To Love and Die

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To Love and Die

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Hildy Taylor, a young woman with abandonment issues tries to resolve them by tracking down and reconnecting with a father she never knew. When she finds him and discovers that he's a contract killer, her relationship issues begin to make sense, and she realizes she may have found a new career path. The series is produced by NBC Universal Television Studios and Broadway Video, and USA has ordered 12 episodes for the first season. Originally the series was called To Love and Die in L.A., but as it is set in San Francisco, the title was changed. The pilot was pushed back several times, but finally shown on December 30th, 2008, while the series is scheduled to start on January 20th, 2009.

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AIRED ON 12/30/2008

Season 1 : Episode 1

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  • This Pilot was AWESOME!!!

    The pilot was awesome!!! The show will be the same. However there is one Problem. The show hasn't started yet. All I have to say is, WHY??? Lets go USA network what are you waiting for. You need to get this show on the air!!! If I had my way this show would have started the summer after the pilot aired in December 2008. Shiri Appleby was perfect. This charactor suits her and I think this show could last for many seasons. This show will fit right in with Psych and would be a great replacement for Monk. So, USA I will be looking and waiting and hopefully I wont have to wait to long.moreless
  • Good show with a lot of promise

    I caught this show completely by accident, and must say in the beginning I almost turned it off. I had no clue as to the plot or storyline. But something nagged at me to continue. By the end of the show I was actually surprised that I liked this. Well, actually I shouldn't be surprised as it has a good premise, with a really good cast. The lead actress fits the part perfect, she is very fun to watch.

    My only issue is I would like to see this, if it continues, be a little bit more quirky and offbeat. That is where the strength lies in my opinion.moreless
  • A fantastic show, with a great and fantastic cast. Especially the principal character and the actress who played her very well. A would be assassin with many flaws, clumsiness and one who always finds herself in trouble.moreless

    This has honestly become a show for many to enjoy. Although, if you are one of many who enjoy a hard, logical, complicated show who will just leave you thinking about what will happen next, instead of just laughing and having a good time then this is not this show for you. Shiri Appleby was fantastic as Hildy,(Great Casting Here) who plays a would be assassin and the rest of cast really added to the mix well. She's sassy and just fun to watch on screen, the audience does not have to force themselves to like the character, you just begin to. She really did a fantastic job of playing this character that has many flaws, but a girl who wants to find her father and become a part of his life. Ms. Appleby was able to bring this to the screen, I believe very effectively in a way that shows the range as an actress she has. But it all comes done to what a great show it is with humor, and just pure fun that I can't wait to see again!moreless
  • Did you ever so slightly fancy 2007's movie Wanted you wouldn't want to miss this. Funny and interesting with an, by me, appreciated twist.

    At the time of writing this only one episode of the show has aired. As a result of that this review won't be completely exhaustive.

    However I immediately felt a great pull into this particular episode, I really feel like this could be my next Chuck or as a mentioned in the summary something for those who appreciated Wanted with a twist towards The Middleman.

    The story about the girl who doesn't fit in and is pretty jumpy at a first didn't impress me at a first glance, but just as you can't stand her you can't help but love her charisma and energy (Shiri Appleby does a great job as Hildy). The background might not be the most solid one out there but any story dealing with assassins is in my book awesome from the start and when it unravels as this pilot did there's pretty much nothing to complain about.

    Be warned this is nothing for those who like truly reality based series; many things won't add up on the logical level. Anyone who likes a little excitement and humor should however love To Love and Die.moreless
  • One of the worst shows on TV EVER!!

    The main character is even more stupid than Paris Hilton. The series is not even suited for children. There are so many things wrong with it that my head hurts. Black pseudo lesbian (two minorities in one) an old grumpy stereotypical oldschool hitman, a young "love interest" and a super controlling mom from hell. The heroine is an Idiot 80% of the time and then genius the rest of the time.. Being a hitman is in your genes?? What planet is the writers on? It's not even good fun like Psych, and I think the shows have the same target audience. The lead actress is just overacting so much that it is painful to watch. If they wanted to make a fairytale, why even set it in the "real" world. Magnum P.I was way more realistic than this utter nonsense. The only people that will like this are those that have the same fantasy life as the cast of this horrible TV show. I hate few shows, but this show is absolutely worth hating. USA, please take this terrible show off the air!!moreless