To Heart

TV Tokyo (ended 2005)


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  • One of the most simplest, yet fun, animes to date.

    I was right when I said Japanese love exploring new areas. You can easily see it within the video games, the movies, and even the hentai! To Heart isn't a love romance, even though it might appear like it due to its title. Basically, it's a light hearted show dealing with the very basic things in high school life, such as club activities, positioning of desks within the classroom, and the many relationships between each student. Hiroyuki is a special person who's really good at creating new relationships in a blink. Throughout the show, Hiroyuki, along with Akari, deal with the problems some of their classmates may be facing.

    It's a really simplistic show, but that's why it's so awesome. It's odd how much I've enjoyed an episode concentrating on a girl's wishes of sitting beside the man he likes, or the minor crisis faced when the cultural festival is the following day, yet little has been prepared. The characters are also really developed well, and you only wish that there was just more than 13 episodes.

    The only thing I really didn't like about the show was its animation. It seems rather outdated and not very fluid, and the hair colour of the character's can seem somewhat far fetched and too abnormal. Akari's hair matches her red school uniform. There's another with leaf green hair, another with deep purple, another with light light purple, and so on.

    Everything else is just fine though. To Heart reminds me a lot of Kokoro Library; nothing major is really being dealt with. Just the simple things in life that we may overlook as minor.