To Aru Kagaku no Railgun

Tokyo MX (ended 2010)


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  • Season 1
    • Dear My Friends
      Dear My Friends
      Episode 24
      Mikoto and the others set out to save Haruue and the other Child Errors from Therese before she can complete her experiments. However, in order to do so they require the help of everyone from their friends Mitsuko and Kiyama to Yomikawa and Anti-Skill.
    • What Are Your Eyes Seeing Now?
      With the Banri and the other missing children now under the care of the MAR the Poltergeist case appears to be closed. However, it soon emerges that Therese is actually Professor Kihara's granddaughter and the first test subject for his research. Things get worse when Mikoto goes to confront Therese and is rendered powerless by a super-charged version of 'Capacity Down' and must be saved by Mitsuko.moreless
    • Level 6 (Those Without Immortal Bodies Who Reach the Will of Heaven)
      After hearing Haruue's story Mikoto and the others believe that the Poltergeist incidents are linked to the experiments carried out on Child Errors by Professor Kihara and Dr. Kiyama. As such, Mikoto searches for Banri and the rest of the children in order to find answers. Instead she finds Kiyama and learns the true aim of Kihara's horrific experiments, the creation of a Level 6 psychic.moreless
    • Voice
      Episode 21
      The MAR continues to research the cause of the Poltergeist phenomenon. When Mikoto learns that the incidents are linked to disruptions of the AIM diffusion field she realises there may be a link to the Level-Upper case. Meanwhile, Kuroko begins to have suspicions about Haruue's own involvement in the case and her accusations risk jeopardising her friendship with Uiharu.moreless
    • Poltergeist
      Episode 20
      Mikoto and the others get to know Uiharu's new roommate, transfer student Haruue Eri. Meanwhile, Judgment is busy investigating an outbreak of RSPK Syndrome which is causing the Poltergeist Phenomenon that is affecting Academy City. However, Mii soon discovers that these incidents may have been caused deliberately using AIM fields.
    • Midsummer Festival
      Midsummer Festival
      Episode 19
      It is the day of the Midsummer Festival which means that Tokiwadai Middle School Dorm is opened to the public so that visitors can get a sense for what the institution is like. Naturally Saten and Uiharu come to visit and spend the day with Mikoto indulging in all of the activities on offer from embroidery to sugar crafts. However the highlight of the day is Mikoto's violin performance.moreless
    • Cypress Park
      Cypress Park
      Episode 18
      After running into their strict Dorm Supervisor outside of school Mikoto and Kuroko discover that she volunteers part-time at a local Orphanage. They then discover that she has a crush on Saten and Uiharu's teacher, Daigo, who also volunteers there. As such Kuroko, with a little help from the others, sets about playing Cupid.moreless
    • Summer Holiday`s Spelling
      It is Summer Break in Academy city but while the students relax Anti-Skill's Tsuduri Tessou is having an even harder time than usual at work. Although she soon learns that things aren't as bad as they seem thanks to the support of her elite superior Aiho Yomikawa and the happy-go-lucky attitude of her friend Komoe Tsukuyomi.moreless
    • University Town
      University Town
      Episode 16
      Mikoto and the others are concerned about Mii's disappearance following her meeting with Kurozuma. They soon discover that Mii was once a member of 'Skill Out' and are concerned that she may have returned to her old lifestyle. However, when the group realise that Mii and Kurozuma need help taking out the current leader of 'Skill Out' they decide to step up.moreless
    • Skill Out
      Skill Out
      Episode 15
      When Mitsuko is attacked by a gang know as 'Skill Out' she is saved by a mysterious man with a spider tattoo. As the attacks by the gang increase Judgment inevitably takes an interest in the case and it soon becomes personal for Mii. Meanwhile, Mikoto and Kuroko get in over their heads while investigating the gang's leader.moreless
    • Special Training
      Special Training
      Episode 14
      Saten has to attend a special lesson on her day off along with several other students involved in the Level-Upper case. It seems like the harsh lessons taught by Komoe Tsukuyomi and Aiho Yomikawa are punishment for their involvement with Level-Upper. However, it soon emerges the lessons are much more than that.moreless
    • I understand that bikinis make eyes wander, but one-pieces bring out curves so they match thin bodies better
      Mikoto is asked to help model swimsuits for the school's swim team along with Saten, Uiharu, Kuroko, Mii and Mitsuko. As such he girls get to enjoy an afternoon at a holographic beach, pool and camp site.
