To the Ends of the Earth

BBC Premiered Jan 01, 2005 Unknown


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To the Ends of the Earth

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To the Ends of the Earth is the BBC series that adapts William Golding's classic trilogy of novels, directed by David Attwood and starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the protagonist Edmund Talbot. The year is 1812 and Edmund is traveling to Australia on a decrepit wooden warship, on his way to his new job in a Government post that his rich and powerful godfather got for him. Edmund is witty and naive, sometimes immature and cocky, and ready for adventure on his long sea voyage. The ship is filled to the brim with people; officers, seamen, and passengers, as well as poor emigrants, and the different ranks don't get along well. Captain Anderson is in charge of the ship, and isn't friendly to the cocky young Edmund. The adaptation covers all three of Golding's novels, Rites of Passage, Close Quarters, and Fire Down Below. Watch as Edmund makes his journey on BBC's To the Ends of the Earth.

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