TNA Xplosion

Premiered Nov 25, 2002 In Season





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  • TNA Xplosion

    TNA is now the best wrestling show around these days. I have recently changed from a WWE fan to a TNA fan as the WWE storylines are ridiculous. With TNA it is fast going the matches aren't too long or too short they are a perfect length and WWE is nothing but talk in it and more of a soap opera now. With TNA it's straight to the matches and it only lasts one hour with WWE its two hours because of all the talking on it. I highly recommend TNA to anyone. Trust me it is way better than WWE.
  • It's a recap show. However... it does contain New matches & moves the main show forward towards the next ppv. So it's 1/2 recap & 1/2 new.

    Otherwise they would not be able to feature as many wrestlers. Unlike WWE they try to give everyone some tv time. If I miss it I feel like I missed something important.
    Where else would you find out about the favorites of the TNA Pit-- the /bently Bounce & The fav of Xplosion Shark Boy.
  • TNA Xplosion needs some work not to mention the company needs some work.

    This show isn\'t much. The show is only a hour long and just talks about what happend the week before and what will happen the week ahead. They do have matches, but only clips and peices of yep you guessed it the WEEK BEFORE. Only if TNA new how to run a company mabey they would have better programing, but if your getting sick of watching other programing such as WWE and oh wait that is the only other wrestling program to watch, THANKS VINCE!!! Then watch TNA Xplosion on at 12am on Saturdays on Sunshine Network in Florida and were ever else it plays at. I give it a 5.
  • i gave this wrestlin a chance but its two much of a rip off

    the thing is that they are copy righting off of wwe i hate tna for that they stole all of the wrestler and everybody there is G@Y you know what i mean i hate it and now i will try my best to cancel this peace of crap i will never ever ever ever ever try to watch it again i rather go to school than watch this crud so that is all with this junk of a freaking wrestlin like shark boy is a rip off of stone cold steve austin and they dont make any sense at all. 126456789