    • AIM Burst
      AIM Burst
      Episode 12
      Kiyama has lost control of the Level-Upper network and an AIM Burst has been created which threatens to destroy the city. As such Mikoto takes the creature on in an attempt to buy time for Uiharu and Anti-Skill to implement the treatment programme that will shut down the Level-Upper network. However, Mikoto soon discovers that things aren't quite as simple as they first appear.moreless
    • Dr. Kiyama
      Dr. Kiyama
      Episode 11
      Antii-Skill attempt to apprehend Kiyama and rescue Uiharu. However, when Kiyama's artificial ability, 'Multi-Skill' proves too much for them to deal with, Mikoto steps in. During the fight Mikoto makes a shocking discovery about Kiyama's involvement with human experimentation, and the true purpose of the computational system known as Level-Upper.
    • Silent majority
      Silent majority
      Episode 10
      Kuriko and Uiharu continue to deal with both the Level-Upper users and search for it's creator. Meanwhile, Saten and her friends have decided to use the Level-Upper themselves. However, things take a turn for the worse when Akemi and Saten both end up unconscious. Uiharu must then seek help from Dr. Kiyama in order to save her friend.moreless
    • Majority report
      Majority report
      Episode 9
      Uiharu and Kuroko believe that the Level-Upper is responsible for its user's comatose state and redouble their efforts to find it. However, Saten has discovered the Level-Upper on her own and is now debating whether to inform the others about her discovery or use it herself.
    • Level-Upper
      Episode 8
      With the student databases Level of the culprit of the graviton case being so different than what he demonstrated, Mikoto and Kuroko turn to the Level Upper urban legend for answers. After finding a hangout for people who know about the urban legend, Mikoto acts like a weak student trying to get the Level Upper. Unfortunately for her, it is going to take all her patience to get the information she needs.moreless
    • Ability and Power
      The graviton incidents grow even more severe with each attack and Judgment is forced to work with Anti-Skill to find the culprit. While shopping with Saten, Mikoto and Uiharu are attacked by the perpetrator whose true aim is Uiharu. Just when Mikoto needs her railgun the most she drops the coin she needs. Fortunately, the timely arrival of Toma may just save them from the attack.moreless
    • Everyone Likes This Sort of Thing
      When Kuroko criticises Mikoto about her actions and what she wears, Mikoto turns to Uiharu to vent her anger. Before she can really finish talking to her, Kuroko shows up and drags Uiharu off leaving her Judgment armband behind. While trying to return it, Mikoto is mistaken for a member of Judgment by Mii. Now she must act like a member of Judgment, which is more than she thought it was.moreless
    • A Certain Newcomer's Induction for Two
      Uiharu and Kuroko get into a fight after Kuroko tries to take down a robber alone and gets taken by surprise by his partner. When Uiharu mentions an old promise between them, Kuroko is left to reminisce about a similar situation in the past. After remembering how a robber took Uiharu hostage, and Kuroko herself was saved by a certain Level 5 psychic, Kuroko realises what that promise was all about.moreless
    • Urban Legend
      Urban Legend
      Episode 4
      After hearing a failed scary story from Saten, Uiharu shows everyone a list of Urban Legends in Academy City. One such legend, a person who can cancel out other's powers, reminds Mikoto of a young man she once met and how she hasn't been able to hit him with her attacks. While thinking about the man, Mikoto runs into him and a strange woman who doesn't mind undressing, anywhere. After a misunderstanding Mikoto is left to deal with the woman and her odd habits alone.moreless
    • Tokiwadai in Danger
      Uiharu and Saten get a chance to visit the Garden of Education. Unfortunately for them, girls from Tokiwadai have come under attack by an unknown assailant and Saten becomes the next target. Now with the help of Mikoto and Saten, Uiharu and Kuroko track down the attacker. The only question is why are they targeting students of Tokiwadai?moreless
    • For Working Under the Blazing Sun, Proper Hydration is Required
      Kuroko's plans for a romantic evening with Mikoto are ruined after the two start arguing when Mikoto brings Saten and Uiharu with her. To make matters worse they end up having to clean the school pool as punishment for improper use of their abilities. However, even at the pool Kuroko cannot keep her feelings in check.moreless
    • Electro Master
      Electro Master
      Episode 1
      As a member of Judgment, Kuroko Shirai responds to a call about a group causing trouble only to find them defeated by a single girl. The girl turns out to be Mikoto Misaka one of the few Level 5 psychics and the person Kuroko is infatuated with, much to Mikoto's annoyance. After getting reprimanded for getting involved in Judgment business by Kuroko, Mikoto may have no choice but to interfere again when a group robs a bank and tries to kidnap a little boy.moreless