To Tell The Truth (2000)

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To Tell The Truth (2000)

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The 2000 version of To Tell the Truth is the fifth (and so far, most recent) incarnation of this classic game show. The object was the same as the previous runs: Three contestants -- two of them imposters -- each claimed to be the central subject of a story, which host O'Hurley (or sometimes, announcer Burton Richardson) read.

The four panelists, one at a time, each questioned the team, addressing them as No. 1, No. 2 or No. 3, in an effort to expose the liars and determine the real person. After each panelist have completed their questioning, they each vote (separately and without consultation) for whom they believe the real person is. In this version, 100 members of the studio audience also voted, with the highest vote-getter receiving the vote.

The team was paid $1,000 per incorrect vote, or $5,000 (sometimes $10,000) if they fooled everyone. At times, O'Hurley interviewed the real subject.

This fifth version was best known for the one-time appearance of longtime "To Tell the Truth" panelist Kitty Carlisle-Hart (by now in her early 90s), who had appeared in all four other versions.moreless