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  • TNA PPVs just get better and better

    TNA PPVs just get better and better all the time as there gettin great superstars joining the company great in TNA like Kurt Angle, Booker T , Christian Cage, Aj Styles, Kaz, Black Machismo just to name afew. I find each ppv more exciting and cool thing is we get them free over here aswell on Bravo few days after they air in USA, unlike WWE pay per views we can them live but have to pay loads apart from the odd few we get free on Sky Sports. I love both wrestling companys. TNA is gettin great and there is more great up and coming talent in TNA.
    If you want a PPV full of high flying action get a TNA PPV
  • Nobody beats TNA when it comes to PPV.

    TNA PPV is really awesome some of the best moments in Pro Wrestling occur here also some of the best matches ever Sabu vs. Raven vs. Sean Waltman(X-Pac) Raven vs. Sabu Raven vs. Jeff Hardy King of the Mountain 2005 Triple X vs. AMW Sandman vs. Raven Ultimate-X at BFG 2005 TNA, TNA, TNA, TNA, TNA, thank you TNA I wish they could give Raven his NWA title rematch that he deserves I also wish Lockdown could be in Orlando Florida instead of smelly St. Louis Missouri yuck now Slamiversary in the redneck city of Nashville Tenessee first Bound For Glory now this oh well TNA on PPV is still a good show.
  • Total Nonstop Action....WWE's biggest threat ever....and they know it.

    I am a huge fan of the WWF ever since the Hulk Hogan era in the late 80s. It hurts me to see what the company I grew up watching as a child has become over the last 2 decades. Bra and Panties matches for perverts, pointless matches with talentless bums like Batista, and the guys with talent are being abused or used incorrectly. That's not the WWF I grew up watching, this is utter nonsense.

    So I checked TNA out and wasn't disappointed with what I saw: Angle and Samoa Joe #1, Sabin Vs Williams Vs Styles in Ultimate-X and an X-Division 20-man Battle Royal. In fact, the X-Division was enough for me to check it out.

    In the WWF...sorry the WWE, you have Umaga, the Samoa Joe ripoff (and a rather BAD one at that), high-flying moves banned because they want bodybuilders to look good, and worst of all, Donald Vs Rosie. That definitely would be the final straw for a lot of WWE fans out there. It also angers me to hear these so-called fans that started watching wrestling in 2004 that praise McMahon, while guys like us who started from the old school era (1980s) to the Attitude Era (1998-2001) question their intelligence. They claim they know wrestling but they don't know SQUAT.

    If Vincent Kennedy McMahon doesn't get his act together, his family company will be gone and a thing of the past because of TNA. And he can blame all of those "fans" out there that bought into his own stupidness while the smarter ones like me hold our heads in shame.
  • WWE better beware, TNA is coming hard and it's come fast!

    WWE better beware, TNA is coming hard and it's come fast!

    Over the past four years, TNA has built a strong fan base around the world. It's just a shame they don't push it foward more like overseas tours like RoH...but onto the PPV's!

    Three hours is great but they have no real build up as they are rushed in the one hour iMPACT episodes. I think if they had two hours we could see top rankings feuds at the PPv's making it more interesting and probably pulling in more buy rates!

    I suppose the PPV's this year have been decent with no real PPV standing out above the others. I hope Victory Road changes that or Bound for Glory is huge!

  • What a ripp off of the WWE

    This one of the most crapppiest shows i have ever seen.Look at how many wrestlers they jacked from WWE,WCW, and ECW.The Dudleys,Rhyno,Sting,Raven,Aj Styles,Kevin Nash.THe list goes on and on.All it is is The NWA I mean NWA TNA there the same except a T instead of an N and they use more tables.Also what is with there Octagon like ring What know do they think there Ultimate Fighting Champions(UFC).I think they should get rid of it and put all the people they jacked back.I think that the WWE is the best wrestling show i ever saw.Five words get rid of this show.If I could have put a perfect Zero I would have.
  • The TNA PPV's are amazing! With all the best matches and wrestlers the Total Nonstop Action really is nonstop!

    TNA PPV's are simply over the top! That's the only way you can really describe them! Take Slammiversary 2006 for an example-the main event is a King of the Mountain match for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship! That's an absolutey incredible match and that's only one match!

    The Pay-Per-Views do have some flaws though-namely predictable storylines and matches. I hope Christian Cage can beat all the wrestlers in his way and always stay on top where he belongs!

