact opposite and well, you get it, the match stinks. This was somewhat in between with Kaz as his opponent.

    As always, Roode makes the match boring when he gets the upper hand, while his opponent makes it more exciting. Which is what Kaz did, make Roode look good. I was going to give him a 3-star match, his 1st 3-star after his match with Petey Williams at LockDown this year, but 3 things caused me to drop 1/2 a point: the cameraman constantly focusing on Ms. Brookes at the wrong times, bad camera angles and the finish. Kaz beats Roode down coming to the climax, misses a legdrop from the top rope, gets caught with the Perfect-Plex (called the "Payoff" of all things) and loses? Not buying it at all, TNA bookers.

    Winner: Robert "Boring" Roode

    Score: 2.5/5


    We now go to the back with a "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal promo. Pretty meh, if you ask me. And Nash coming in didn't help things either, telling Lethal to lay down. Let's get this match under way.


    TNA X-Division Championship

    Kurt Angle (c) Vs "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal

    And here we go, the second part of the Kurt Angle show, as he defends his X-Division title against a guy who has to endure a ridiculous Macho Man gimmick to get over with the crowd. Let's see how this turns out.

    Now here's what I have to say: match.......of......the night!!!!!!! Great match between the 2. Angle's mat wrestling, Lethal's high-flying style, near falls, you name it. This match was awesome.........and we had no "this is awesome" chants? What's wrong with you, TNA fans? Oh and one more thing. Triple H? This is how you put someone over, this is how you make someone look good, this is how you make someone look like they belong in the ring with you, this is how you mold a young guy into a future main eventer. Not 2 steroid engulfing, bad attitude wielding, boring in the ring guys like Orton and Batista that you would gladly lay down for. Now we have those 2 as world champions, all thanks to your scheming political ways. Wait, this is a TNA review, not a HHH bashing. Get a grip on yourself, man.

    Winner: Jay Lethal

    Status: NEW TNA X-Division Champion

    Score: 4.5/5

    Mike Tenay and Don West sounded like they were having orgasms when Lethal won, I swear. Well, not even their annoying voices (and they ARE extremely annoying at that) is gonna spoil this match at all. Lethal won, Angle put him over. That's all that needs to be said about that. Plus, I liked the way that Dutt, Shark Boy and Petey Williams came out and celebrated with Lethal. That was the icing on the cake in my eyes.


    Oh GOD, now we move from a great moment to a Black Reign promo? And he was holding a damn rat, for crying out loud. Um, you also wanna know just how bad TNA writing is? They gave the rat the name of "Misty." You know, the water gym leader in Pokemon? How dare they name a rat after my favorite Pokemon character? Okay, that's my anime side coming out. Next match please.


    No-Disqualification Match

    "Wildcat" Chris Harris Vs Black Reign

    Oh come on now. We go from a great match between Lethal and Angle, to a worst match of the night (next to the tag title match) between Harris and a washed-up Dustin Rhodes? Are they still gonna shove this awful character down our throats? Not taking anything away from Harris, cause I think he should get a main event push soon, but sorry. When you have Dustin as an opponent, it's all over.

    Winner: Chris Harris

    Score: 0/5

    And the post match beatdown didn't help things either. But ya gotta love the way West and Tenay acted when Rhodes put "Misty" the rat on Harris. Guys, it's a rat. I swear, from the way they were yammering, it sounded like Rhodes was having.....well, let's use Michael Jackson and pray everyone understands where I was going.


    THANK YOU, Christian, for providing us with another one of your great promos. And yet another statement to the truth: Christian calling the IWGP Tag Team Championship on Tomko's shoulder a "legit" title. Don't you find it sad (and funny) how a title from another promotion (a tag title from New Japan Pro Wrestling) has more prestige and can easily be called a legit world title, over TNA's titles which are as meaningful as a candy wrapper in the middle of the street? I'm just saying.


    Tag Team Gauntlet

    Winner Face The Tag Champs at Bound For Glory

    Now this format was pretty strange. I figured that they would make it 2 teams will start, then after a pinfall or submission, a new team would take their place. Or, have a 10-team battle royal with both teams having to leave when one guy got thrown out, but this is pretty weird. They did a royal rumble style match where 1 guy comes out every 60 seconds, and whoever was the last man standing for their teams would face the tag team champions at Bound For Glory. The way TNA book their matches kinda makes my mind go round and round.

    Despite all of that, the match was pretty good. Hell, VKM were in it. How nice, they managed to break their "worst match of the night" record.......NOT. After all 20 guys were in, the last team standing were A.J Styles and Tomko, along with the Motor City Machine Guns, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin. Now the match between the 4 was short, but pretty nice for its length. I didn't like the whole "hanging onto the tights" roll-up win though, but ya know what? Because of the way the match delivered, I'm willing to give an extra 1/2 point for it.

