To Have & To Hold

CBS (ended 1998)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Stuck in the Blizzard with You
      Annie and Sean's families gather for Easter and get snowed in. There's plenty of tension: Tommy brings an annoying date who smells bad, Ellen brings her considerably younger boyfriend and there are sparks between Patrick and Carolyn. Annie's uncle Jack (the brother of her deceased father) also shows up but is given a hateful welcome by Sean and Robert. Annie demands to know the reason why Sean hates her uncle but the answer turns out to be very shocking... Meanwhile, Michael is unable to get home. Following a skiing trip, he gets stuck on the bus along with a charming woman.moreless
    • Who's Sorry Next?
      Who's Sorry Next?
      Episode 12
      Sean and Tommy pursue a young robber. Tommy shoots and kills the young boy when he pulls out a gun but afterwards, it turns out the gun wasn't loaded. Tommy is devastated. Fiona shocks the family be announcing she's gotten herself a job at the library. Robert suffers a heart attack after an argument with Tommy.moreless
    • The Least Wonderful Time of the Year
      Christmas is just around the corner. Annie and Sean decide to take Anna to a mall to see a "Santa". Unfortunately, the experience proves traumatic for poor Anna as the Santa is caught steeling and lead away in handcuffs. Annie defends the 17 year-old Alicia, who is accused of killing a priest. Against all odds, Annie manages to get Alicia cleared but later she gets reason to suspect that Alicia may be guilty after all. Annie is unable to let the case go...moreless
    • The Kids Are All Right?
      Carolyn and Patrick go off on a weekend trip in a feeble attempt to salvage what's left of their marriage. Meanwhile, Sean and Annie take care of their kids. After meeting their class mate Lily, Sean starts worrying that something is not right with Lily. Annie defends a man named Gary Slaton of armed robbery. He has a mistress who could give him an alibi but she's won't come forward. And with good reason: she is the wife of Gary's best friend.moreless
    • Since I Don't Know You
      Sean investigates a mysterious break-in at the city archives where nothing has been stolen. Following his break-up with Carolyn, Patrick moves in at the fire station. Meanwhile, Carolyn fears going to her High School reunion without a husband.
    • Turkey Day Blues
      Turkey Day Blues
      Episode 8
      Annie and Sean's families all gather for a Thanksgiving dinner and it's confrontation time as endless repressed conflicts finally surface. Fiona discovers a lump in her breast and must hurry to the hospital for an operation...
    • Right My Fire
      Right My Fire
      Episode 7
      Michael's old school friend Johnny is released from jail but quickly becomes terrorized by his neighbors. Sean and Michael investigate the threats and the clues lead them to Ray O'Grady, who is badly scarred from a mysterious fire that occurred several years ago. Sean catches his brother Patrick speaking intimately with the widow of one of his colleagues. Patrick claims the relationship is merely platonic but Sean nevertheless wants Patrick to tell Carolyn about it.moreless
    • These Boots Are Made for Stalking
      Sean's ex-girlfriend Gina is being stalked by a persistant admirer, and Gina begs Sean for help. Annie becomes jealous, and it turns out that Gina may have ulterior motives for coming to Sean. Tommy decides he wants to be a comedian.
    • Driveway to Heaven
      Annie's old friend Julia, a teacher, is accused of having a sexual relationship with one of her students, and asks Annie for help. However, the case is complicated by a surprising revelation. Sean and Annie almost never get any time alone because his mother Fiona pops up continuously. Meanwhile, Carolyn goes into labor.moreless
    • Hope You Had the Time of Your Wife
      Annie takes on the difficult case of defending the mentally retarded Christopher, who is accused of murder. However, after doing some investigating of her own, Annie learns that there is more than one likely suspect. Sean reluctantly accompanies Annie to dinner with her boring librarian friend Karen and her husband Roger. Sean becomes instantly suspicious of Roger and decides to follow up on his hunch.moreless
    • Tangled Up in You
      Annie defends an 18 year-old boy who is in jail for car theft. She is shocked to discover that the boy's parents refuse to post bail because they believe their son deserves to be in prison.
    • Whole Lotto Love
      Whole Lotto Love
      Episode 2
      Newly-weds Sean and Annie are discussing where they are going to live. Sean puts in a bid on a house - without consulting Annie first... Annie defends a woman whose husband was electrocuted when a TV somehow ended up in the bath tub.
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      Policeman Sean is called in to take care of a violent marital dispute in his neighborhood. Sean arrests the husband but later finds himself up against his fiancee, public defender Annie, in court because Annie has been assigned to defend the husband. Sean and Annie's wedding has already been called off two times but now the big day is finally here. Will they go through with it this time?moreless