    If your looking for a action packed, thrilling, exciting PPV always look to TNA to provide it! Although the PPV's aren't perfect, they're still awesome thanks to the brilliant wrestlers involved!

    Watch TNA PPV's if your a wrestling fan and if your just a drama or general sports fan.
  • The Best Pay-Per-Views in the world!

    TNA Pay-Per-Views are quite simply amazing. I cannot tell people enough how amazing TNA's X Division is. A.J. Styles is nuts, The Fallen Angel is incedible, and Samoa Joe will crush anyones skull to win/keep the title. Events like Lockdown (in which all the matches take place in the Six Sides Of Steel) are so amazing that it keeps me paying for these PPV each and every month. Honestly, get a big group of friends together, buy some Pizza's, some beer or soda, and sit back and enjoy watching the best 3 hour Pay-Per-View you have ever seen. I promise. (Plus if you get a group of friends to help pay it costs less for you!)
  • The best ppvs on the planet!!!!!!!!

    I have seen every TNA pay-per-view since Victory Road. I think their ppv's are far better than anything WWE has done in years. Victory Road had a 20 man X-Division gauntlet match that was amazing, A.J. Styles vs Petey Williams in one of the best x-title matches I've ever seen, and Jarrett vs Hardy in a great ladder match. Turning Point had a Chris Sabin vs Petey Williams which was even better than A.J. vs Petey, and it had one of the best cage matches in history XXX vs AMW. Final Resolution had a great ultimate-x match, an excellent 3-way with Montey Brown,DDP, and Kevin Nash, then Jarrett vs Brown for the world title. Against All Odds had more great matches such as Jarrett vs Nash. Destination-X was the first one that was kind of dissapointing, DDP vs Jarrett was ok but some of the matches wern't that great. Lockdown was a very good show the best match definitly was A.J. vs Abyss. Hard Justice was a great show. A.J. beat Jarrett for the world title. Slammiversary was ok I was glad Raven finally got the title. No Surrender was great the dog coller match was really good. Sacrifice had one of the best matches I've ever seen A.J. Styles vs Samoa Joe. Unbreakable had Raven vs Rhino in a great world title match and A.J. Styles vs Christopher Daniels vs Samoa Joe was another one of the best matches I've ever seen. Bound for Glory had A.J. Styles vs Christopher Daniels, and Rhino vs Jarrett. Genisis had the debut of Christian Cage and an ECW type 6-man tag with Jarrett and AMW vs Team 3-D(The Dudley Boyz) and Rhino. Turning Point 05 had the best match I've ever seen A.J. Styles vs Samoa Joe and Jarrett vs Rhino. TNA has the best pay-per-views in wrestling today bar none!!!!
  • TNA Pay-Per-View

    TNA is now the best wrestling show around these days. I have recently changed from a WWE fan to a TNA fan as the WWE storylines are ridiculous. With TNA it is fast going the matches aren't too long or too short they are a perfect length and WWE is nothing but talk in it and more of a soap opera now. With TNA it's straight to the matches and it only lasts one hour with WWE its two hours because of all the talking on it. I highly recommend TNA to anyone. Trust me it is way better than WWE.
  • With only slight signs of imperfection (like a botched spot or too), the wrestlers always give it their all. Every sinlgle pay-per-view gives you something you'll never forget, in a good way versus WWE's ppv which make you regret ordering it. Why watch? X

    This is like there 10th Pay-Per-View (PPV) and every time, there's a match that makes me thank god I ordered this. I-am a Wresting Fan! I like good wrestling not clotheslines and slams. The "competition" gets stale because their angles are recycled way too often.
    On a side note: After seeing what there are currently doing to Shelton Benjamin, all I have to say is this. See you in a year on TNA Imapct.
    TNA knows you want to see innovation not the same bread and water you've been served over and over again.
    If you tend to watch wrestling every now and then you probably will not like TNA because your not a real fan of the sport (wrestling, not "their" soap operas) you'll proabably think of some lame excuse not to give it a chance. However, if you've been watching since WCW was around you'll appreciate the innovation TNA is attempting, as they try to revive this oversaturated genre.
  • A wrestling ppv.

    The TNA PPVs are always great. Much better then anything the WWE has to offer. The matches are good and a lot of times gimmicky. They bring back some old wrestlers for the PPVs names that people reconize from WWE, WCW, and ECW. The matches are pretty good but there have been some crappy ones. I rated TNA:Impact an 8.5 I give this one an 8 because some of the matches are very predictable and it costs $30 which is way too much. They are worth buying once in a while but it's way too expensive buying everyone in 1 year.