    Winners: A.J. Styles and Tyson Tomko

    Score: 4/5

    2 great matches in a PPV. The Hard Justice effect is wearing off, woo-hoo. But for how long?


    Next, we have Jeremy Borash having a promo with Samoa Joe. Joe's mic work......let's just say, they aren't great and they aren't worst either. Though, the part about this match being personal after someone attacked Joe's family really killed it off for me, but not by much.


    Christian Cage Vs Samoa Joe

    First off, what kind of video package was that to promote this match? Seriously, it made little to no sense. Ah, TNA and their crappy production crew.

    This was a pretty good match, it could've been great. BUT, it ended in a disqualification. I hate when matches end like that. You put all of that into a match towards the climax, and that happens. Geez.

    Winner: Christian Cage by DQ

    Score: 3/5 (the DQ killed it)

    And now, I'm about to rant a little. Right after the bell, well during it, "security" came down and got walloped by Joe (which I thought was pretty cool). Until Williams, Dutt and Lethal (fresh off an X-Division title win mind you) came out.......and got treated like they were jobbers. Okay, hold on there. We got Petey Williams, a former X-Division champion, rookie of the year 2004 and winner of the finisher of the year award for 3 straight years, who has been reduced to jobber after Team Canada was split since TNA writers and bookers don't know what the hell to do with the guy. We got Dutt stuck in a GANDHI gimmick of all things. And worst of all, we have Lethal who just became the champion, getting thrown out of the ring like they were damn jobbers. You basically took a dump on the X-Division title and its champion. No wonder Kurt Angle got pissed at TNA for doing that. He helped put Lethal over and this is the thanks he gets? Good grief.


    And now, the final interview of the night went to, surprise surprise, Kurt Angle. Not that good of a promo either. Afterwards, we got the news that TNA Impact will get their long awaited 2-hour deal. The same deal that many of the TNA faithful said would solve all of their problems. I always thought, oh wait I covered that in my Impact debut review. Using the 2-hour deal excuse is like trying to cover a gapping wound in your artery (bad booking, writing, management, etc.) with a kiddie bandage (2-hour deal). Not gonna work at all.


    TNA Championship

    Abyss Vs Kurt Angle (c)

    The finale of the Kurt Angle show, as he defends the TNA title against Abyss. Also, I thought they did away with that FAKE IWGP World title from New Japan Pro Wrestling. Still, that fake belt has more prestige than TNA's "world" title, which is funny yet sad at the same time.

    From the starters, Abyss taking control of Angle was funny as hell. That was reminiscent of Angle in the WWE right there. And the rest of it was pretty decent. The classic big guy vs smaller guy match style. It was a lot more entertaining than Rey Mysterio and The Great Khali. Then again, ANYTHING is better than watching Khali in the ring. My one complaint about it? Abyss losing to the ankle lock. Abyss is supposed to be a "monster" who is impervious to pain, yet he taps out to the ankle lock. The same can be said when Khali tapped out to an extremely crappy STF from John Cena, but I digress.

    Winner: Kurt Angle

    Status: STILL TNA champion

    Score: 3/5

    We're not DONE yet, folks. We have James Micthell, Abyss' old manager saying something about Abyss going straight to hell. Then all of a sudden, some hand comes out of the ring and drags him under. Hmm, that looks so familiar. Oh yeah. Undertaker did the exact same thing to Kevin Nash in the "WWF" 11 years ago during a steel cage match with Bret Hart as the champion. What not ruin the moment? Let's end the night with a poor man's copy of something that the WWE did years ago. Oh boy. P.S: the fans were chanting "Fire Russo." It wasn't Russo's fault, people. It was Dutch Mantell. But hey, Russo would be an obvious target because people still think that he single handedly killed WCW. Oh yeah, like Hogan and the same Kevin Nash which they respect so much running the show as well as management refusing to push the younger guys up wasn't the sole problem. Let's blame it on Russo. Well, he shares some of the blame, but not much. -----------------------------------

    Final Score: 20.5/40

    Plus: Lethal Vs Angle for the X-Division title and the tag team gauntlet match. As much as that format for the gauntlet was not necessary, it still worked out well in the end.

    Minuses: Sting and Angle Vs Team Pacman, Black Reign, Don West and Mike Tenay......are always a minus, Karen Angle, the bad camera angles, poor production quality of the video packages and the burial of the X-Division. Sorry, but unless they can fix this, they ain't getting kinds of sympathy from me.

    Final Verdict: TNA No Surrender 2007 was a pretty mediocre PPV. It was definitely better (match quality wise) than the horrible Hard "Crappy" Justice PPV, I will give it that. But the ridiculous promos were still there. As usual, Cornette and Christian Cage saved the promo section of the PPV, but 2 people can't save it forever, ya know. On a final note, Bound For Glory is coming up next month. This is TNA's big chance to turn things around. If not, they are so screwed.moreless
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