To Say The Least

NBC (ended 1978)


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To Say The Least

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Tom Kennedy hosts his first Heatter-Quigley game.

Two teams (of each sex) consisting of two celebrities & a contestant, competed. The object was to guess the name of a puzzle in few words as possible.

ROUND 1: The contestants played while the stars were isolated. A phrase was shown (IE: Tom Kennedy once did this musical game) followed by the answer ("Name That Tune"). The champion would start taking a word off, then the challenger would take a turn. Then the player could decide to let the team guess the phrase or challenge the opponent's team to guess. The stars then came out & the challenged team's stars got to guess the subject the phrase applied to with as few words as possible shown (IE: Kennedy, musical). If the team guesses right, they won the game. If not, the opponents got it.

Rounds 2 & 3 had two of the celebrities knocking off words while one celeb & contestant were isolated.

The first to win 2/3, won the match & a prize package. The winner got to play...


In the bonus round, the celebrities were isolated behind 4 doors. The contestant was shown a phrase in which would be eliminated with only three words. Then Star #1 would come out & if the star guessed the phrase, the player wins $100. Then, another word's eliminated & if Star #2, 3 or 4 guessed the phrase, the player won $200. Then one more word was eliminated, if either Star #3 or #4 correctly guesses the phrase, the contestant won the jackpot, which began @ $2,000 & would grow $1,000 per unsuccessful win.

Contestants stayed on for five matches, where they would win a new car!

TRIVIA: Various cues (other than the opening theme) were also used on another Heatter-Quigley game, Bedtime Stories.moreless