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Who is Your Favorite Character?

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    [1]May 24, 2006
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    Right now, I'm tied with Shaggy Mane and Panther Cap. I'm leading near Panther Cap, but it could go back to Shaggy Mane... Hmmm...

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    [2]May 27, 2006
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    My choice is Oyster, because I like her personality and I'm a fan of her voice actress.
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    [3]Apr 22, 2008
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    I know this is an oldie but it's a goodie!

    My original favourite was Shaggy Mane. I have no idea why I suddenly started liking Panther Cap more but... I guess it just turned out that way. I still really love Shaggy Mane though because he's a genius lil punk... =P In a way, he saved me from doing something stupid by first witnessing a certain stupid act he did... which pretty much made the others think he's run-away prone. XD Yeah, yeah... stupid, I know. Once upon a time, Tinker Jet considered running away... although I never did and I actually feel better about it. x__x But on the other hand, I don't know... Panther Cap... is inspiring to me somehow. I guess it's because he's the biggest outcast and... XD I occasionally levitate towards them because I can deeply relate... not that Shaggy isn't an outcast in his own way... but Shaggy Mane is intelligent and just discreditted for less than he really is... (Which I also get...) Ack! It's so hard to choose. They're both such awesome characters.

    I'd probably also like Fur Foot... but I don't dare tread my friend's territory. XD It's just... while he's not a good leader, (please don't try to defend... XD he's NOT a good leader!) he takes responsability for his actions and his group. He took control in the beginning and while he realized what he got himself into and was nerve-wracked, he took the responsability with gusto and continues to be a wonderful representative of his group and what they try to achieve.

    Oh, screw this... XD reasons for loving all the characters:

    Beauty Stem: Ok, who doesn't love a classic kind healer? But she's got such... an edge! I think she'd be a lot more crazed if she didn't prioritize the young ones and try to make herself a role model. I speak of course of (I promise: no real spoilers) examples like The Cure - dancing under the water fall - or The Lost Symphony - tossing Earth Star into the mud with Elf Cup, it's just... come on! You all know she'd make a righteous party-gal. XD (Also, some part of me thinks she was perhaps also... discouraged by the events of The Cure... o.O Fun = Near-Death Experience)

    Elf Cup - Awesome little bundle of joy with leader potential? Hellz yeah! Something tells me she'd actually make a decent leader. She's actually very similar (if not almost the fricken same o.O) as Fur Foot in personality... it's just they have different roles, different talents and of course, different genders. Really, I love her attitude... it's just... XD she needs to get priorities straight.

    Puff Ball - Sarcastic, pest Puff Ball is already call for love especially when he's so passionate about his family. I find that he prioritizes his family over most things - which I find very admirable about his character. But here, you have a sarcastic character, constantly ridiculing his friends/family and yet... he'd die for them. I speak of course of instances like Crystal Caverns - agreeing to stay behind to rescue his 'family', Choices - where he nearly gets it for protecting Calypso and I'm sure others can list more.

    Slippery Jack - I just find it hilarious that of the two, Slippery Jack seems to have more of a social life than Oyster. Mind you, who can blame Oyster with her conditions in second season? But... the thing is... he finds friendship with his almost exact opposite, Shaggy Mane. He is able to find compromise and work under some pretty tough conditions... but the thing is... for a genius, he's not the brightest bulb. XD I adore him for his... roundness as a character. While he's smart, he lacks most common sense. I speak of course, of Scooped where Oyster beats him out by using simple logic as oppose to an elaborate scheme. Another would be in the Healer when he didn't really... register the fact he was in a TOAD TUNNEL and flipped out. XD Claustrophobic. Awesome!

    Oyster - Ok, I will admit... Bryn McAuley is awesome! But I'm analyzing her character... =P she seems to be the twin with more common sense... able to figure out most things with simple logic... but it's the thing no one seems to notice or appreciate... which is why she seems devalued. Because once she does something, it seems like it's so obvious, anyone could have done it. Making the see-all was just one of her trial-and-error exploration that brought about a new invention! But for people who remember, who remembers Choices? Sometimes you feel... =S

    Earth Star - Um... I don't know -- I don't consider him as part of the Toad Patrol group even though I know he was originally supposed to be. But... Fur Foot never feels obligated to request anything of him that he expects him to follow through with. The Toad Hollow incident, he was riding on pure hope that Earth Star would join and he obliged. He also never really agreed that he's part of the Toad Patrol. XD It's more... the unspoken friendship. =) He would help them but he's not suddenly part of their group. Anyways, character analysis. He comes to terms with fears and faces them one way or another even if it hurts him. He's truly admirable even if he isn't the smartest of the bunch. He really tries and he has good intentions. But I also realize the fact that many of the characters in the group still haven't faced their fears head-on. (I notice that Earth Star actually has a lot in common with Puff Ball... o.O as strange as it sounds... but they both have a brotherly relationship with Mistle Toad, they both have family/friends as priority and both aren't the smartest when following through. XD I guess being so... similar and after achieving the same thing didn't put them... on the best of terms to begin with.) Hah!

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    [4]May 23, 2008
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    i loved elf cup she always seemed so alive and fun.
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